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  1. [LKW Tr.] Elliot [CEO]

    The Veteran Fleet

    It's awesome to see a new VTC on the scene! Best of luck and much perseverance as it's sometimes needed... PS: I'm sure there are some VTC's out there that are professional ;D
  2. Appreciate your comments! @Nizam Logistics DarkAngeL and @Michal Slovakia:))) They're very nice pictures, indeed @[AVIS] ThiagoBR_ We try to organise VTC Drives like those as much as possible.

    thank you for your voice:)

    1. [LKW Tr.] Elliot [CEO]

      [LKW Tr.] Elliot [CEO]

      No problem, man :D Thanks for commenting on LKW's topic

    2. Michal Slovakia:)))
  4. Thank you very much @MrHarv98. We appreciate it a lot Is Soarfly planning on reopening? Thanks @The_FalcoN and @[AVIS] ThiagoBR_ !
  5. Danke schön, @[VIVA] Fabio Jr! I didn't know you were German
  6. Thank you for the kind words @[Solar] D4NNY, @XinBao^ and @Matt #CarLadMatt !
  7. @SgtBreadStick Yeah, sorry about that We were just waiting for a CM to edit it for us. It had a typo so I had to change it xP
  8. [LKW Tr.] Elliot [CEO]


    Veel geluk met je VTC!
  9. [LKW Tr.] Elliot [CEO]


    MyVTC a été vendu. Il va rester en vie
  10. [LKW Tr.] Elliot [CEO]

    1 Million Users

    Wooooooow, this is pretty damn sick! Congrats to the team over at TMP and the community for this stupendous milestone
  11. [LKW Tr.] Elliot [CEO]

    I should never have started.........

    I was expecting this to be one of those rants where people moan about how the multiplayer mod is oh so flawed. Oh well, hope you have a great time wherever you're going
  12. [LKW Tr.] Elliot [CEO]

    Truck drivers.. Warning

    A gangster crew, eh?