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  1. thats not a challange.. thats my normal realistic simulation driving.. lol i fear you will not convince others to drive realisticly even with that "challange".. you may convince me otherwise
  2. i fear there will come a time where scs releases 2 patches in the time tmp supports one.. at that point tmp should start officialy hireing developers to help them speed it up.. just saying.. im not qualified for the job.. this is just my thoughts and opinion..
  3. ich bin ja mal gespannt wie lang es noch dauert bis scs ets2 und ats so umgebaut hat, das die weiterführung von tmp unmöglich wird.. mir scheint das der weg zu sein den scs geht.. oder täucht das? Ich hoffe das entwickler team von tmp vergrössert sich massiv und zügig in nächster zeit.. vielleicht lässt sich so ja noch mit halten mit scs.. das es immer länger dauert bis tmp einen patch von scs unterstützt und sogar soweit evtl. geht, das in der zeit wo tmp dran arbeitet, scs einen neuen weiteren patch oder dlc veröffentlicht, welches die arbeit von tmp wieder auf 0 zurück wirft, ist hoffentlich nicht ein akzeptierbarer zustand für tmp. man macht sich gedanken und sorgen..
  4. hmm still no patch.. ill wonder why.. oh well..


    1. [VIVA] TR06ANKA58

      [VIVA] TR06ANKA58

      Be  patient ;)

    2. sgpch1983


      its hard.. i dont like driving in singleplayer..


  5. @Digital pls status of the patch at some point.. :) thx



    1. Digital


      Hi, it's still a work in progress. Hopefully I will release a more formal update on the progress soon. :) 

  6. And here we go again.. next very long (duke nukem forever style) wait for the next patch.. 😕


    1. Coolio85


      I'm sure the developers are working as hard as they can to get it supported 😃

  7. it would be good if you could fix the horn and air horn not working sometimes bug.. i hope you continue work on fmod to fix as much as possible befor 1.38 hits..
  8. is there a fix coming for the horn not working bug in citys or is that effect wanted tmp?? will the fmod bugs be fixed over time or is the current state final?
  9. wouldnt it be funny if you guys release your 1.37 patch and scs the same day the 1.38? i think that would be funny.. and some what tragic..i hope scs doesnt do anything complicated in the next few patches so its easyer for mwl to support it. love the status updates.. keep that up and going in the future please
  10. you know what sarkasm is right? also you take this out of context
  11. tmp 1.37 patch = duke nukem forever.. come soon near you.. in 2000years.. oh well.. just a little joke on the matter.. if scs brings 1.38 tomorrow than tmp just skipped a patch.. no big deal - or is it? dont get me wrong.. i loved the information digital gave us.. i guess fmod is harder then everyone thought and takes a good while.. or maybe scs found a way with it to shutdown mp.. fmod and fast patch release cycle.. lol *shrugs*
  12. thank you very much for an information update like this.. thats exactly what i waited for soo long with you guys (and girls and other). no im happy to wait a little time longer without any more ranting.. it can be so easy so inform and calm the masses without saying release dates or leaking something.. thank you digital.. really.. i love this! keep it up for the next update please! keeping quite isnt the answer!
  13. tmp dosnt have anything to do with map changes scs does.. i think they have trouble with fmod.. but thats just a guess as the tmp staff isnt giving status reports.. we are yet waiting for the testing results from the 1.37 testing they wanted to do the one past weekend.. oh well.. it feels like we have to wait for scs patch 1.40 but im sure im wrong there.. i heard people say they may be releasing sometime this month.. but who knows.. just wait.. maybe tmp patch 1.37 is another "duke nukem forever" case
  14. i guess scs does fix that slowly patch by patch in the future
  15. and now it goes offtopic i see.. well, lets bring it back than.. any info how the testing today was tmp? let me guess.. to much bugs still?
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