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  1. Head over to SCS' forums and suggest it there.
  2. Can't behave? why should we let you play?
  3. Already a part of the rules.
  4. No.
  5. color name

    Eh, rank is good enough.
  6. Disable your system proxy or configure the proxy correctly.
  7. It's failing the validation of the files, verify that you don't have a proxy of some kind that modifies the content of the files.
  8. Won't fix
  9. That'd be your browser double submitting.
  10. Fixed
  11. Nice try, See the last message.
  12. not following format
  13. Nobody is forcing you to do anything, that is why we provide the EU1 server, in case you don't like the cars. But do realize, you are in a minority. We won't set up another server just for cars, If you want cars: EU2/3, don't want cars: EU1. If that's not sufficient for you, then I'm sorry, but those are your options.
  14. No.
  15. There's a dark theme available soon.