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  1. I want the first option and I am sure many others will too.
  2. I wish everyone on the forum and all the mod users a nice Christmas! :tmp:

    1. ¦EUROTRANS¦ chatyo [FR]

      ¦EUROTRANS¦ chatyo [FR]

      Have a Nice Christmas Pattie, see you on my festive convoy ! Because you love the convoy xD

    2. stilldre1976


      Merry xmas Pattie hope ur having a great one :D

  3. anyone having the same problem that you install the new update but still can't launch because the game says there is a new update?

    1. James 12

      James 12

      open the auto updater and check for available updates

    2. Digital


      And make sure you're not using your old shortcuts.

  4. What a great day, server status of EU2 back to 2800 players. Thank you Mp team!

  5. Everyone's game getting crashed when entering Rotterdam!

  6. Just found out you can drive past the tollbooths in Poland without paying :)

    1. Quinten462


      Yeah i found that too yesterday xD

  7. Is there a way to delete my forum account? Had enough with all these attacks

  8. So much people online

    1. RadioactivePotato


      Loooooo..... wait no ._.

    2. FirestarteR93


      every admin's "dream"

  9. Since skyradio only haves Christmas music I can't wait for the snow in MP :)

  10. Hopefully my computer doesn't crash today... Last night was bad :L

    1. general_beunhaas


      maybe you gotta take a look at it???

  11. Can't wait for the first Skoda Superb convoy :)

  12. I want to thank all the players of SK because their convoy was really awesome. Thx guys :)

  13. Is there any ETA of the Skoda Superb?

    1. Creatured
    2. McFreshi


      But it's worth waiting m8 :) It was good, when I tested it. And that was a few months ago now xD

    3. Pattie[NL]
  14. Just experienced the good old traffic jam at Europoort :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Pattie[NL]


      My plays.tv on Raptr isn't compitable with my PC... :( I try to find 1001 in Steam

    3. Pattie[NL]
    4. edgarinskas


      Yea, I just made a video about that traffic jam... Oh god.

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