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  1. Hi, i've tried today with a new power supply, and it's the same :/ So I guess (I hope) it's the optical encoder :/ idk where I will find this little things...
  2. so logitech reply "not guarantee" so no help for me from logitech :/ I guess I will buy a new g29
  3. The optical encoder seem good for me ^^ not broken. I will contact logitech to know ^^
  4. Hi yes I've tryed this and don't work :/ Bug my wheet have 5 years. so logitech will accept to send me a new power supply? It's worked last time, but now no :/ It's not the game, the game detect correctly the wheel. it's when I plug the usb cable the wheel doesn't calibrate proprely
  5. Hi, my g27 have a bug (first time in 5years :o) The first time the bug appear, I just disconnect an reconnect usb, and working fine. Now it's always do this :/ anyone can help me I've seen on the web, it could be the optical encoder. How can I be sure? the ring look fine (not broken) but look twisted a little. thank's in advance sorry for my bad english
  6. Hello, perso j'ai une peugeot 207
  7. EnFIN!!!!!!!!!! merciiii!
  8. la surprise etait la date de sortie je pense.
  9. il y est depuis un boooonnn moment ;p
  10. Pour ma pars je le prendrais dayone sur steam
  11. Bonjour, cordialement votre.
  12. J'y croit pas trop tant que je ne vois rien d'officiel
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