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  1. v2.3.0 Website release

    Today we released version 2.3.0 of the website, this introduces a pile of new features as well as fixes for existing features. WEB-142 - Changed our Date and DateTime pickers to flatpickr, unifies the ui for time pickers and limits what dates and times can be picked. WEB-165 - Added Neutral option for management on reports WEB-166 - Added a new recruitment system WEB-174 - Added new statuses to feedback tickets WEB-175 - Limit the number of feedback tickets permitted to be submitted to 3 days after previous has been closed, and limit to 1 active feedback ticket. WEB-178 - Feedback system now hides reply box if you can not reply WEB-188 - Updated frequency to every 2nd week for username changes WEB-206 - Fixed a bug preventing emails from being sent from the feedback tickets WEB-207 - Added info box on feedback tickets informing users to contact support for technical issues WEB-213 - Updated Media team excerpts
  2. Hello Tuxy, 

    Yet again more meows are coming your way! meow

  3. Feedback issue

    To be fixed
  4. Feedback issue

    Known issue, fixed in an upcoming patch.
  5. Slovakian flag used for Slovenian language

    To be fixed
  6. Slovakian flag used for Slovenian language

    Will be fixed some time in the future as we're removing all support for other languages than english of static content.
  7. API Per-City Info?

    add to ^; iirc. the source data for traffic (I don't know for certain, since I'm not involved with his side projects :P) is ets2map, so "worst" case, you can build it out yourself.
  8. :50::80::90::110:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. HamitCanKilic / 24]
    3. [TSRVTC] ismail [TR]
    4. Kravatie


      we should get like truck emojis and kappa emojis


      or the same emojis whatever they use in discord

  9. I like totally fixed the reactions on posts, have fun reacting :wub:

  10. I have a question, I have seen support team recruitment is open, I found out from someone that the min 17 is just what they want ideally and isn't a massive must have if it's only a couple of years off, but they want French, German and Portuguese. I'd like to apply and know some French and German (not much at all since I did 1.5 years worth two years ago, none since). I'm perfectly fluent in British English (UK) though so I could help in that respect and where I can in German and French. I just want to know if I can apply since I'm 14 and 3/4 and help when I need to if I get accepted.

    1. Kravatie


      probs better asking @LIGHTOFGOD


      tuxy doesn't deal with support ;)

    2. Beefy32659_YT


      I'll PM him

  11. ATSMP map won't work

    Won't fix
  12. ATS Realtime Map is not showing the roads.

    Won't fix
  13. No more 2nd chances!!!!

    Pretty much no serious game uses IP bans anymore, because they are woefully inadequate. If it was that easy, we'd do it.
  14. v2.2.1 Website Release

    WEB-67 - Require at least one valid URL in Reports WEB-167 - Prevent bot from posting on old, processed appeals when bans are deleted. WEB-131 - Show group on comments in appeals, feeback and reports. WEB-144 - Minimum and maximum character limit on usernames, min 4, max 25. WEB-4 - Limit to one username change per month Added a new feedback system which replaces [email protected] See this thread for more information on the new feedback system: