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  1. Flashylights

    1 Million Users

    Congrats TruckersMP
  2. Flashylights

    Mod Manager Crashes Every Time I Click On It

    Here is a list
  3. Flashylights

    Whats the most players have you seen in 1 area?

    For me at EP
  4. Flashylights

    Horn spamming - falsely accused

    I have this too and this is the same with w + y
  5. So Oxnard is the new EP :P

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    2. _J-M


      Internet Explorer is the fastest browser too ;)

    3. (>^-^)>
    4. Darth Wazawai

      Darth Wazawai

      J_M don't give out hidden info :D

  6. Flashylights

    Activating Account To Say I have ATS

    Redownload and uncheck ATSMP
  7. Flashylights

    Planned trucks to be added

    If ATS gets populair im sure the trucks will be licensed