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  1. scs shows how its done really.. weather is syncronized, there is ai traffic and the cb radio has worldwide range.. i hope tmp will somehow be able to copy this after 1.41 is out.. i agree.. scs mp as it is now (8 player limit) is only for playing with close friends.. i hope scs would remove the limit or atleast set it higher so or have free servers for more people.. but i guess the mmo kind of gameplay will stay with tmp.. if scs and tmp would somehow marge.. maybe it would be the best i dont know.. (marge as scs hires the core team eg. dev part of tmp edit: i hope scs adds mod and vr support to there mp - also.. scs mp has out of the box mac and linux support
  2. im wondering what will be next on the non-patreon vehicles..
  3. @djigorpli think that may be classified lol if it releases 30th 23:59 (there timezone which in poland is +2 right now if they still have sommertime) than they didnt lie about end of the month.. so all good - sry bad english here too but i hope you get what i wanted to say here.
  4. ich glaub wenn wir das hier botten, bekommen wir soo ärger.. und ja ich weiß.. jetz aber gute natcht.. 76
  5. is echt hart.. überschlägt sich ja hier.. doch bot gebastelt? lol is ja echt schlimm rofl 72 73 74
  6. Mülleimer ach kommt.. irgendwann müssen doch die wörter mal ausgehen.. lol
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