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  1. Calais - Duisburg on EU #2 shows the absolute best of humankind. :)

  2. What a pity delivering Coal doesn't count for the Dragon achievement. :P



      i just put coal in my presents :P

  3. Good old RTS, thanks for folding it the day I joined, I really miss it! I've been trucking in ProMods the past year, it's a Volvo FH13 540. Although I drive it at realistic speeds, the fancy painjob and the light grille at the bottom means it's not J-Spec. Moving back to topic, a J-Spec RTS truck, still got the original, fresh profile with 130,000 euros in the bank.
  4. It's been a while since I've visited here but it seems all the evidence has been reset. I'll re-submit it for convenience Most economical driver - 6.36L/100km Date: April 9, 2015 Evidence:
  5. Used offline mode to pull a trailer with the car. The car just does not handle. There's a good reason why it's banned on the servers!
  6. Yep, it's 2.02. Darn it lol.
  7. Yeah, there's some amazing ideas in ProMods. Great road layouts and they've really made some cities come to life. Some of the scenery is also breathtaking. They've done an awesome job with road signage too, using authentic fonts. Some parts feel a little rough though, such as object placement and certain road markings and texture transitions. GPS speed limits can be a mess. Strange to say, I'd say ProMods has better content but it's less refined than SCS's Scandinavia. That said, ProMods is free while SCS charges us for content which explains the difference in refinement. It also explains why SCS takes forever in releasing content.
  8. After many hundreds of hours of MP, I've been taking a break and have gone back to SP. I've been running ProMods and it's been really enjoyable with new places to explore. While it's not as refined as SCS content, there's loads of creativity and beautiful content. Has anyone else been driving in ProMods?
  9. waking up to like 11 notifications. only off @MrCreeper

    1. Inthernet


      wot a spammer

  10. I find the Kenworth hard to steer, even with a wheel. The newer Kenworth being worse than the Kenworth W. There's steering non-linearity built into these trucks. Before I had my wheel, I used mouse for hundreds of hours of ETS2 and the Scania with 6x2 was awful in the same way.
  11. Thank you so much for the event guys! I think I managed to attend around 6 hours, on and off. The camadarie and emotion during the last 30 minutes is a thing to remember and celebrate, really really loved it. Two clips: FCT convoy leaders take the wrong turn! (Dailymotion because, music) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4044es Kieron Impersonates the Police
  12. LMAO, awesome effort and dedication. I saw you couldn't handle the not-broken-anymore physics at the end.
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