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  1. ^ Those being said there were a few wrong turns made by a few people... You are free to say that I look at things from the bad side, I hate professionalism, or I'm a bad person overall. All of it is personal opinion. We done the same work in this team before, you know what I'm saying, and you might have seen some of it right then right there. And I am not here to rate the upper staff's work. Always the things are mixed with the good and the bad. Although at one point I just stopped caring.
  2. Since you wish to park on the garage... Well you enable the dev cam, then go into singleplayer and f9 while your cam is on the roof of the garage. There your truck will land. Please do mind that there may be spots on the roof where collision model is missing and your truck can fall through. I will not be liable for any damages caused by doing this.
  3. Should I take this beauty for a drive on TMP servers? :troll:


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      Better than the original 

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      I very much agree :troll:

  4. I have now put cows in a reefer and gravel on a flatbed
  5. I want to flying cows and hole in the truck
  6. Onto Steroids as a method of treating ncov infection: https://tech.sina.com.cn/roll/2020-02-07/doc-iimxyqvz0918506.shtml Source: Dr. J. Kenneth Baillie. "Clinical Evidence does not Support Corticosteroid treatment for 2019-nCoV lung injury", The Lancet (2020) "The steroid has nearly no benefit for patients, and does more harm to their body." Meanwhile, http://finance.sina.com.cn/roll/2020-02-04/doc-iimxyqvz0104524.shtml "The steroid has been selected (for a total of 4 times, by 2 gov. departments) as a valid way to treat people infected with ncov, and is now being massively produced." This is the exact same steroid that destroyed people's bones in the 2003 SARS-CoV epidemic.
  7. Further details on the officials I referred to on yesterday's update. I had more time to read into the news interview transcript. Basically, the officials admitted to the public that Wuhan's healthcare system has failed. Since local hospitals have run out of all resources, many people with confirmed ncov infection were sent home to self-medicate. These people then pass the virus on to their family, other people living in the same apartment building, and anyone they meet with. The self-medicating situation also implies (although not expressively) that there could be a (severe) underestimation of the death toll. People who are suspected of ncov infection but not fully diagnosed could not receive proper treatment, and their deaths do not count into the official statistics. In the link below: people are posting here to ask for help. Most if not all of these cases are self medication that went horribly bad while proper medical help remain inaccessible. In order to post there, the applicant's name, age, address, phone number, medical information, and emergency contact information must be made public. According to weibo's super admin, some applicants have since received spam and harassment by phone calls, including advertisements for counterfeit medicine. https://huati.weibo.com/6882551 (Social media, contents in Chinese_Simplified) As of 2pm (GMT+8), Feb 7 / 2020, a total of 1,231 requests were posted. 97 posts (less than 10%) received a response.
  8. True, but I am more concerned about my (and other people's) jobs. Most of us are not working our jobs. We don't get paid for staying at home, and we cannot start working until the virus is under control. But we still have bills to pay, and those people care about nothing but money. Life can be much harder for those who own their businesses, but I don't own one, and I don't know what's involved. Updates: Power and water were turned off for me yesterday. They are back up now. Officials have now admitted that many infected in Wuhan were not receiving proper treatment, and that there is a severe shortage on medical supplies. There were so called "rumors" on the internet for one month before the officials first opened up about it. People in charge of the red cross warehouse in Wuhan, accused of stealing medical supplies, were "booked on an appointment to talk about it" with the governors. No related news have been released since. Social media link, Videos of the counterfeit masks: https://live.kuaishou.com/u/3x2jv99bg4b365a/3x8n7ju77y8p44y https://live.kuaishou.com/u/ZYW-1207288506/3xwf9ye82km99fm No spoilers for now.
  9. Officials say 20 million masks are being produced daily while there are still no masks for sale at my local drugstore. Meanwhile, the same officials are encouraging people to reuse masks. 2 of the recently infected people I know personally and live in my city. We talked over the phone -- they had dinner with people who recently arrived from Wuhan -- these people were suspected of the virus but were let free for 3 days, while they visited the only shopping center and most of the drugstores within my city, riding on multiple bus lines. This has confirmed once again that the people in power here in my city are a bunch of incompetent mess.
  10. Update 02/02/2020 I know very closely more than a couple dozen people personally, that I have met in person and maintained a healthy relationship for years. As of now, the only 3 people of them are working their jobs because they work in the medical field. No one else is working their jobs, including me myself along with all my colleagues. My entire workplace is on a halt, and there are thousands if not millions of such workplaces across the country. People with money cannot buy masks because they are not being stocked. One of my relative works at a drugstore: they stocked masks (pack of 10) for 25 rmb each and sell them for 30 rmb each. The drugstore was then punished for charging too much for masks. So they stopped stocking because 25 was the cheapest they can get, and already they cannot cover the costs and trouble related to selling masks. Because obviously, not having masks is not punishable. Many paramedics in my city were taken away because there was a quota that has to be met, since every province has to move a certain number of doctors to Wuhan. Now there are not enough doctors for my city -- we have infected people too (Not that there were enough skilled doctors to begin with). To make things worse, doctors that are moved away also tend to be the most experienced.
  11. Anything I see from my side that are related to the novel coronavirus outbreak goes here. This thread will keep going if I manage to stay alive among all this, and if the internet does not get shut down. There are no guarantees, however. Controversial (but not extremist) opinions go inside spoilers. Replies with your own opinions are strongly encouraged and appreciated, as long as they comply with the rules. This does not mean you have to be in support or disapproval of any government. Keywords: Do not fear. Do not trust. Do not forgive. Sources: self, TV, news network. Never is anything taken from social media or blog sites, unless TV or news network sourced them in the first place. I do not live in the biggest cities or the most seriously infected regions of China, nor do I have a chance to visit those places. Why post here -- The TruckersMP forums remain as one of the last remaining forums that can be legally accessed from within China. Most other outlets have been blocked by the Chinese government.
  12. This. I am a troller. I grief in this game, I block the most trafficked road to ruin your fun. I feel happy when I make a huge mess and everyone else is super angry because of me. Today is a good day. But if everyone stops driving here -- I have no mess to make and I feel boring just parked on the road by myself. And if someone reports me -- I get unfairly banned for chilling on the road, I did nothing wrong, time to harass the admin, spam on the forums and support tickets, because I cannot play the game but I have to make a mess none the less. Boom. Problem solved for you as a player in this game, the staff deals with the rest.
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  14. Coronavirus update: My neighborhood is now on an indefinite lockdown after a very short notice. No one is let in or out. There is no shopping here and we cannot buy food for at least 10 days.


    Officially reported 2 or 3 infected in my city. Actual number may vary. #DoNotFear #DoNotTrust #DoNotForgive

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      On This: Stock up with food for disasters like this and you might have a chance.... I'm talking seriously. I do not hold an optimistic opinion on things like this.

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      Eleven confirmed cases were also announced in Republic of Korea.

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