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  1. SprinterFS

    Remove the fences

    Motorway means dividers. You can't get on to the oncoming lanes unless you take the wrong entrance. If 4 lanes are not enough the game also has premade 6 lane roads near Rotterdam.
  2. SprinterFS

    Remove the fences

    And then we can make C-D into a 4 lane motorway. Problem solved forever. Another solution: Move the repair yard to a dead-end so it doesn't interfere with traffic.
  3. Snowland in night Featured truck:
  4. SprinterFS

    Where to have VTC Meetups?

    C-D. JK. It's the opposite -- basically anywhere else should be fine. Don't go to C-D for big events. Or go to EU4 and you can park everywhere you want. In the middle of the road - no problem.
  5. SprinterFS

    People who drive slow on purpose.

    There's that thing called "snow mod" and "winter physics". On the tight curves you just need to go really slowly, or you risk hitting others. 20mph (35~40kmph) seems legit for slippery road conditions.
  6. SprinterFS

    Ban Baiters

    If they stop for no reason in a lane of traffic, they violate the blocking rule and can get banned for it. If they intentionally block people from safely overtaking, they violate the ramming rule. etc. etc. All rules apply. There is no rule specific for ban baiting. If you are sure that anyone is violating any existing rules, please send in a report and we will figure it out.
  7. 恭喜你SprinterFS成为游戏主持人

  8. Now streaming ~ madness of servers EU#2! Talk to me -> https://www.twitch.tv/sprinterfs

  9. SprinterFS

    What is the best route in Baltic DLC?

    St. Petersberg Ring Road ("KAD" on the road signs) plus the through-city highway. I love the street light design.
  10. SprinterFS

    What is cheaper? Self build or pre build gaming PCs

    I find the most satisfaction of upgrading old pre-builds with modern hardware. My main machine is one of those. It still looks 10 years old on the outside.
  11. Nice to see you back! Congratulations!

  12. Welcome back:wub:

  13. Welcome back!

  14. Welcome back. My friend :lol: