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  1. As a first step to streamline the management structure of TruckersMP, we have decided to disband the Human Resources team. Along with this, a new role called ‘Procedural Manager’ was created. People having this role will have mainly internal tasks. More information regarding this, as well as the names of the people who will have this role, will be shared soon. [HUMAN RESOURCES] @NeonLeon transferred to Support Manager. [HUMAN RESOURCES] @slushbro left the team. We want to thank him for his efforts during 2 and a half years in the team. [HUMAN RESOURCES] @TFM DJ ccowie transferred to Game Moderator Trainer. [HUMAN RESOURCES] @Terry A transferred back to Game Moderator Leader.
  2. [SUPPORT MANAGER] @Savage. left the team due to lack of time.
  3. hey smoky im a big fan :)❤️ 

  4. [GAME MODERATOR LEADER] @Terry A has been promoted to Human Resources.
  5. Hey Smoky, you may can answer this.
    How many reactions I can give per day?
    As I wanted to react on your message but it told me I can't do that anymore.


    Kind Regards,


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    2. [GER] Maurice Bailey

      [GER] Maurice Bailey

      And that's intended? Because I can still not add any reactions :c

    3. CJMAXiK


      It works like that since day 1.

    4. [GER] Maurice Bailey

      [GER] Maurice Bailey

      Ah, okay - good to know :D Is there any chance that Patreons are able to give more reactions a day instead of just 10?

  6. Hey, yes we definitely plan on adding more. Multiple things are in the works. The news will be told via posts as well as the Discord channel which is available for $3 and $5 Patrons.
  7. Hey, Thanks for your questions. 1. Firstly, we look at the people who are suited for the role. We will always look for the person who is suited the most, though knowing languages is quite a benefit. The biggest part of tasks done by managers, are done in English. When we need to publish content in different languages, we have the translation team to assist with that. The nationality of the person does not matter that much. We believe that a Polish, German, Dutch, French, ... person can fulfill the task as good as people from other nationalities. So long story short, we basically look for the people who we think fit the best in the role. 2. There is no specific reason for this, the people who made it to community management positions lately just come from other nationalities. I would say a community manager role can be very specific, for example some community managers focus on VTCs, while others focus on other things. If a community manager who focuses on VTCs leaves, we will most likely search for someone who has experience in VTCs or wants to work with these. VTCs are quite an important part of the project, so we have to make sure we select the correct person for this. 3. Hmm, I think this is quite risky to do. As you probably know from the past, previous project management teased a well-known feature on our official YouTube page, that feature sadly didn't make it to the release stage due to unforeseen circumstances. Back when I approached the people at ProMods, I decided that it would be nice to tease this as it was a highly-requested modification to be added to the servers. I decided to wait until we were close to finishing the support for ProMods, before actually teasing this. I wanted to be 100% sure to not make a false promise as how it happened in the past. SCS Software have the source code and can define what happens with the upcoming content they tease, so they can be rather 100% sure that teased content will actually make it to the release stage. But we as TruckersMP can never be 100% sure of that, as SCS Software can suddenly make code changes which could break all our plans. (this has sadly happened in the past) So will we do this in the future? Yes. But only when we are close to being 100% sure that we will actually be able to provide the new content.
  8. Hey, Yes, definitely. Over the past years, people have been thinking of quite some features, big features and little ones. Last year and in the past months, we have seen multiple (little) features being added. ProMods support, TruckersFM commands, ... There was a lot of time invested in features which didn't make it to the release stage or got 'destroyed' by code changes. Currently, we are mainly focusing on improving our current infrastructure and features. When that is done, we can look into finishing the features we have already been working on, and developing more features.
  9. I won't disclose much yet, but we heard you guys . Stay tuned for some good news hopefully in 2020.
  10. Hello, We prefer to provide a bit more variety by following in real life seasons, and thus only supporting winter mod around the winter period (Central-Europe).
  11. Hello, I will look into this together with mwl4.
  12. This can be taken into account if we ever have a role play server. Also, it would then be nice if we can somehow get make it happen that those 2 escorts see the map as well and maybe even allow them to perform certain actions to add to the role play experience even more.
  13. [TRANSLATION MANAGER] @InvisibleRaptor has been promoted to Senior Translation Manager.
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