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  1. I can support this idea and I totally see where @xenophobia is coming from. I still think that hackers and bug abusers should be banned from the whole TMP network, however, this idea would let people that have been banned for other, in-game reasons like traffic accidents to have a vent server where they can get a taste of their own medicine. It also allows people who still think they have a wrongful ban to be able to drive with their friends- sort of like how some prisoners get to talk with their loved ones from time to time. This also allows the players who want to solely play for the fun get to play solely for the fun with their friends without ruining others experience (because they'd just be in simulation). Now, these last sentences are completely subjective and I don't want to "command" anyone from anything however I think its important to allow all types of players to be able to play with each other in a way that suits their playstyles. We would have simulation for simulator players, arcade for players that don't want collision, and then an anarchy server for people in the middle of simulation and ncz. I totally get that TMP wants to be more simulation-based, however there are many different people with many different playstyles and the staff does not owe anything to anyone but it would be good if we had a diverse community of many different styles but with one simple goal... of driving trucks together.
  2. @cloofter As an also long-ish time player (late 2015) I agree with you that TMP has changed. I know alot of new players that strive for the truck driving experience and are putting an effort to become better drivers. There have always been trolls throughout the years and I have seen terrible accidents during every year of my experience. In my opinion though, thats what makes TMP TMP. Yes, we want to be peaceful and relaxing and driving of course, but accidents still happen in real life. Part of what made me join was knowing that there is still a sense of danger in the game, and I could really tell my friends, "you need to look out for other trucks to be safe". This is why when there are accidents, I do not get annoyed, and I still enjoy TMP as I enjoyed it years ago. Of course, everyone has different play styles and opinions on this issue, so I'm not one to judge. That's just my two cents @KhaosHammer Wonderful story!! I'm so happy for you, thanks for sharing! @[TheUnion][Selim/22] Yup. This game is wonderful for relaxing.
  3. @xenophobia Well said @Green079 Relaxing seems to be the trend, and I'm glad . The only person that doesn't feel good after justice has been served is the offender, amiright?
  4. ^ Lol, it was really just a play on words. The point was the game is relaxing and takes your mind off things for a while. Obviously playing a computer game won't literally fix your unrelated real life issues
  5. I can't remember exactly but I think there was a thread posted like this before if so I apologize for "stealing the idea?" Anyways, I've been playing this mod for a few years and after those wonderful years of mistakes, honks, good times, meeting friends, and the recent updates, I just wanted to ask the TMP community what the mod means to you. Why do you play the mod? Why do you like it? It'll be a good refresher and really make you think the next time you drive why exactly you're doing it, and overall, after posting and seeing other peoples stories, I think it'll make your day a little bit better. I'll start: The concept of this game and what the mod adds to it is just so unbelievably simple and satisfying that it makes it unique to other games. You are literally just driving. There is so little learning curve to the game (parking doubles and triples is probably the only hard part of this game), the goals are somewhat repetitive but there has to be a reason why over 3k people play it every day on average, and there is: literally just being able to drive your unique truck, basically your personality, delivering your loads on the calm, scenic routes of Scandinavia or the hectic, populated road of CD, and the simple quick interactions that make your day: like honking at other real players that pass by you, overtaking players nicely who flash their lights to let you know its safe to change lanes, is what has everyone hooked. This was what hooked me, at least, when I joined in 2015. I had no knowledge of trucks, I just wanted to drive, meet, and drive with people, that one reason is the same thing that keeps me hooked to this game, even after 4 years. But this year I learned that this game was a little bit more important to me than I had thought. I had a tough year. I struggled with stress and homework from school. But whenever I had the chance, I would open TMP, start my truck, tune some music, and drive. I drove all my problems away. My stress and thoughts just disappeared as I slightly moved my steering wheel to align with the road at high speeds, while listening to my possibly-edgy teen playlist of questionable music. I realized this game was my venting tool. After that realization, I began to respect the mod even more. I've made so many friends along the way, and I never want this cycle to end. So, that's what TMP means to me. It's my go-to whenever I need to calm myself. Also, driving with some friends makes the chill vibe way better since you can just talk and drive the whole way!! I still don't have a lot of knowledge about trucks, but you don't have to be a truck wiz to play! Just driving and enjoying it is enough! I really appreciate this game and the mod for creating something so special, and I'm happy that I finally shared this with you guys. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. (P.S: I didn't mean for this to turn into a 4 paragraph essay )
  6. Never mind the speed limiter argument, I think it is unfair that there is no arcade mode for ATS. There should be the option for ATSMP players that want to play the game with each other to be able to drive how they like, just as there is in ETS2MP.
