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  1. Your avatar is calming! I look at this avatar at least 2 minutes and then I am completely relaxed :D

  2. why does it say you're a retired legend? Kappa

    1. MushroomLTU


      Because he's retired legend.

    2. WTLVTC - Smalley

      WTLVTC - Smalley

      Because he's put so much effort into TruckersMP. He was one of the devs but due to personal things he had to leave the team. So after all the hard work & dedication he has put into TruckersMP, he's been given the role of Retired Legend 

    3. [TPH] +theo+

      [TPH] +theo+

      Oh I see! We can only thank him for the time and effort he put in the game. Cheers guys!

  3. This totally isnt to boost my post count

    1. Kravatie


      you do know


      status counts don't do anything 



    2. WTLVTC - Smalley

      WTLVTC - Smalley


      He's kinda correct you know 

  4. Thanks for the message

  5. giphy.gif

    1. TFM  DJ George

      TFM DJ George

      This is amazing. Its so gonna help towards my content count!

  6. Website v2.4 release

    It's not received from steam, and it's not a public API that you can get access to.
  7. World of Trucks API

    No, this service is completely unrelated to Steam and TruckersMP, it's purely an interface to go from known WoT ID/URL to easily usable JSON data without dealing with dirty (X/HT)ML parsing yourself
  8. World of Trucks API

    ^No worries, you're welcome! Also another quick update: API now also returns achieved achievements, it's an array or text with the names of the achievements, I don't think I'll add support for multis since it's already fairly complex.
  9. World of Trucks API

    Got the ATS plates feature sorted out, you can now add a country parameter to the request for plates to get ATS plates: https://wotapi.thor.re/button/1/plates?url=https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/online_profile.php?id=17639&country=ats https://wotapi.thor.re/button/1/plates?url=https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/online_profile.php?id=17639 They are cached individually for a week, so changes might not be reflected emidiately. @ALLIANCE - Jean M. 04
  10. World of Trucks API

    Update: Friday I fixed the issue where the API was unavailable, this was caused by me flipping a setting in Cloudflare while explaining Cloudflare to a colleague at work. It shouldn't happen again as I've moved the API to dedicated beef
  11. Thank you for everything! All the best to you,

  12. Thanks for all the work you've done for us! It's a shame to let you go! See you on the roads!

  13. Thank's for everything Tuxy.. :(

  14. Have a nice future, thanks for all on TruckersMP Team !:wub: