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  1. Today is my last day at SCS Software. Thanks everyone for the support! It was great. \o

  2. 1.35 ats will be out in few moments

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    2. [LegendLegion]#ERENŞiMŞEK


      55add470987.jpegsir ı want world of truck turkısh plate in ETS2


    3. Guest
    4. RootKiller


      @[LegendLegion]#ERENŞİMŞEKthat will be released when the DLC Road to the Black Sea.

  3. test 


    1. London  Truckers.FM
    2. MarkON


      Rumunia (Oradea-Konstanca) ;)

    3. Guest



  4. Just a friendly reminder :). Be safe guys!


    1. El1teZombiezHD
    2. Guest


      In regards to "New multiplayer mods." What good is it to suggest .. it's been 3 years since I'm asking to insert an alternate map in the game and mwl4 simply ignores it. No one has more desire to play the official mod of ETS2 or ATS. You should be smart enough to understand that there are several other maps that we can not use to take the originality out of the game. They use the prosecution excuse if they use some mod created by another person that is a big lie. the mod EAA (rest) is interested in making his map available for integration with MOD and no one on the team has even had the education to respond. Staying put mod of texture, cars that are not part of the game is totally out of the originality of the game.

  5. Do you have lag-spikes during auto save? Make sure your g_save_format is set to 0. 

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    2. ShawnCZek


      Personally I would appreciate to disable auto saves. ^_^

    3. Cowie


      Oooh, good to know. Thanks!

    4. RootKiller


      @ShawnCZek well we don't want to add that, autosaves are important so you get your progress saved it's kinda crucial part of the experience, you don't want to lost your progress because of some crash or something ;-). In general having this option will have similar effect to g_save_format, people will leave it disabled and then report us some bugs and problems.

  6. Trailer ownership is coming in 1.32 update to both ATS and ETS 2 - start the hype.. trailer! :D

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    2. Space Night

      Space Night

      for the refrigerated and insulated trailers, slots on the side for crash rails or under-chassis locker, single or axle group wheel arches,


      slots on the rear for different lights,

      slots on the front for choice of refrigeration unit, Cooler Victor or Thermal Wing SKY210 or Thermal Wing President


      for the log trailer, perhaps optional crane, (with cut scene where you unload the logs with the crane),


      for the dump trailer, a cut scene where you tip the load out


  7. We are streaming at steam - https://store.steampowered.com/app/227300/Euro_Truck_Simulator_2/ Also we just announced that trailer ownership feature is coming to the game!

    2. User_9806


      Have a nice stream bro! :P 

  8. Have fun driving on new terrains! (P.S. Sorry for breaking mp :D)

    1. Ykaro
    2. [GER]Enzo
    3. [RT] Aro34

      [RT] Aro34

      RootKiller brawo odje... kawał świetnej roboty  moje gratulacje i oby tak dalej

    1. [RT] Aro34

      [RT] Aro34

      RootKiler no to czekamy na Oficjalną Wersje bo Paryż zapowiada się wprost wspaniale kawał świetne roboty dla was :D

  9. Peterbilt 389 is out. Enjoy!


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    2. Craigals


      hello eryk, hows your new job going?


  10. ATS Launch Trailer is out

  11. Regarding to angle of the moon today there will be interesting SCS blog post :-).

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    2. MrHarv98
    3. Titanic4


      It's better to get ready a bit earlier for the new version of ETS 2 MP supporting the 1.22 version of ETS 2. I don't think it's possible, but the victory in this challenge will be mostly rewarding...

    4. MrHarv98


      new v8 sound pls, liek grrrrr

  12. Some new release today? Hmm..

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    2. FirestarteR93


      I turned on Steam and got some 30-ish MB game update

    3. Mari'
  13. Hello - long time no see! I'm at work so have a nice day guys!

  14. Have a good night everyone :-). Dobrej nocy wszystkim :-).

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    2. MajorKowallsky


      Pozdrów SCS od nas!

    3. Clashin_Jon


      Enjoy being a programmer at SCS :)

    4. TitanRoads


      Hi RootKiller i really want to know why i got banned and i want to get unbanned

  15. Happy Easter! Wesołych świąt!

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