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  1. Are more cars or even other types of vehicles (buses, perhaps?) being added in the future? I get that is American Truck Simulator, but I like the idea of having cars and possibly other vehicles on the roads as well, makes the game feel more realistic
  2. ^ Yeah, I figured that out after looking in my truck. Edit: For some reason I quoted you twice because of this slightly confusing forum layout.
  3. Wait, do you mean in the truck or in the menu when you press tab?
  4. Yeah, I saw that after looking around.
  5. Okay. That sounds about right. I listened to my recording and they said something like "Safe driving, [my username]." I was talking in the chat about the level of noobs on the servers. (by chat I mean the chat that comes up when you hit Y) I did not know that - I just knew there was an update because I went to launch ATSMP earlier and it said invalid version, so I updated.
  6. So, I was driving along, and I decided to open my recording software to have proof of any noobs in case I had to report them, which I do fairly often given the level of noobs who can't drive in MP. I then pull over, Alt-Tab out, open my recording software, start recording my game, and just when I Alt-Tab back in to ATS, I hear someone talking. I only heard the end of what the person was saying. They said "[whatever they were saying before]" and then my Steam username (no, I'm not telling what it is). I was saying in the chat in-game (Y key) that there are so many noobs that can't drive in MP, so I'm guessing he was talking about that. I'm not sure if this was in the recent update this was added, I don't know. I don't have any voice chat programs open (ex. TeamSpeak), just ATS MP, Google Chrome, and Spotify (never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down). Slightly interesting. Any answer is appreciated. - techguy
  7. Hello, So I just got the multiplayer working last night and before I got it working I saw some videos where people had one name but in a later video they had a different name. Is it supposed to be so you can change your name?
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