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  1. Do you think it would be harder or easier for them to troll?
  2. Tbh, I can't see any other way of removing the trolls other than the system we already have. Obviously there are people who actually know how to drive the skodas, but it is unfortunately hindered by those who prefer to ruin the experience for others purely for their satisfaction. It's getting to the point where its really boring having to deal with them time and time again
  3. That is true but what about trolls who like to ruin the experience for others. Obviously it's not just the scout cars who cause havoc for other players but 95% of them do. Filtering through lanes like motorbikes, overtaking on grass (as I said not just scout cars), dangerous overtakes on CD etc.
  4. What are your thoughts on the idea of the scout cars being removed?
  5. No its quite common. In the same way Tesla wasn't added to Forza Horizon 4, because they didn't like their cars being advertised in such a way. Quite a common thing with game companies. Some are fine with it, but some not so much
  6. Thanks for the following!

  7. SCS aren't allowed to do truck damage due to the actual companies not liking their trucks to be advertised in such a way
  8. All the best, hope you find a job soon
  9. Lamb Sauce III


    What are some specific goals for everyone this year? For me, it's passing GCSEs as well as making a good start to college
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