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  1. If I remember correctly, VR is a separate branch, which means we would run into the same issue as supporting eg. Mac or Linux, multiple versions to support. This is not something we intend to do simply due to the workload and fairly limited impact it would have for the community. Additionally VR support would require a developer to have a headset, which is also a quite lofty requirement for something that has limited use in the community in the first place. If you want to see VR online, once SCS merges it to retail standard branch, the next step to get that support would be to donate so that our developer(s) can afford a headset to add the required support(not that this will guarantee support).
  2. The issue with promods is that there won't be just a few players, and the logistics of updating and maintaining that is hard to scale (and before you say p2p; you still need to make the inital seed, and that's where our bottleneck already is ;)).
  3. This is something we plan on improving, and there will be an official way of doing it, rather than changing the files on disk. The details on how we're going to do it is being worked out, but there's no ETA I'm afraid.
  4. They are not public workers AlexKernel, you just have to trust us that we keep tabs on this ourselves, stats will not be made available.
  5. Added some stats for the website and API as well
  6. With the 3 year aniversary of TruckersMP, we're launching the official Discord Guild(guild is what discord calls a server)! Head over to your profile settings and associate your Discord account with your TruckersMP account, after that you will be greeted with this little thing: Hit connect at the bottom and you will be invited to the guild. Hope to see you there! Drive Safe and Happy trucking! View post on homepage
  7. ^Good catch, we'll make sure to fix that issue in the future. (yay for assuming 64bit integers was common these days...) edit: If another developer comes by, check API-8
  8. Chrome, Firefox and Safari has that feature, I'd expect Edge to eventually catching up with that feature. If we touch that area of the site, we'll update the size, but don't expect it any time soon. (or if a dev is bored and does it).
  9. Fixed
  10. Opening the notifications, then navigating away from the page or refreshing already does this.
  11. No, this won't happen. Admins are volunteers, and if they are together with friends, regardless of their team member status, they are free to not perform admin duties at all moments, even if they aren't logged in. You might occasionally see me for example drive around, and yes, I will be logged in most of the time, but I will not be performing admin duties as my job is development, and most of my time is spent this way (some times in excess of your average work week), to you I look like any other admin however in-game. Follow the rules, if you see someone else break them, record and report them, if you break them, expect the same or that an admin is present.
  12. There's already a similar suggestion, use search next time.
  13. Our community is far too big to do that kind of things manually, variation of your idea have already been posted and will likely be implemented some time in the future, closing as duplicate.
  14. Not a website related thing.
  15. We already got a suggestion on this somewhere, duplicate.