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  1. Best trucks and why

    still waiting for the new renault range t
  2. Flashes and signals: The language of the road

    i as a german use my hazardlights to say sorry if i cut someone off too. thank you is always only right left right (in uk left right left). using highbeams and horn(s) togeter of course is for complaining to an other driver or to tell him that what he did was dangerous and wrong.
  3. patchnotes for please?

    1. Prototype


      Some tweaking was done with cabin accessories

  4. What Transmision do you use?

    16 manual on my daf, 12 automatik on all others.
  5. Adding NCZ On Busy Roads

    do you want to solve the problem (player how dont care about others and drive like its nfs) or do you want to solve a sympton? adding ncz to junctions is only fixing the symptom not the underlaying problem! think twice please next time.
  6. Smalltalk

    die bessere antwort wäre: weil sie alle (nacht)blind sind und es ihnen egal ist ob sie andere damit blenden!
  7. CB Funk-Kanal für deutschsprachige

    kanal 9 ist der offizielle deutschsprachige kanal für lkw fahrer und gleichzeitig der offizielle notrufkanal in deutschland (ich sprech hier vom RL). logischerweise benutz man dann auch genau diesen in ets. übrigenst.. wenn wir schon dabei sind.. kanal 19 ist im ats aka in den usa auch der im RL richtige kanal.
  8. We Visited SCS Software! Here is what we got up to!

    nice, but to bad you blured the monitors dont we all want to know and spy a bit
  9. TruckersMP Real Operations V3

    ill try to come too.
  10. Wann sollte man die Wintermod deaktivieren?

    ich wünschte sie würden ihn mit dem frühling mod versetzen wenns draussen soweit ist. ich lass ihn auf jeden fall an, bis er via patch entfernt wird.
  11. What's with the hate towards cars? [INCLUDES POLL]

    the car is technicly outdated and needs to be updated to the current and future patch version. the brakes could be fixed in the cars files while updateing it too.. its very unstable to drive right now and has errors.
  12. Wintermod Released

    Love the Winter Mod, only think wrong in my opinion is the road textures.. also in my opinion the spring mod should be used next.. lets depict all seasons.. not only summer and winter.
  13. CB update

    im always on channel 9 as im german and irl ch9 is the german channel 2 km range would be nice
  14. [VOTE] Which road do you like to run most when playing the game ?

    i voted "other roads". every road without trolls
  15. Cast your vote for the /fix command

    looks like the trolls and nfstruckers are winning the vote.. couldnt we make the fixtraileralways option to a fixtrailerifnotwot? O.o also where is the "removefixcommand" option?