  7. After driving for so long I rarely get hit by trolls . Soon you'll be able to notice the different types of drivers and will be able to counter them. These days, most of the damage that happens to my load or truck is me doing it to myself, overconfidence is bliss
  8. Anything with a 6 speed and 700hp+ engine should be enough to satisfy you, but don't feel embarrassed about your truck or your driving style. What makes this game unique is that we all have our different tastes and styles. Some people like to follow the speed limits and stop at all lights and such, while others like to speed through. Do whatever you like as long as it follows the rules . Hope this helps, drive safe!
  9. I came across ets2 through the youtuber Squrriel. This was my first trucking/driving simulation game. When I heard about multiplayer, I was immediately hooked. There was something about stress-free driving with your friends, with the radio blasting, and just driving from destination to destination, talking and watching the scenery, that really made this game with multiplayer stand out. It was different from other games, it wasn't competitive at all, and through multiplayer you could meet many people. To this day, 90% of my friends list on steam probably comes from TMP alone. The thing is, I didn't know anything about trucking, trucks, parts, etc. I simply liked the idea of the game, and started playing. I think that is what makes the game quite special, you obviously need some interest, but its not like you need to know everything about trucks or driving to play. Ets2 itself was an amazing game, it caught my eye, and TMP kept me hooked and alive with it.
  10. Firstly I'd just like to wish TMP a happy birthday/anniversary. It's been an amazing 3-4 years from when I started to play. I remember watching a development video, when everyone got excited because the multiplayer was actually functional (there were two players and they could see each other in ets2!) and now we have like 7,000+ members regularly. Anyways, I think EU5 is a great idea, as well as normal truckers being able to drive the police cars, however I think that EU5 should stay up permanently. It's a way for groups of friends to finally be able to mess around in the roads and do derbys and races and such. Who doesn't want to have a good laugh after seeing your friend go flying after you bump him a little bit? All without the risk of moving on, so you can just enjoy the moment and watch as your friend flies away into cyberspace. I didn't realize this would become an essay, but I hope this gets an A+ I guess. Thank you for listening to my TED talk.
  11. Ah ok, I use action to record and f9 is the hotkey. Thanks alot
  12. Nope still not working, it started since yesterday. I tried it on ets2mp but it worked so it may be that i have to reinstall and install the mod again?
  13. Hi there, While i was on atsmp i noticed that when i press 'y' chat does not come up. I tried a couple more times, still not working. Have the buttons changed or is this an error? Thank You
  14. Hey guys, Earlier today i went to the http://mods.ets2mptr.com/website, to download the Hayvan Taşıyıcı Dorse mod, or the Animals Carrier Trailer mod. I did what they said. 1. Got all the scs files into docs>ets2>mods 2. went to sp, applied the mod into the game. 3. went back to mp. It said "Missing mod detected: Hayvan Taşıyıcı Dorse" blah blah blah.. Since it said ignore the warning missing mod thing on the mod download instruction (err... I think ), i clicked allow.... Game loaded up fine, no crash, but no mod.. Anything i missed? i think i have... If you have a solution please reply,, thnx Hayvan Taşıyıcı Dorse Hayvan Taşıyıcı Dorse
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