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  1. pc

    Downgrading to Windows 7 will not improve anything for you. Step one for better performance is to avoid integrated graphics.
  2. Who knew that it would only take a few minutes for people to notice stuff, and you can be completely oblivious to the fact people noticed?

  3. Minimum hours for new users

    Wrong language, format and generally just a suggestion that increases the barrier to entry necessarily.
  4. UI search error

    1. "UI search error" isn't a suggestion, that suggests a bug 2. We are working on improving the search service, but it's not a priority.
  5. Improvements About Ets2-MP

    Incorrect format and already declined suggestions
  6. New or other Report System

    It's not humanly possible to handle double digit thousand reports a day without corporate backing.
  7. The end of Teamspeak 3

    Since the early days of TruckersMP, we've linked to a 3rd party Teamspeak 3 server under ts3.ets2mp.com and later ts3.truckersmp.com. 1st November, we will remove these links, since we now have an official discord, it doesn't make sense for us to keep these links, since we have no say on how it's run. If you want to keep connecting to the teamspeak 3 server, make sure to log on to it and note down it's official address, as after November 1st, those links will no longer work. View post on homepage
  8. Tuxy's handpicked mod collection

    ^ worth mentioning that BFF for G27/29 makes those work without Fana
  9. [TruckersMP API] Possibile bug in player search via API

    Just to add to that^ If you use axios, you can instantiate it with an override on the transformResponse like so: { transformResponse: [data => JSONbig.parse(data)] }
  10. Something wrong with admin rank image?


    1. Chris - TFM

      Chris - TFM

      Known. No need to bug tuxy about this.

  11. End of website translations

    I won't be at the helm of that endeavor at least, I learned a lot from doing it to the website, and the biggest thing I learned; I don't want to do it
  12. End of website translations

    A few months back we decided to stop accepting new translations for the website, as managing these translations was a huge burden that ate away a lot of our time. I wrote about the reasons why in more detail over on my personal blog, if you have interest in more details on why we ceased accepting translations. Today we decided to disable all existing translations as well, so this marks the end of being able to see our website in anything but English. For those of you who used our website in other languages, I'm sorry, but it was inevitable, within the team we only use English, and all our external communication is in English, so even though we have a large international community, for the time and effort, it doesn't make sense to maintain. View post on homepage
  13. If you wonder, no the languages being gone from the main website isn't a bug. It's disabled and the menu will be gone from the next version on.

  14. [TruckersMP API] Possibile bug in player search via API

    We're not prioritizing it as we're not using javascript outside non-essential systems. All our API endpoints are primarily for internal use, but left open for others to use, as long as we don't experience any issues with it, we're not going to prioritize it. As for API-8, after some thoughts, it might never be fixed for the same reason as stated above.
  15. Report time

    To be fixed