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  1. [MEDIA TEAM] [EVENT TEAM] @G4M3P1X3L has been promoted to Media Manager and leaves the Event Team.
  2. We will think about it, and look at the advantages and disadvantages. But it is likely that we will not do this, because that would mean it might rain when people want to take a picture with no rain visible on the picture.
  3. [GAME MODERATOR] [COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @Matt has been promoted to Community Manager.
  4. [COMMUNITY MANAGER] @-Zirox- has been promoted to Project Coordinator. The following topic will be updated this weekend, to include the new role (as well as the Service & Data Analyst role that is in the community, but not yet added to the topic.)
  5. [COMMUNITY MANAGER] @K0rnholio stepped down to Game Moderator due to personal reasons.
  6. This feature will be reverted soon, as the expected effect of this (people creating feedback to ask for evidence, to say they haven't done something wrong, ...) is much more than we expected. Apart from that, people also started deleting their accounts when they saw they're currently reported, and that is something we do not want to happen.
  7. [COMMUNITY MANAGER] @Lasse has been promoted to Senior Community Manager.
  8. [SENIOR COMMUNITY MANAGER] @Prime transferred to "Service and Data Analyst", which is a new role that has just been created. This role will focus on analyzing internal processes, data and the TruckersMP service for the community. More information regarding this new role, will be posted soon in the following topic:
  9. Hello🤗🤗

    1. Smoky_TMP
    2. Teetee mit Taro -Aromen

      Teetee mit Taro -Aromen


  10. [GAME MODERATOR LEADER] @TheGoodGuy1515 has been promoted to Human Resources.
  11. [GAME MODERATOR LEADER] @K0rnholio has been promoted to Community Manager.
  12. Привет. У меня вопрос . А что делать если модератор покрывает нарушителя . И выдает ответ что тот получил бы удар в игре , а не бан. Или Однако я не могу принять ваше сообщение из-за недостаточных доказательств. Видео-доказательства не достаточно ясны, чтобы выдать запрет против пользователя, о котором сообщается. Хотя если посмотреть чуть внимательнее и приостановить видео чтоб увидеть ник , не говоря что на видео и видно таб . И там всё понятно по метрам , кто где.  И отклоняет , не имея возможности протестовать его решения. Спасибо заранее за ответ.

    1. @leG BeLii78MD

      @leG BeLii78MD

      Hey. I have a question. And what if the moderator covers the intruder. It was a blow to the game, not a ban. However, I cannot accept your message due to insufficient evidence. The video evidence is not clear enough to put a ban on the user. Although if you look a little bit, then carefully look at what is visible on the video tab. And there everything is clear in meters, who is where. I have no opportunity to protest against his decision. Thanks in advance for your reply.

  13. [EVENT MANAGER] @Digital has been promoted to Senior Event Manager.
  14. Accepted. A developer will create this feature as soon as possible.
  15. [EVENT TEAM][ADD-ON TEAM] @Whitelodge has been promoted to Event Manager, and remains in the Add-On Team as well.
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