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  10. It says in the log (line 307 ff) 00:00:03.547 : <WARNING> [cmd] The command file '/home/config.cfg' misses the ending end-of-line character. 00:00:03.547 : <ERROR> [fs] Failed to open file '/home/config.cfg' in the create_truncate mode. 00:00:03.547 : <WARNING> [cvar] Can not create file '<C:/Users/Dan/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2 | /home>/config.cfg'. 00:00:03.547 : <ERROR> [fs] Failed to open file '/home/config.cfg' in the create_truncate mode. 00:00:03.548 : <WARNING> [cvar] Can not create file '<C:/Users/Dan/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2 | /home>/config.cfg'. Combined with game log line 12 Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION I would assume that the game has no permission to write in the /Documents/Euro truck Simulator 2/ folder This can be fixed by either fixing the read/write permissions via a. Right-click -> Properties -> Security and then fix the permissions for the user profile you are using or b. Run the game as administrator (right click -> run as administrator) ---------------------- In the last few lines it also says 00:01:17.642 : <ERROR> Cannot find screen descriptor (convoy.selector)! 00:01:18.512 : <ERROR> Cannot find screen descriptor (convoy.current.session)! 00:01:19.679 : <ERROR> Cannot find screen descriptor (convoy.current.session)! 00:01:31.314 : <ERROR> Cannot find screen descriptor (convoy.selector)! 00:01:37.256 : Creating save-game file (/home/profiles/5669766120547275636B696E67204576656E742050726F66696C65/save/2/game.sii) ... 00:01:37.688 : <ERROR> Cannot find screen descriptor (convoy.selector)! which could point to some general problem with the current TMP/ETS2 version
  11. Depends on several factors such as height profile and differential setup and final drive ratio. In the end it doesn't really matter since most gearboxes run at the same rpm range in the highest gear and therefore provide no advantage/disadvantage to other gearboxes. Depends on the type of the transmission (converter or classic). Converter transmissions are good for acceleration due to better and faster shift sequences, and lower time in fuel-cutoff, which you would do a lot in your scenario. Also less gear changes means less use on clutch/transmission. Therefore a 6 speed converter transmission is great for shorter journeys. (example ingame: Allison 4600 transmission) All trucks are limited to 90 - d'Oh! Otherwise - Depends on several factors such as differential setup and final drive ratio The gearbox that allows you to drive in a low rpm/torque band pretty much all the time which would be any 10+ gear gearbox in trucks (also accounting for the 10 speed gearbox of ATS)
  12. Report aufmachen oder alternativ (aber ungerne gesehen) Admin direkt anschreiben
  13. No, at least not yet. Maybe in the future. From my ETS2 long haul experience I expect it to take around 4 to 5 hours real time. You can drive roughly 1000 km per hour. The longest job I drove on the base map + dlcs was Palermo (IT) to Vyborg (RU) with ~3780km And that took around 3 hours and 20 minutes. Obviously in PT, ES, FR and DE you are going to drive a bit more than that per hour on average, but in the baltics you are being slowed down a bit.
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