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  1. Those who don't like speed make a server for them and the speed limit will be 90/kmp on that server ....named simulation server .... And create a new server with 130/150+ with collusion ( because a big number of people love speed as it is a game ) We do not need simulation 2 ..just change it 150
  2. Even in real life truck can go over 110 kmp ..
  3. Yes we know ETS2 is not Racing but Simulation game..... But 110 is not fair i think...even SCS do not Allow this ,they put an Option for Speed limit which is 90.....If any one wants to drive they can .....Thats why World of truck support only 90 Km job ...... i dont know why TMP Lock ETS2 at 110 and ATS2 at 130.... whats the meaning of that ? They Both are simulation Game .... if Ets is locked with 110 then ATS should be also locked at 110.....even real life a truck can go over 120+.....so i think Ets2 speed limit should be 130 As like ATS.....
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