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  1. So you appealed two years ago. And now two years later you decide to post here? How does it come? Change of mind? Or a different reason? To avoid casual trolls and make it less appealing due to the cost (like buying new hardware or a new game) They can, but that's not the point here.
  2. Das musst du jetzt näher erläutern. Was heißt gelöscht? Manche Steam-Achievments haben einen Fortschrittsindikator. Wenn du ein anderes (neues) Profil nutzt passt sich der Fortschrittsindikator nämlich dem anderen Profil an. heißt auf Gut-Deutsch: Wenn du 30 Frachten für ein Achievment fahren sollst, 5 in deinem alten gefahren bist aber dann ein neues Profil anfängst, bist du wieder bei Null. Kannst du uns bitte mal einen Screenshot von deinem "Profiles" Ordner machen. Danke!
  3. Interesting, your profile was created in 2019. Does that mean that you are ban evading? (Just to add, you say you weren't banned (yet) for ban evading) Years ago when there was an unofficial teamspeak with loads of player from all around the world and there were a lot of people, youngs, adults, seniors. And most of them were good drivers. Even the young ones. Some of them were even better than many of the rest. It's solely a state of your mind, not your age. Ban evading is against the rules. So when you register/use another account to evade the ban, then you
  4. Das Spiel erkennt automatisch das zGG des Landes in dem du dich befindest bzw. in das die Fracht geliefert werden soll. Außerdem hat der HCT (so heißt das Teil) ein relativ hohes Leergewicht. Fahr mal nach Norwegen, Schweden oder Finnland, dort müsstest du genug Frachten finden. Alternativ kannst du nach einer Mod suchen, die die zGGe erhöht.
  5. Ohne weitere Kenntnisse befinden wir uns im Bereich der Spekulationen. Ja. Normalerweise hätte die Feuerlöschanlage das Feuer löschen oder zumindest stark eindämmen müssen. Kleiner Nachtrag: Es scheint so als wäre eine USV die wahrscheinlichste Ursache https://winfuture.de/news,121694.html
  6. Ich durfte gestern, ganuso wie letzte Woche kratzen
  7. Hast du die iCue Software von Corsair bereits installiert?
  8. The achievments on Steam for the Iberia DLC have just been unlocked. For previous DLCs the rule of thumb was that a DLC would be released around 4 to 6 weeks after the unlocking. The achievments have been unlocked around five days ago. So I'd expect an release in the first week of March. My very best guess, also based on previous DLC releases which were usually released on a Tuesday or Thursday, is March 2nd or March 4th.
  9. I think you forgot to mention the "g_phys_mirrors 1" console command, W4chund. This uses a more accurate calculation of the mirrors in the game. Why that? That setting is using the more or less exact curvature of the mirrors instead of a simple plane. Makes tracking a few objects harder, especially in the wide-angle
  10. Hi, welchen Render-Modus verendest du? DirectX oder OpenGL? Ist dein Grafiktreiber auf dem aktuellsten Stand?
  11. Dann ist das nicht willkürlich, sondern dient der Ordnung, da die Gegend zwischen Duisburg und Calais als Gegend mit hohem Verkehrsaufkommen gilt.
  12. The very first Christmas event was great. Christmas Trailer paint jobs and you only had to drive four thousand something kilometers total and how many jobs you did didn't matter, as long as you got the distance covered
  13. Lass mich raten, das war irgendwo zwischen Duisburg und Calais
  14. That means that you probably have to upgrade your pc or buy a new one if that is possible. Otherwise you may have a bad time. Or you might need to stay on 1.39 One another note, I heard that the game requirements might not be increased too much, at least that's what the blog post says: https://blog.scssoft.com/2020/11/the-good-news-and-mixed-news.html The current (minimum | recommended) requirements for ETS2/ATS are: CPU: Dual-Core CPU 2.4GHz | Quad Core 3 GHz GPU: nvidia GTS 450 / Intel HD4000 | nvidia GTX 760 RAM: 4 GB | 6 GB
  15. ETS2: Late 2014 / Early 2015 EuroPoort traffic jam from the port back to Rotterdam and even further almost to Amsterdam ATS: OFC the "Big-Sur"-Event traffic jam
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