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  1. Depends on several factors such as height profile and differential setup and final drive ratio. In the end it doesn't really matter since most gearboxes run at the same rpm range in the highest gear and therefore provide no advantage/disadvantage to other gearboxes. Depends on the type of the transmission (converter or classic). Converter transmissions are good for acceleration due to better and faster shift sequences, and lower time in fuel-cutoff, which you would do a lot in your scenario. Also less gear changes means less use on clutch/transmission. Therefore a 6 speed converter transmission is great for shorter journeys. (example ingame: Allison 4600 transmission) All trucks are limited to 90 - d'Oh! Otherwise - Depends on several factors such as differential setup and final drive ratio The gearbox that allows you to drive in a low rpm/torque band pretty much all the time which would be any 10+ gear gearbox in trucks (also accounting for the 10 speed gearbox of ATS)
  2. Report aufmachen oder alternativ (aber ungerne gesehen) Admin direkt anschreiben
  3. we don't know for sure to be honest. At some point SCS can always release a patch allowing more people in a lobby.
  4. From my experience as game moderator (or formerly known as In-game administrator) I can tell you that this is 100% the case for the current "spike" in bad behavior of players on the servers. We've always seen trolls getting more with recent (ongoing) sales.
  5. I know I will get flamed for this, but neither of them is better than the other. And both of them are not good.
  6. Do you have a budget? <150 € any used Logitech G2, G29, G920 or Thrustmaster T150 will be fine. Between 200 and 300€ -> Logitech G29/G920 >300 € -> Thrustmaster T150
  7. No, at least not yet. Maybe in the future. From my ETS2 long haul experience I expect it to take around 4 to 5 hours real time. You can drive roughly 1000 km per hour. The longest job I drove on the base map + dlcs was Palermo (IT) to Vyborg (RU) with ~3780km And that took around 3 hours and 20 minutes. Obviously in PT, ES, FR and DE you are going to drive a bit more than that per hour on average, but in the baltics you are being slowed down a bit.
  8. I think the longest is Fargo (PT) to Vyborg (RU) with non-mod maps (Standardgame + DLCs). That's Around 4700-4800 km At least the that's the longest route that i am aware of. Maybe there is some route that is a few kilometers longer, so correct me if someone finds a longer one EDIT: Just did a few things to generate long jobs on SCS Map with all DLCs. The longest job that was generated is Rosmark, Vyborg, RU to APP, Faro, PT with a total distance of 4761 km. Give or take a few kilometers depending on the company in Vyborg or Faro and the direction (from Faro to Vyborg or from Vyborg to Faro) I also had a job generated from Vyborg to Algerecias, but that job was shorter with ~4650km and one from Kotka to Algerecias which totaled in ~4600km
  9. You need to change the "chain type" in the buy menu of the trailer. You do no couple those trailers. You can only buy them "pre"-coupled
  10. Das liegt daran, dass die Firmengelände in den meisten Ländern nicht dafür vorgesehen sind, dass dort so lange LKW laden Du hast drei Möglichkeiten: a. Du lernst einen HCT einzuparken oder b. du stellst in den Gameplay-Optionen die Parkschwierigkeit um bzw. sofern das möglich ist überspringst du die Parksequenz mit "Enter" (sollte ggf. im Route-Advisor auftauchen) c. Du fährst nicht mehr mit HCTs in Gegenden wo diese nicht vorgesehen sind (lies: überall außer Finnland)
  11. Must be a bug, unless you messed with your trailer I also see that especially in the second screenshot, the white box around your trailer is too small which might be the reason it's bugged. Did you save edit the trailer?
  12. I can't see where it says "Semis only" There is no limitation of truck type in the original post in the SCS forums (see spoiler for a quote), so why should Tandems or SDCs be excluded? Also looking at the first 10 pages there is no further limitation mentioned either. And coincidentally post #100 is a rigid/tandem/box (or how ever you want to call it) truck
  13. Why shouldn't a mod not count? Truck is truck. The J-Spec doesn'T mean Vanilla game content, but the truck has to cover certain characteristics to be classified as such Actually that is a truck (7.5 ton class or C1 according to European Classification)
  14. Das musst du jetzt näher erläutern. Was heißt gelöscht? Manche Steam-Achievments haben einen Fortschrittsindikator. Wenn du ein anderes (neues) Profil nutzt passt sich der Fortschrittsindikator nämlich dem anderen Profil an. heißt auf Gut-Deutsch: Wenn du 30 Frachten für ein Achievment fahren sollst, 5 in deinem alten gefahren bist aber dann ein neues Profil anfängst, bist du wieder bei Null. Kannst du uns bitte mal einen Screenshot von deinem "Profiles" Ordner machen. Danke!
  15. Das Spiel erkennt automatisch das zGG des Landes in dem du dich befindest bzw. in das die Fracht geliefert werden soll. Außerdem hat der HCT (so heißt das Teil) ein relativ hohes Leergewicht. Fahr mal nach Norwegen, Schweden oder Finnland, dort müsstest du genug Frachten finden. Alternativ kannst du nach einer Mod suchen, die die zGGe erhöht.
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