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  1. Hey

    Happy Birthday :)


  2. Hello guys, only sometimes i post here but now i have a problem that I could not have solved please help me... (Language: Spanish Natal) Any suggestions? Thanks.
  3. I think finally i get it... thanks to all! (Please moderator dont close post, if i have more problems in the future)
  4. Hello community. Recently i wrote a post tell to us that i couldn´t install any mod, i tried everything that you tell to me, and nothing work "they appear in a red sign and an exclamation mark". Even i used the allowed mods to mp but nothing some reason?
  5. Just drive....

  6. Perfect. Thanks to all of you to help me, i was completly lost... Solved!
  7. Hello people here a rookie trucker. Recently i tried to install some mods but i dont get it, some error appears in game the manager mods to the right of screen the "mods installed" they appear in a red sign and an exclamation mark what's going on?
  8. can i play!!!! thanks very much, yes copy yout hotmail on notapead and later copy on ets! thanks all!
  9. I don't understand i put name "4LL" and hotmail but nothing the same error please need help :/
  10. Why the game said this? Im loggin on forum :|
  11. Hi everyone, I'm new to this ETS2 Online, and I wonder if they could help me enter some server, I tried going for the last time on Friday 2, and am already registered forum ET but it is connect tells me there is an error or that my data is bad, do not understand why ... Also check but nothing further questions when you have to connect you ask the hotmail but not to put: @ ,just let set as 6 letters in the mail, I need help please.
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