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  1. https://steamdb.info/app/541260/ He's coming!
  2. Something is in the works for ATS i guess. :P



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    2. videogamer


      it's possible that they started working on the map rescale before they announced it to the public

    3. FairladyZ


      Totally possible, indeed. Also, it could be a beta for something else, the VNL maybe? :P

       Time will tell. :)

    4. videogamer


      it could also be the adjustable steering wheel update that was mentioned again today

  3. Coming back after 2 days, 28 notifications from Panda.


    Eh. O.o

  4. The only way it could be kinda fixed is creating custom assets for those parts. A look-a-like part that would act like a fallback if you don't have the DLC. Atleast create a fallback just for the rear lights since they are really needed.
  5. - Verify game content on ETS2 (Steam > Right click on ETS2 > Local content > verify integrity of game cache) - Reinstall T:MP and make sure the game directory is correct when it asks you to choose your ETS2/ATS folder - Make sure you have a 64bit OS - Make sure you have admin rights on the computer - Make sure both T:MP and ETS2/ATS are updated to the latest version.
  6. Could you post the game.log.txt?
  7. You might also want to run the Launcher as admin.
  8. Someone from SCS forums found this in the game files:



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    2. Forerunner


      And the old tandem trailer.

    3. FairladyZ


      Hopefully one day they'l be released! :D


      @Mr Panda


    4. RayRay5


      give me forum link pls <3

  9. la map d'ATS est actuellement a 1:34, et elle va être agrandie a 1:20, qui est une taille similaire a celle d'ETS2.( 1:19/1:20)
  10. How did i miss that? D: I feel so dumb right now. I'm so used to work with game.sii tho xD
  11. Sadly, doesn't seem to work on ATS. Renaming folder with the small java script works fine, decrypting is fine aswell (i'm used to save edit) but the profile_name line doesn't exist in ATS's game.sii. Closest i've found is "_player: .nameless.XXXX.XXXX.XXXX (random numbers) but nothing else. Even tried to look up for the profile name but no avail, it's just not there. Ignore this, i opened the wrong file.
  12. SCS, you never cease to amaze me.



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    2. EG0611


      Where did you get them?

    3. FairladyZ


      Fly around in dev cam around Kayenta and Page. :)

      You can drive there too but it's a bit harder (for Page), Kayenta is simple as hell.

    4. elevatorman


      wait they are working on utah?

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