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  1. the main problem is, that some people dont know or dont care how a roundabout works.. normaly the traffic inside the roundabout has the right of way.. good luck with that in calais.. *facepalm*
  2. stressful in areas with many players like cd-road, very calm if the map part you are on is dusty and empty as can be.. i always try to find the golden middle.
  3. soo.. no tmp patch soon? :)

    1. MattTM


      I'm sure it'll be coming soon :P

  4. sgpch1983

    Volvo or Scania?

    MAN for sure! :)
  5. sgpch1983

    LKW oder PKW?

    pkw ganz ganz selten.. wenn ich einen brauche, besorg ich mir kurzzeitig einen.. ich bin 99% der zeit mit lkw unterwegs.. ist immerhin ein lkw simulator.. kein auto oder renn simulator!
  6. sgpch1983

    Thoughts on a "Ultra Realistic Mode"

    they said it quite often now in nearly every interview official info: pavel sabor from scs said they want to support ets2 and ats for ever and continue to develop it. there may be a day where every country is done.. than they want to focus on making world of truck into a multiplayer.. so.. scs is still planing on a own multiplayer in the far future. i think: may or may not they plan on finishing the usa and then maybe adding canada or mexico... atleast.. its "american" truck simulator.. not usa truck simulator.. maybe they have far future plans to add south american contrys too some day.. how knows i dont.. but its very logical to me. :)
  7. sgpch1983


    Hi, Every winter TruckersMP uses grimes winter mod to give us the white season.. well how about TruckersMP uses Spring and Autumn mods from grimes too so we can have all the seasons? I would be thankful for sure! :) at the moment grimes winter, spring and autumn mods support 1.32!
  8. ok got oregon and the classic strips paint :D now give me the vnl and i haul some logs! :D

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      sound great :) Enjoy it :D 

  9. sgpch1983

    Thoughts on a "Ultra Realistic Mode"

    there will never be a ets3 or ats2.. and this is not about scs but tmp! i would really like if tmp would implement seasons.. we have winter mod from grime already every year.. why not use the sping and autumn mods too..
  10. sgpch1983

    Thoughts on a "Ultra Realistic Mode"

    i would really really like to have seasons.. all of them.. grimes makes all the mods for that :)
  11. dear tmp, would it be possible to get another server pls? just clone eu2. thank you :)

  12. "Die beste Methode um SCS hier zu unterstützen sei, dass man die Hersteller / Marken die Frage stellen solle, ob man denn plane im ETS/ATS "aktiv" zu werden bzw. direkt sagt, dass man diese gerne im ETS/ATS sehen möchte. Und das möglichst immer und immer wieder." das ist nicht denen ihr ernst? die wollen jetzt doch das man die hersteller nervt? kann das nicht auch nach hinten los gehen?? O.o
  13. i sure hope the next tmp patch not only supports 1.32 and has a working cargo market but supports the krone dlc as well :)

    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      I think at the moment they're working on both

    2. sgpch1983


      would be a shame if krone dlc isnt supported.. and an even bigger shame if the cargo market isnt working (becouse of the old economy bug) than the trailer owning would be useless in mp, and we have to continue using wot.. which i hear from some isnt working for them..


      well lets see and hope :)

    3. Officer58


      the krone thingy, I didnt play ETS2 and i dont know when truckersmp and the schwarzmuller dlc was released, but I bet they said the same thing about the schwarzmuller dlc when it came out

  14. sgpch1983

    Will the speed limit of 150km / h be removed?

    i dont know if anyone noticed but the game engine starts craping on it self after 140km/h.. anything higher isnt really that stable.. its only a old version of bullet physics engine on to top of the scs engine! dont expect ets2 or ats to be a racing game.. it really isnt, never was and never wanted to be..
  15. sgpch1983


    ich denke nicht, hoffe aber schon..