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  1. awareness

    psst. not technically possible.
  2. attachment

    We're not going to increase the permitted signature sizes, nor upload sizes
  3. duplicate, and no.
  4. No.
  5. Probably not any time soon.
  6. Since none of the CMs care to do it, I'll just go ahead and reject this cause I don't care for lots of smileys.
  7. 1. not a suggestion 2. Why not hungarian admins? Likely because they haven't applied in the recruitment process or haven't passed the mustard (bad applications for example)
  8. Won't fix
  9. Not a bug, you where just impatient.
  10. Won't fix, I'm not able to reproduce the bug.
  11. This will be added back soon™
  12. Because people can't seem to leave ended discussions alone, for not declined. we'll revisit in the future if it becomes viable.
  13. We can't really make the use of a DLC against the rules, hopefully mwl can find a technical solution to this, but my guess is that it's not terribly high on the list. (i've created an issue on it in our tracker so mwl has a work item on it)