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  1. Got my G2, pretty hyped.. Can drive on my own :D

  2. Ok, so apparently i gave out 10 likes today still... Eh, i've posted my results :)

  3. In order for any mods to work, even the allowed ones, they must be activated and put on in Singleplayer... If you want a trailer mod (custom trailer thing) follow these steps: 1. Activate in Singleplayer 2. Select origin and destination 3. Go pick up trailer 4. Save game 5. Exit and launch Multiplayer Now for any truck customization like you said; you activated in singleplayer but can't remove it in multiplayer, that's just how it works for everything.. Any "allowed" mods have to be activated/deactivated in singleplayer.
  4. The allowed mods have to be activated in Singleplayer.... If it's a trailer mod: Go to singleplayer > Enable Mod > Pick a origin/destination with that trailer > go pickup trailer > Save & Quit ETS2 > Launch ETS2MP > Voila you have your "modded" trailer.
  5. Gonzalez

    Lots of money

    Just use Cheat Engine and set your money back to 290k or whatever you want.
  6. The loading bay is also considered a "dock" that's more than likely what it's referring to.
  7. It's a company in game, stokes, look for it on your map, it's in Amsterdam.. It's not really important.
  8. No mods work with MP, the mod that you downloaded just forces all trailers to be that specific trailer.. So what you do is go in Singleplayer, select the job you want i.e Rotterdam to Paris, then you go and get trailer, close Singleplayer and launch MP.
  9. thanks that was the word I was looking for :) still sounds negative tho but usually is the case I guess...

    1. Gonzalez


      Glad I could help :)

      Incite is more negative than Instigating :P

  10. Make sure ETS2 is running
  11. You're probably doing something wrong... PM me and I can help you.
  12. Make sure dev mode is enabled then it's like F9 or something, I'm not 100% sure what key it is, but I know you need Dev console.
  13. I can do HTML and CSS xD That's about it though xD
  14. Are you referring to a trailer like this?
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