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  1. I saw a similar meme on reddit, so I thought I'd make one for TMP, lol


  2. Stavanger - Bergen - Oslo is a classic Scandinavian route; it's one of my favorites. The roads are nice, the route is not very busy, and the scenery is breathtaking. Do let me know if you'd like to drive there with me sometime.
  3. Ha! Same here! @NoFriendsOnline Welcome to TMP! I'm glad that you've confirmed your discovery, and I'm happy that you have a positive attitude towards it! I agree that it's a fantastic element that's unfortunately lacking in multiplayer games. Good luck to you on your journeys!
  4. Welcome to TMP! I agree with you, and thanks for contributing to the effort to keep the gesture alive!
  5. I have been reading through all of your posts and I'm glad to see that I share a general opinion with everyone that has replied so far! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. It's been interesting to know about what other people think and do regarding this matter. Also, @Encrypted_, I agree with pretty much most of your thoughts- especially about the driving etiquette! It's honestly kind of sad, but as our community grows larger and larger, I think this is something to be expected just because of the sheer amount of new players and what they bring to the table. Hopefully in the near future, we as community members can organize some sort of initiative to encourage friendly driving etiquette in the game. Personally, I find honking my horns to be a fun way to greet/be greeted by people just because sound is more engaging, but I think you are right that it is more on the chaotic side.
  6. I've been on TMP for over 5 years now, and one thing that I loved while on the road was the fact that majority of the trucks who passed you by would greet you in some way- most commonly, through either flashing their lights, honking their horns, or both. This practice is still very much alive, but I feel like it's degraded over the years. This is just in my experience though, so I wanted to ask my fellow community members a few questions regarding this matter. 1. How do you react to passersby? Do you honk, flash lights, chat, etc? 2. In your experience, how do passersby react to you? Any reaction at all? 3. What is your opinion on this practice? Do you enjoy it? Do you hate it? For me: 1. I usually honk and flash my lights. These days, with the horn bug, I flash my lights more than I honk. During holiday times, like Christmas/New Year's, I usually drop a "Merry Christmas" or "Happy New Year" in the chat as well. 2. In my experience, passersby usually flash their lights. These days, there are alot who don't react at all. 3. I honestly think that this is a very tiny but significant gesture. At this point, I'd claim that it's a part of TMP culture because of my experience as a community member. Personally, having other truckers acknowledge your existence as you pass them by, and then returning the favor cheers me up . It's a very quick gesture that anyone can do. How about you?
  7. Happy Indian Independence Day! Much love from Nepal, as well as Himalayan Logistics VTC!





  8. Thanks for coming to the lovely birthday drive guys!! Much love♥️♥️♥️ Small cab galore w/ @ReacherK @super37s @Grubby. @Niraal @Marjan Chowdhury and more!! 


    1. ReacherK


      This was really fun @BeaverTG 🤩

  9. Simply, yes, lol. I only trust skodas if they are officially piloting for a convoy, and in my opinion, I think that's the only thing they should be in this mod for.
  10. Happy Birthday Beaver


  11. I totally agree. The general Asian playerbase has increased the past few years, so it would be good to get more nation paintjobs like Sri Lanka's, Bangladesh's and Nepal's. SCS has already added paints for Japan, China and South Korea too, so why not? It would be nice to represent your country via a paintjob while driving
  12. I did 12 jobs in total because I wanted to give others a chance to complete their personal goal before the community goal was reached Most of my jobs were done in the SGP server due to my location, but I did take a stab at sim 1 & 2 just for the experience. It was quite interesting as there was a diverse amount of people with quite contrasting personalities, to say the least I would like to point out a nice experience in the SGP server though, where I met another Asian VTC who invited me to drive along with them and do a couple of event loads. They were too kind- imo, these types of experiences show quite a different, contrasting colour of TMP than the usual "CD Idiots on the road" that gets super saturated these days But overall, it was fun! I'm enjoying the new paintjob
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