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  1. How Many Numbers Can we get up to/Game

    Ähm... Nobody wants so 26
  2. How to record gameplay?

    OBS Studios is a good recorder just give a key a funktion like start record and you can press this key if you think something will happen
  3. Ban the person above you (game) V2

    Banned because you lie... you can't drive
  4. Watch And Learn Please Do !!

    Buy four Monstertruck wheels and put them on your car. Drive ON the traffic and your problem is forever solved
  5. Scandi looks like C-D Road come and join the fun!!

    How long i need to get rammed??? But i will visit the OB/BO Road i my PC can do it. I have a better name for the Road CD Road 2.0
  6. Good Night everyone <3

    Please don't do stupid things with the doubles

  7. G27 Treiberprobleme

    Ok... Ich rede morgen weiter, bin zuerschöpft, Gute Nacht
  8. G27 Treiberprobleme

    Versuche alle Einstellungen vom ersten mal zu übernehmen.
  9. Would You Rather

    Schumi SCS Software or Rockstar Games?
  10. Ban the person above you (game) V2

    Its time to bann a person... BANNED for having less than 10 posts
  11. G27 Treiberprobleme

    Bitte keine Zitaten (quote)... Zurück zum Thema Ok, es passiert immernoch, obwohl Forcefeedback auf 0% ist, korrekt?
  12. G27 Treiberprobleme

    1. Vergessen Moinsen zusagen , also Moinsen 2. Bitte taggen oder mit diesen Zeichen "^" 3. Forcefeedback auf 0% setzen und das Häckchen bei "Zulassen, dass das Spiel Einstellungen ändert" entfernen.
  13. G27 Treiberprobleme

    Ok, man muss halt tun was man tun muss. Also welches Problem, dass mit mehr Kraftaufwand um weiter zudrehen oder was?
  14. DLC won't show up (tried common tips)

    Hi, run ETS2 a few times and the dlcs are installed. I had this problem too after i buy/install an dlc but after the secound run are all dlcs installed. Just run ETS2 (not via TMP Launcher)