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  1. [MEDIA MANAGER] @Positivetrucking168 left the team due to lack of time. We want to thank him for everything he has done for us.
  2. We can not do this at this time of speaking. We'll definitely look into making this real in the future. Rejected for now.
  3. The van isn't stable enough to be used like a scout car. We might look into improving that. Rejected for now.
  4. Still planned. Hence why I accept this suggestion.
  5. Simulation is supposed to have collisions, otherwise it won't be called like that. We can not accept your suggestion as then we can as well remove all simulation servers, and make them arcade.
  6. Unfortunately, I have to inform you that we won't accept your suggestion.
  7. Accepted. Event team will have a coloured name in game on (official) event servers in the future.
  8. I'm gonna reject this one. The kick zone for these trailers doesn't exist anymore.
  9. This doesn't fit in the simulation plans, and thus will it be rejected.
  10. After discussing internally, we decided not to accept your suggestion. We would rather add a new trailer created by us.
  11. Extending NCZ will not fix the problems, as the problems will then just occur at the new border of the NCZ.
  12. Systems based on the amount of time someone is registered, to then allow them to do something that new players can't do, will not be created.
  13. Increasing it to such a high number will make new players not being interested anymore to play TMP. Increasing it slightly, to let's say 10 hours, wouldn't work either as you could leave your PC running at night. No changes are planned regarding this.
  14. This doesn't fit in the simulation plans, and isn't really realistic. Rejected.
  15. I'm going to reject this one as the current AFK timer is already 10 minutes, which should be sufficient to do a lot. Also it's better to not make the timer too high in case servers are getting full, so slots don't get reserved for people who aren't actively playing.
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