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  1. Happy birthday my friend, enjoy your day :) 

  2. Hello all, 


    As you may of may not know i've had a grudge against @.::Cheetah::. over the past few years (2015-2016). How it came about i don't really have a clue tbh. Each month the grudge got bigger and bigger. In June i tried to put an end to it by taking a break from the community and focusing it on other games. December came around and irl life started getting harder. Then one day i pretty much gave up and said screw it. I had a rant and then  changed my name then decided to get my account banned. This wasn't a happy lil mistake this was a foolish and irresponsible thing to do. Anyway on the 22nd i rethinking my action and realised 2017 was soon approaching. Regarding this i decided to make a ban appeal at 1AM in the morning. In this i also made a request if the name history could be cleared/removed *cough* @Tuxy Fluffyclaws pls make this a thing ,since i tried spamming but soon gave up. A few days went past and i heard nothing until yesterday. In this the appeal was accepted. 


    Anyway @.::Cheetah::. if you would accept i would like to put the past behind us and have a fresh start in 2017. Where has this grudge got us? nowhere to be frank other than hatred being thrown around. 


    To the rest of the community, i am deeply sorry if any of you was affected during this and i would like to apologize publicly regarding this. This won't be easy to forget and nobody is saying it will be however if forgiveness and friendships could be reconnected that would be great during 2017. 


    Anyway if you want to discuss this further feel free to slip into my DM's or contact me on steam - http://steamcommunity.com/id/Puncake99/ 


    Happy Christmas and here's to a better 2017.


  3. ooo so rocket leagues getting crates

  4. no. no mods are supported in mp whether this is from steam workshop or external sites.
  5. Does this happen on single player or on mp? If it happens on single then try multi, if it happens on multi then try single
  6. yes. take a look at the new punishment system.

    1. SlavaH


      madness, like my back garden on a saturday

  8. has anyone noticed the cabin accessories in the scania dlc or am i the only one who just seen them :3 

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    2. SlavaH


      I think the cabin curtain is really nice....

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      I noticed them :) they are great :) must add some to some of my trucks :P

    4. RadioactivePotato


      I have the Little Scania army

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    2. The Scottish Lad

      The Scottish Lad

      I'm so happy that Chris Evans left but you know what is much better which is if BBC hired Clarkson

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Yes XD LOL XD :lol: Haven't watched any of the new TopGear :P

  9. Time is in UTC so it will expire 11:14
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