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  1. I saw a similar meme on reddit, so I thought I'd make one for TMP, lol


  2. Happy Indian Independence Day! Much love from Nepal, as well as Himalayan Logistics VTC!





  3. Thanks for coming to the lovely birthday drive guys!! Much love♥️♥️♥️ Small cab galore w/ @ReacherK @super37s @Grubby. @Niraal @Marjan Chowdhury and more!! 


    1. ReacherK


      This was really fun @BeaverTG ?

  4. Simply, yes, lol. I only trust skodas if they are officially piloting for a convoy, and in my opinion, I think that's the only thing they should be in this mod for.
  5. Happy Birthday Beaver


  6. I did 12 jobs in total because I wanted to give others a chance to complete their personal goal before the community goal was reached ? Most of my jobs were done in the SGP server due to my location, but I did take a stab at sim 1 & 2 just for the experience. It was quite interesting as there was a diverse amount of people with quite contrasting personalities, to say the least ? I would like to point out a nice experience in the SGP server though, where I met another Asian VTC who invited me to drive along with them and do a couple of event loads. They were too kind- imo, these types of experiences show quite a different, contrasting colour of TMP than the usual "CD Idiots on the road" that gets super saturated these days ? But overall, it was fun! I'm enjoying the new paintjob ?
  7. Ah ok, I use action to record and f9 is the hotkey. Thanks alot
  8. Nope still not working, it started since yesterday. I tried it on ets2mp but it worked so it may be that i have to reinstall and install the mod again?
  9. Hi there, While i was on atsmp i noticed that when i press 'y' chat does not come up. I tried a couple more times, still not working. Have the buttons changed or is this an error? Thank You
  10. Hey guys, Earlier today i went to the http://mods.ets2mptr.com/website, to download the Hayvan Taşıyıcı Dorse mod, or the Animals Carrier Trailer mod. I did what they said. 1. Got all the scs files into docs>ets2>mods 2. went to sp, applied the mod into the game. 3. went back to mp. It said "Missing mod detected: Hayvan Taşıyıcı Dorse" blah blah blah.. Since it said ignore the warning missing mod thing on the mod download instruction (err... I think ), i clicked allow.... Game loaded up fine, no crash, but no mod.. Anything i missed? i think i have... If you have a solution please reply,, thnx Hayvan Taşıyıcı Dorse Hayvan Taşıyıcı Dorse
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