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  1. Hopefully with this patch the devs might just have struck the ideal compromise between the two 'factions'. The realism fans have got a major improvement in that cities are no longer 90 kph but 60 kph, a significant drop in speed and one that makes city driving a lot more realistic feeling. The gameplay fans have got an improvement in that the country is no longer 90 kph but 110 kph, enabling better progress to made if a player wants to, but without being so fast that it becomes difficult to handle the truck and/or cause a nuisance to other players. I think it has to go down the compromise route because from looking at player numbers over the past days (and even before GTA V), it's becoming obvious that most of the time the numbers aren't large enough to justify separate servers, especially with the problem created by having only 1/3 to 1/2 full servers, of lack of involvement and multiplay when you drive an empty world. So, let's hope this might work in everyone's favour (or at least, the majority anyway).
  2. scaNIaCK


    What's dead? The link? Seems to work for me ok, just tried it.
  3. Ok fair enough, well I do think questions like this will keep appearing but at least we know the answer.
  4. Thanks for making it clear, it might be worth adding this explanation to the 'allowed mods' thread?
  5. Interesting thread derailment... But anyway apparently the registry fix quoted several posts above does not usually have any effect in Windows 7 or higher, according to a few sources. I did try it out and it's made no *apparent* difference on mine either (Win 7), but luckliy the ping kicks only seem to regularly happen in the evenings at weekends, during week is hardly ever a problem.
  6. Which is the reason this is the Garage Porting Bug But there may be other ways, main thing to remember is at some point click 'Drive' and that's the equivalent of a 'Connect' button in MP. Once that's been clicked you can port around between Garages with no issues at all.
  7. I would have thought that adding a vanilla Volvo GPS screen to a vanilla Renault dashboard would not be loading any non-vanilla items so should not cause crashes for others, so should be acceptable, but I could be wrong. All this talk of vanilla, I want ice cream.
  8. Well there is a mod that does actually make GPS for Renault dashboard and works in 1.16 version: http://ets2.lt/en/renault-magnum-dashboard-gps/ BUT... the question is, what is done to make this mod work, and is it possible to make it happen via save game in MP? I haven't tried it because I don't have a Renault Truck myself.
  9. Yes it's allowed - you can also change it, go to Steam, then Settings, Friends, and change 'Profile Name' to whatever you want it to be.
  10. Got through EP from Gdynia to London, Sunday afternoon, EU1, zero damage.. huh?! Wow :)

    1. ThisIsAlex


      How come your game did not crash at Rotterdam?

    2. scaNIaCK


      Must just be luck I think! Mind you, on that route you only go by the edge of the city, so maybe that.

    3. jezzer206


      wow you did it with out lag and with out someone running in to you when you have the lag

      now that's some going

  11. So nice and peaceful in the east of ETS2MP map, I could almost sleep....zzzzzzz.. swerve.. grab.. clip.. crunch.. CCRRASHH.. Oops, sorry truck.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. PursuitGamer6


      Truck, whit that Majestic? If so, liar xd

    3. PursuitGamer6
    4. scaNIaCK


      I keep forgetting to untick the repair wheels box so can't drift properly yet.. :P

  12. Seems that the validation for the name chosen on initial account registration is less strict than that applied to the 'change display name' text field - that's the only reason I can think of that some users have indeed symbols like - and < in their names, but the change name option does not allow it. This must surely be fix-able.. in the meantime it's possible that the support ticket team can do it manually for anyone requesting? Just a thought.
  13. I have it also - it's only if you do not click 'Drive' but instead choose to Quick Travel to a garage first. When you get to the next garage, I press Escape and then click 'Drive' again, problem solved, it connects.
  14. In that case it is probably your Nvidia card not activating when it should. Go to Nvidia Control Panel. In 'Manage 3D Settings' and Programs to Customise, look for eurotrucks2.exe or Euro Truck Simulator 2 and make sure that the line 'Preferred Graphics Processor' is set to use the Nvidia (not automatic). Hopefully that may solve?
  15. Hm, I can't see it? One possibility for the crash is if you are using a laptop and it's not switching over to the graphics card when it should.
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