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  1. Hey dude.

    You like Kirby right? :P

  2. Guys where i can find Java JRE 7? Im opening the website and says that is no longer current. I founded it while searching on google, i manage to accept it on Java SE ru7 80 but when i clicked the Windows 64 Bit, it requires to register on Oracle. Help?
  3. Looks like the new TruckersMP doesn't contain the date folder any more. I will look for this a little bit. But since there isn't any data i cant do nothing ;(
  4. Suggestion Name: A option or a command in Menu or chat. Suggestion Description: That sees the controls in Multiplayer . Any examples images: (Not image but I have a proof so please read this): Yesterday when I'm was some Km before Duisburg and there was traffic jam, somebody said: Why I cant see the names. Why should it be added?: It will help a lot the peoples what they should press for chat, disappear the names, disappear and chat and voice chat. (Btw what is the key for Voice chat? V key is now replaced) I think its important Note: I think it created but from me
  5. I want the TruckersFM page in my live_stream (sorry lost it again)

    1. Shovali


      I want to be admin ;)


      welcome to the club

  6. Επιπλέον είναι ευκολο και να βγαλεις λεφτα και ΕΧΡ αλλα μονο με Μοds.
  7. I finally get minecraft story mode and the dlc.

  8. I already suggest it. However, I think its good idea if there will be another non-collison zone if Rotterdam Service Trucks is so full.
  9. can somebody give me a link TruckersFM to play ETS2MP and ATSMP?

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    2. Creatured


      it is in the game by standard

      just use the ingame radio and press update from the internet

    3. London  Truckers.FM

      London Truckers.FM

      What @Creatured said! We're already featured in the in-game radio :) all the best

    4. Rom_Knight
  10. EX News (I made the news just for me :P) (PS: Don't look it as a report, I'm saying it just for fun for me. :D)

    I have amazing news about yesterday at Sunday midnight's roads before the border from Belgium to Germany for Duisburg and Dortmund. There was about 40 players. Many of them was trying overtaking other players and ramming. I learned a rule that overtake players if you aren't near of them. Make sure that you have to ask for them before its too late or: http://imgur.com/a/TujID

  11. If someone is ok PM for help for the RAM, plz tell me it here!

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    2. Rom_Knight


      I need help of the game that doesn't run so much. The more details i will put it of someones PM me or ask me now

    3. Stefaaa


      How much RAM you have?

    4. Rom_Knight
  12. I finally get American Truck Simulator. But my laptop is still not fixed! So i need to wait for now! :/

    See you guys on the road! :D

    1. Shovali


      :) hope is will fix fest :) 

  13. My laptop got black screen. :(

    Probably will be fixed in 5 August in Thessaloniki. Now im on holidays. For now, I will use my phone. :P


    So I need leave ETS2MP Communiry for now


  14. Ok this time i have a ping problem again and this time is exactly pretty important than my old one. Ok everything started when i leave Vodafone and i go into Cosmote (internet) and exactly Cosmote its one of the best iternets in Greece. After i join the internet and wi-fi, i tried join ETS2MP server EU#2 but i had almost 1200ms ping. I confused so much because it can't be true a very fast internet had this problem... i test the speedrun it was said i had 1200ms Download speed 0.27mbs, and upload speed 0,04mbs. But i exactly confused when i try another computer, i go to speedrun.net and tested.
  15. I have a problem. Can someone help me?


    I have a internet problem. In Vodafone we change your Internet Cosmote and i have a problem with my Internet. I joined and it said i had 1100ms the ping. I tested with Speedtest and i had Ping: 1100ms, Download speed 0.27mbs and Upload speed 0.07mbs. But when i tried my dads computer it said Ping: 32. Download Speed: 2.37mbs and Upload speed 0.34mbs? Can someone help me?

    1. Rom_Knight


      opss i mean my instead of your. Opss! Sorry.

    2. Ediin


      Did you ping the same server?

  16. 2000 views today! :D


    Im sorry i don't really know how is the guy how exactly got 2000. :P

    1. Rom_Knight


      You are so famous in this forum! ;)


      (Not really, but almost famous :P)

    2. RadioactivePotato


      3,6k so get rekt B)

  17. To the people with pony picture, Could you plz make me friend, here and on the steam?

    IGN: Poko Kirby

    I don't have pony friends. D:  I don't have friendship. :'( I wanna have a friendship. :D


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    2. Hairy Goober

      Hairy Goober

      *adds you* :D

    3. Hairy Goober

      Hairy Goober

      Can't find you on Steam to add tho :(


      Is your account on there Poko Kirby too?

    4. Rom_Knight


      If you want to add me on the steam here is my id: http://steamcommunity.com/id/poko_kirby9420

  18. Congratilations! For 1 Milion! users!!!
  19. Hello guys! My today question is, What Windows you like? 7 or 10. I like Windows 7 because it doesn't have bugs than Windows 10. Example i got a bug from Windows 10, i lost my internet so i downgrade it to windows 7 Ultimate x64.

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    2. Rom_Knight


      my bad... i think i press the button to disconnect the internet from my laptop. :P

    3. -Ant-


      Well.. Overall, I like Windows 7 better because of the layout n all that. But I will say, Windows 10 did help the performance on my 4 year old desktop, which is what I use to play TMP and any other driving related games. 

    4. Rom_Knight


      You know what? I think me too. Windows 10 its better. I install Windows 7 today and ETS2 didn't work. So i install it.

  20. Finally! Yes, the ATS has now its 15,99 euros, i can easily get the game with all DLCs and i will try to play the American Roads! :D

  21. Guys i need help. Can someone tell me how to low the graphics of ETS2. Because someone tell me its not RAM Problem. It just the graphics which its high.

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    2. UserX


      did i help you ?

    3. caff!!!


      The game also uses a lot of CPU power, so closing other programs could boost your performance.

    4. Rom_Knight
  22. Yes, my photo picture its ridiculous i know.

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    2. Rom_Knight


      hmm... well i will handle it.

    3. -Dan-


      I promised myself that at least on this community I won`t swear,sorry


    4. Rom_Knight


      -Dan- it a little bit ridiculous what joke you said. Don't do that jokes especially youngers because im not young. Im teen, 13 years ol.


      Even i didn't thought that word Yolo wasn't insult, don't take that funny. Some people take this serious, believe me.


      Also good joke xD

  23. If we go to 1 million lets do a party! :D But lets hope and try our best to go to 1 million!
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