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  1. [SCS Blog] Revisiting Germany

    i hope they remove C-D Road.. but besides that.. i really really love that news! im now on the really fast hype train.. and cant wait for it
  2. Synchronous random event

    it would be nice if they would be fixed and synced or disabled all together.. some events miss assets like cars, trucks, police, firefighters, objects.. thats what i mean with fixed
  3. Released

    the update/event has a new krone trailer.. i hope you support that trailer else we cant do the wot event online its a taste of the new krone dlc.
  4. What should SCS do next?

    rework the vanilla map (germany, uk, nederlands, swiss, austria).. it looks old and isnt fun to drive.. more realistic autobahn/highway exits and entrances would be nice if you know what i mean.. also i would like to see a tuning pack for volvo.
  5. gmt+1 night times..
  6. Update auf die 1.31

    da kann man ja ne option zum abschalten einbauen.. wie bei den flaggen
  7. Update auf die 1.31

    ...solang man downgradet..
  8. in City 80 km/h good or bad ?

    lets make it 30 in duisburg, calais, rotterdam and amsterdam kappa
  9. most of france is empty too.. looks like only north italy and south scandinavia has people.. most everyone is on the c-d road..
  10. Wie lange fahrt ihr ?

    1: unterschiedlich.. wie ich zeit finde.. und solang mein po nicht weh tut.. manchmal mit unterbrechungen ~2-6 std. 2: von stockholm nach rom.. mit unterbrechungen (dank wot kein problem). ich bin ein realistischer (rp) fahrer.. so meistens max 87km/h. momentan bin ich gezwungen kürzere strecken zu fahren, wenn ich überhaupt zum fahren zeit finde. Privatleben ist momentan sehr belastend und hecktisch.
  11. Do you have good language skills?

    native german, 60-80% english, i can most of the times reading germanic languages but cant speak/write them (swedish, dutch, norwegan,densk).
  12. Smalltalk

    man sollte mal die bremsen am skoda fixen wenn noch nicht getan.. is doch doof, wenn man seine bremseinstellung in den optionen veränder muss obwohl sie genau so gut sind für sein lenkrad das es sich realistisch (zumindest in lkws) anfühlt..
  13. How do you change Gears? Manual or Auto?

    using a g27... it depends on the truck and my mood as i want to keep it realistic too. only man and daf sell manual trucks now a days.. so only if i drive my dafs or man i sometimes switch to manual. all other trucks i drive automatic... love my volvo dsg 12+2
  14. first renault range t.. than man euro 6, than everything else..
  15. What radio do you tune into your truck? and the german "antenne thüringen" (DE/mixed) becouse thay often have audio books running (like sharlock holmes and other crime stuff) i like listening to while driving.