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  1. i'm with a few others here, why would you want to remove the traffic jam? Anyone else remember the glory days of the ox? Half the fun of mp, is having traffic arround, isn't it? why else play mp at all?
  2. Noraf

    Ping - what is going on?

    Not sure if it's ping related ( don't have the players list up when driving), but i've experienced more lag spikes than ever last few weeks
  3. Noraf

    Answer the person above you

    ^errrrr, what?? (actualy on both last post... so : ) Invest? or, if you want to spend them, save up for france, and buy a good film What's your christmas dinner like?
  4. going to need an escort from calais in a couple of minutes....   having a 90 ton tracktor (must be made out of lead :P )


  5. Noraf

    [SCS Blog] Impressions from IAA 2016

    Yeah, that iveco.... i want it! it really looks............................................. different
  6. Noraf

    Answer the person above you

    yes (using both, on different systems) ------------------- How did you end up with your nick?
  7. that's probably to do with the curernt server issues You're not alone
  8. Glad to see i'm not the only one having troubble connecting now. Though, it did work earlier today, so i'm fairly sertain it's not the client that causes it

    1. GoobleDeeGook


      dat shit dozent work...

    2. sgpch1983


      seams like mwl4 didnt take his time and did miss a bug or too. :) oh well.. i had hoped he would this time.. one can hope :D

  9. Noraf

    Minimum Speed

    @Wolfpig : what i ment, is that if i see someone overtaking me on a contry road, i flash my blinkers right, to show that i see them, and it's clear to overtake, if i see it's not safe, i'll flash them left. (and the oposite in the uk obviously)
  10. just remember, for every time someone asks for a release eta, it get's move back 36 hours
  11. Noraf

    Minimum Speed

    ^yeah, taking a risk with an unsafe overtaking, that's what's wrong If you gain on a slower vehicle, it's the one that overtakes that got to make sure it's safe to do so. That doesn't meen that the one being overtaken shouldn't help a bit though ( i usualy flash my blinkers to signal it's safe, thogh most have allready started to overtake by then ;), or to show that i see them overtaking. If i flash into you're lane, you might consider holding the overtaking a bit, because there's probably inncoming traffic ( or we're closing in on an intersection where i'm going to turn....) )
  12. Noraf

    [SCS Blog] Cab Improvements

    with trackir i've had the ability to zoom al along But being able to remove the visible steering wheel incab sounds good. And, ofcourse the option to customise it a bit aswell
  13. From the us state department : https://twitter.com/ABC/status/754078567961681920/photo/1 update on the norwegian travel advice : https://www.regjeringen.no/no/tema/utenrikssaker/reiseinformasjon/velg-reiserad/tyrkia_reiserad/id2475584/
  14. @HumaneWolf : can you edit the yt, so it's just a link? for some reason it won't let me put it in as just a link... russia today have a live feed going Isobel Finkel, from Bloomberg, on twitter : https://twitter.com/is_fink sky news : linky cnn turk linky
  15. Noraf

    Police & Public Car Update Info

    ^that rule have been there for a very long time ( the name that is)