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  1. Is ATS really worth getting while there is only 2 trucks available i dont thinks so what about you

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    2. Lukas4544 [LTU]

      Lukas4544 [LTU]

      Really ? Only 2 trucks ?

    3. Jobawick


      But then it will come with more, so you will get to settle in with two trucks first and save up for the next ones.

    4. jezzer206


      yes lukasas only 2 for now mate

  2. Who is planning on getting ATS on the day of release

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    2. jonathan4567


      Not too sure yet, I quite like ETS2. I'll probably watch some videos on it and make my decision then :D

      But when MP becomes available for ATS, I will defintely get it if I haven't already! :D

    3. jezzer206


      Thank you all for your comments and if you are unsure if to get it or not here is something you might like to know

      There will only be TWO trucks on release and they will be the Kenworth T680 andf the Peterbuilt 579 plus there will only be half of Nivada as they have still not finished it after all this time.

      now i understand that some times licencing can be a problem but kenworth have a total of 6 rugs that could be added and peterbuilt have 3 plus they could make there own manufact...

  3. Truckfest this weekend yay cant wait

  4. ATTENTION: Our forum is now open and live please come over and join us AT charlietar.proboards.com/

  5. please checkout my topic called Website and forum launch

  6. Great news I have set up and have running a new Business please check out the web page www.charlietar.weebly.com to see what i am selling also please leave comments ether on here or on the site so i know if people like it or if it needs improvements

    1. jezzer206


      Thank you so much for your comments. The photos that you were referring to were taken consecutive but i will look in to changing them and i will be losing the weebly domain in due course

      i would be very greatful if you wouldn't mind sharing my web link so i can get more reviews.

    2. Gonzalez


      Honestly, the design of the page could use a lot more other than just white background, add a little design atleast play with the colors, that's probably the hardest part about web development is getting the colors right xD

    3. jezzer206


      Thank you for your feedback and it has been duly noted and i am looking in to putting a custom background in the white space

  7. Not long and i can drink the 40 pints i have brewed at home

  8. I would like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes that were sent

  9. oh hell i have just turned 27 lol

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    2. Stryke


      Happy Birthday

    3. ThisIsAlex


      Happy birthday!

    4. jezzer206


      thank you so much for your messages there are much appreciated

  10. This is one talented person

    1. xhavefunx


      People who are capable of creating such things deserve my respect. Very precision work, nice video!

    2. stilldre1976


      just amazing attention to detail there

  11. Who would of thought that people would do this

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. jezzer206


      I would love to as well but for the truck and trailer you are looking at paying around £800

    3. Spirit Omega Wolf
    4. stilldre1976


      Tamiya and robbe do some nice kits i like the motorised legs hehe

  12. whats going on truckers

    1. stilldre1976
    2. jezzer206


      sup how are you doing

  13. how is everyone who has win 10 getting on with it

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    2. Takumi Fujiwara 86
    3. WarMaz


      I saw one, that loooked more ugly than this

    4. S2020


      @Central_Processing_Cat yeah, designed for 'murican's taste...

  14. what a day lol

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