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  1. Hallo Amsterdam! In the Netherlands I will live for the next few years. May something new begins here. #JustLanded


    1. SprinterFS


      Also learning Dutch atm...

    2. sDev (REC)(G27)

      sDev (REC)(G27)

      Hallo Legend,


      God bless you on this new journey! 💗🥂

  2. SprinterFS

    Fall Guys

    6 autoplay hackers in one game, devs do nothing to stop hacking. Fall guys is dead.
  3. Since you can mildly duplicate cargo under the current rules... I present a trailer with floating cows, cars, trucks, forklifts, an excavator, and a bunch of boxed cargo all at the same time. No pic, y'all need to somehow find me in game.
  4. This is called "Real Ops" and has been organized in ETS2MP multiple times. I guess it's time for Real Ops ATSMP?
  5. This looks good imo. Although I'm using something more beautiful than this. Next step, I recommend whoever made this truck to modify their tractor so it will have a missing cabin or a missing chassis. Without crashing this game lol Also @Killua // Ireland ^_^ I guess you'll like it too (?)
  6. Chinese paint job pack. Every year you get an update for a new animal paint job, until MAYBE 10 years later you get all the 12 animals in the Chinese calendar. You will end up with ETS2's largest paint job pack for the price of any other nation-specific paint job. And you also get the panda.
  7. The answer is.... eventually drive safe :3
  8. SprinterFS

    1% iin gamer tags

    ^ if said gangs are bullying or reckless driving they will be punished by rules accordingly. No worries there. The playing of GTA or NFS brings specific gang terminology into TMP... OK so seeing a lot of our players are teenagers I don't really see it a problem cause they think it's cool being a "prospect" or something like that... you know... being called something different than a driver or trucker. I believe most of them don't know a single MC member IRL and have no idea what real MCs do.
  9. A clean, Scania or Volvo. The Scania S and new Volvo FH look amazing with factory paint job and zero accessories. But no, every driver tamper with these trucks way too much.
  10. y'all should check out "nothing,nowhere" he's a great guy and he makes great songs 'nuff said
  11. SprinterFS

    Do you rec?

    I rec and ban oh wait At least I used to lol
  12. I appreciate chaos and enjoy me some absolute destruction. I joined back in 2014 to experience the Rotterdam traffic and with 1200 hours logged on MP I have been following heavy traffic and reckless driving ever since.
  13. run, run, run run run Unless I'm in Duisburg Where I stop at both red and green because I can't move what so ever lol
  14. I drink a lot of alcohol, watch street drift videos or nascar videos on my 2nd screen, at the same time texting on the cell phone most of the time I just stare at flying cows on my trailer lol I don't even know if my truck's moving
  15. Worst case scenario, 99% players that don't have a combination of superfast internet and NASA computers will lag out in this game. And TMP will have to somehow withdraw this whole thing. Remember when SCS pushed an update of the little flag on top of your side view mirror? That. People had 0fps whenever someone uses the flag nearby. The game was unplayable until the option to disable flag/animation was implemented. Same thing when SCS allowed you to put dogs and refrigerators in your interior. I guess this thing is not gonna happen a 3rd time. Also, eventually there is going to be a dedicated team of staff members to censor and approve these banners. People are going to show off their porn and profanity and dirty stuff in general. I can already see what kind of a mess that's gonna be.
  16. Seeing this topic I thought a VW car was falling from the space and it gonna hit some unfortunate human being lmao But sure. Also if VAG brings this truck to China it will sell like crazy..and for a crazy expensive price too. because Chinese people absolutely LOVE VW for some idk reason.
  17. I think.... All map edits become pointless when there are too many players around. They clog up the biggest of the roads. I actually wanted to suggest the developers to implement a feature on sim servers, so that the game would crash for random players if there are over 50 players nearby, with the exception of approved convoys. Sure this will get rejected so I didn't bother with opening a new thread in suggestions lol
  18. Pharmacist - North Memphis And yes I do have songs that I love better, but those can be very very offensive so yalls not allowed to see them here lol
  19. I been doing 150km/h from Duisburg to Calais all the time... On a full EU#1 server... Back in 2015 when C-D was mostly empty and the blockage hotspot was in NL. Anyone remember? Remember? lol Now I do 150km/h around SPB.
  20. Should I take this beauty for a drive on TMP servers? :troll:


    1. Pillow


      Better than the original 

    2. SprinterFS


      I very much agree :troll:

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