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  1. Not sure if it's ping related ( don't have the players list up when driving), but i've experienced more lag spikes than ever last few weeks
  2. going to need an escort from calais in a couple of minutes....   having a 90 ton tracktor (must be made out of lead :P )


  3. that's probably to do with the curernt server issues You're not alone
  4. Glad to see i'm not the only one having troubble connecting now. Though, it did work earlier today, so i'm fairly sertain it's not the client that causes it

    1. Καπυτσωκα   [UZB]
    2. sgpch1983


      seams like mwl4 didnt take his time and did miss a bug or too. :) oh well.. i had hoped he would this time.. one can hope :D

  5. just remember, for every time someone asks for a release eta, it get's move back 36 hours
  6. ^that rule have been there for a very long time ( the name that is)
  7. Well, if you want to do it the hard way, make sure that you remove your company drivers before exiting the game. You then have to rehire them when you start the game again ( a pain in the youknowwhere, i know ) Or, a easier solution, be the lone wolf, driving alone in your company. But be warned, loans rack up downpayments even if you're not playing, and you risk loosing your truck, if you got a loan on it, while offline
  8. hate to correct you @FirestarteR93, but the answer to @TorMedHammeren1 question is none, atleast til he in the future might become an admin, then he can drive the police car
  9. Does it sort it self out afther sleeping / quick traveling? It's a know issue caused by the way the time acts differently in sp and mp. currently no way arround it, unless running with separate profiles. For me it solws it's self afther a quick travel or two.
  10. need to be running the mp client, and not on eu1
  11. There are a chanse of buses being added in the not to distant future.... As a dlc from scs
  12. have you tried running the launcher as administrator?
  13. seeking escort for oversize and over weight load from calais to upsala, leaving in a few minutes..... ( just need to get ingame on eu2 first :P  ) 

    1. Hammer1055


      just suggesting go to a service station and ask that's your best bet.

    2. Noraf


      asked in the chat ingame, in calais


    3. Noraf


      had one, but he crashed to desktop,  now approaching amsterdam, in the need for a new one,  on ch.15

  14. I think the creep should do something else than spam the status updates :P     

    Everytime i log on to truckers mp, i get a ton of notifications that the creep have posted a new status update....... ;) 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Noraf


      ^i know,  just don't want to be a creep to the creep, and not follow it :P

    3. Noraf
    4. Nameless Ghoul
  15. Noraf

    DLC Question

    to elaborate a bit on coopers answer : Yes, if they got the dlc themself and haven't disabeled it showing up, in the mp settings ( to save loading times, and lag / fps hits ), they will see your accessories.
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