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  1. Hey dude.

    You like Kirby right? :P

  2. Guys where i can find Java JRE 7? Im opening the website and says that is no longer current. I founded it while searching on google, i manage to accept it on Java SE ru7 80 but when i clicked the Windows 64 Bit, it requires to register on Oracle. Help?
  3. Looks like the new TruckersMP doesn't contain the date folder any more. I will look for this a little bit. But since there isn't any data i cant do nothing ;(
  4. I want the TruckersFM page in my live_stream (sorry lost it again)

    1. Shovali


      I want to be admin ;)


      welcome to the club

  5. I decided to start a new topic about: What OS you are using and the reason? You are saying the Windows OS (for example: 7,8.1,10), the edition: (for example: Pro,Ultimate,Home,Enterprise,Education) and the reason. For Example: I choose Windows 10 Pro because it doesn't has a blue screen of death on my laptop and its almost gaming. However, make sure to not make people change their Choice. I will report that to mods. However i will not tell mine's Because its needs to wait until this topic got some posts. For now let's get started!
  6. Επιπλέον είναι ευκολο και να βγαλεις λεφτα και ΕΧΡ αλλα μονο με Μοds.
  7. I finally get minecraft story mode and the dlc.

  8. Hmm... yeah admins would fix someone it?
  9. can somebody give me a link TruckersFM to play ETS2MP and ATSMP?

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    2. Creatured


      it is in the game by standard

      just use the ingame radio and press update from the internet

    3. London  Truckers.FM

      London Truckers.FM

      What @Creatured said! We're already featured in the in-game radio :) all the best

    4. Rom_Knight
  10. Hey guys can some one give the the link for the Radio to play on ETS2MP and ATSMP.
  11. EX News (I made the news just for me :P) (PS: Don't look it as a report, I'm saying it just for fun for me. :D)

    I have amazing news about yesterday at Sunday midnight's roads before the border from Belgium to Germany for Duisburg and Dortmund. There was about 40 players. Many of them was trying overtaking other players and ramming. I learned a rule that overtake players if you aren't near of them. Make sure that you have to ask for them before its too late or: http://imgur.com/a/TujID

  12. If someone is ok PM for help for the RAM, plz tell me it here!

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    2. Rom_Knight


      I need help of the game that doesn't run so much. The more details i will put it of someones PM me or ask me now

    3. StefaTGM


      How much RAM you have?

    4. Rom_Knight
  13. I finally get American Truck Simulator. But my laptop is still not fixed! So i need to wait for now! :/

    See you guys on the road! :D

    1. Shovali


      :) hope is will fix fest :) 

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