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  1. If you have done save editing on trailers then you have probably seen and changed the trailer definition. Whether that is adding states or changing the weight limit on a trailer.But what has troubled me is how would i go about making a double b double not be glitching when sitting still? I have mass rations on it copied from other trailer so it has the mass_ratio from a 28ft trailer for the 26ft B trailer and a 45ft from a 45ft and dolly etc. However i can not understand what to set the length which is below the mass ratios to. here are lengths from various trailers 53ft reefer length:
  2. Enjoying being able to enjoy B Quads or BAB Quads but i don't see others really doing it. I am on ATS mainly running on the 5. 

  3. I'm awake thining i feel like ets2 b triples across scandinavia but then theres this... 

    (Only default trailer combinations are allowed, trailer type does not matter, example; triples are no longer allowed in ETS2

    Double or triple trailers must not be longer than the largest default combination; for ATS, the "turnpike double", for ETS2, the "HCT")    After reading that i'm thinking okay so 3xshort trailers is shorter than an HCT so i can use it? #confused.

    1. Forerunner


      In a way, you answered your own question. "It is only permitted to use a trailer combination which is default within each game." - 3 short trailers is not a default combination. In ETS2, the only combination with 3 parts requires the center one to be a dolly and only a dolly

  4. Started morning with listening to giddy up.


  5. while waiting the Washington DLC is worth it with discount from West Coast bundle. and the unmarked road between Bellingham and the log site is fully drivable but its walled off sort of.
  6. anyone got record of estimated time to update to newest version, and i am aware that not all are the same and newer trailers and assigning alternate trailers to load in for users that do not own the dlc. So... do you think it'll take maybe 1 week or 2 weeks or more? I hope the updating goes okay. and the kenworth factory looks like a great spot for truckfests.


    1. povgamer


      It'll definitely take shorter than two weeks, but I cannot be sure about one week.

    2. Fuso9130 / Derpy

      Fuso9130 / Derpy

      thanks im hoping for 1 week but i dont code or develop so im just guessing how long.

  7. After rereading the does and donts of trailer modding i dont see a mention of default trailer weights so does this means we can use 125 ton trailers?  This would only be for the fun or seeing how well we can keep ourselves rolling without failing, and of course to ONLY use it in non congested areas as t not cause problems. example,  milano, to munich to pragu. or Oslo to bergen.

  8. with the rules updated does this mean we can have triple 53ft on ats?


    1. Dino Brewster

      Dino Brewster

      his is not allowed. the system will automatically kick you for this, as this counts for having 5 trailers. (3 trailers + 2 Dollys)

  9. question does this user have a load or is it modded on? i have yet to see a working lowbed ownable for mp? also a flatbed b double https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1660162146


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    2. Haulvoc


      That container is also save edited on the trailer. But if it's possible to get a flatbed load for it and you deliver it, the load from the rear trailer (ownable or not) will also disappear.

      I'm not sure if it works with this particular setup, but it has worked for doubles and HCT's. For some reason SCS have removed the b-double flatbeds from the trailer dealer in the last update.

      But if you already owned them, they still show up in your fleet and should be usable.

    3. Fuso9130 / Derpy

      Fuso9130 / Derpy

      here i will show you mine it was a purchased flatbed double which had its body swapped around and a bd chassis replacing the front trailer and a normal flatbed chassis on rear. it works well no problems, except i still shows as a double but it loads/unloads no problems.  https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1602974872


      video as well 


  10. 1. i seen this post on tmp facebook posted on dec 31 2018 and im trying to find the rules on clientside mods. and 2. i have a trailer that is a double container pin flatbed it works fine no crashes when used so i wanted to ask since its easier to reverse than having a short double on rear. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1602974872
  11. please Gottlieb view this video and it shows exactly why https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2O4mN2QgdKs&feature=youtu.be Since MP has an alternate visual for us to see instead of seeing the DLC since we own it we all see 28ft trailers that so NOT exactly make the real collsion of the dlc so its possible to push others so picture the dump bed on a tight road and someone oncoming hits it... need i say anymore.
  12. question are we meant to still see the events on roads? C466CE83BEE2F637C1235347B88E80EA76F50623

  13. i have a concern im at my drop and the parking spot is not giving as steady illumination its acting like a steady flashing light, did something break? i did go to 1.31 beta then downgraded to get back into MP.

  14. trying to understand this line (  It is also possible to put all bars on the same slots and combine them. Items limit for these bars is what the game allows by default.)

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