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  1. Doesn't need to be done during an event. WOTr usually generates a lot of short jobs if you have your preferred job length set to a low value. So it is/was easy to get a couple of sub 50km/30mi jobs which can be done quite fast (around 5 to 10 minutes per job). And lets not forget that you can still teleport to other cities if you want to take short jobs, but your current city does not have any short distance offers.
  2. Nein, weil der Gesamtverbrauch deines Systems niemals in der Gegend von 600 Watt ist. Trotzdem kann die Grafikkarte Spulenfiepen aufweisen
  3. The article is from May 2019 and the project itself was already open to use in July/August 2018. But they had to stop it again after a few weeks due to issues with the poles holding the electric wiring. Also, as the article describes, there are a few electric highways in other countries such as Sweden and Norway as well. I think the correct term is "electric trucking" as you are referring this to the future of trucks on roads and not locomotives which run on rails. Anyway, the only reason to cause a shift away from Diesel powered engines is when electric powered trucks (no matter if battery or hydrogen) are getting cheaper in the short and long term operations. This is also the reason why you see newer trucks (and engines) coming to the market. Those trucks are simply more efficient than their predecessors and therefore better for your business. While electric trucks can be cheaper due to lower maintenance and fuel costs, their upfront cost is too high and their maximum distance per charge is too low for National or even international long-distance trucking. Also worth to note and to compare: https://www.mercedes-benz.com/en/vehicles/trucks/eactros-heavy-duty-electric-truck/ (*couldn't find any other manufacturer link with an electric distribution or hevy class truck*) The truck can be recharged in 2 to 11 hours. (20-150kw charging) 240kw total capacity. That is barely enough to drive 300 km with a 40-ton combination (truck 25t + trailer). And here you can already see where the problems are starting. Imaging also carrying another ton of additional weight just for the overhead "charging". Electric highways can decrease the size of this issue, but there is still another issue left. The distance between the comapanies and the electric highway are too long (on average). You would need to either charge your truck while loading cargo or you would need to idle and wait for your truck to recharge. As long as you are a forwarding/trucking company that is specialized in systematic transport (always driving from A to B and back) this ain't an issue, but as soon as you are always driving different routes to different companies, you're running into a few other problems. Where are you going to charge your truck if you don't have a highway in sight? What if all charging stations are already in use by other trucks charging? Or where are you going to charge your truck in the middle of this big forrest you have to deliver your cargo to? What if you need to charge your truck for 10 hours until you can continue your driving, is it really worth it or are you losing time and therefore income? As you can see there are too many issues left for most traansportation companies and therefore this is only a topic of importance to companies offering systematic transportation (read: forwadring companies) Currently the trucks that use this electric highway are hybrids and therefore a compromise. The time will show how this will develop, but I don't think that we will see any heavy electric trucks for serious use any time soon.
  4. Ahh, I've already had an eye on the older version of that controller/board. Are the switches and the ignition key running only with power from the Board/Controller?
  5. Hello guys and girls, I wanted to know if any of you have custom (self-built) button panels or dashboards in use and I want to know more about it. I'm currently thinking about building one, but I'm not entirely sure where to start. So I'd like to hear about your projects. I am not looking for the "I have a Streamdeck" or the "I have ... dashboard software" answers. I am looking for those who have a self-built dashboard/button panel Which Controller/Board did you use? Is there any special software running or otherwise required for it to function? Would you recommend to build one? Why or why not? (For a reference of "custom button panel" take a look at the post below) Thank you in advance for your answers!
  6. Ein Piepen oder eher ein Fiepen? Kommt das aus deinem Netzteil oder doch eher von der Grafikkarte? Was denn für eins? Welcher Hersteller? Wie alt? Hat das Ding eine 80+ Zertifizierung? Modular/Nicht-Modular? handelt es sich dabei um ein normales ATX-Netzteil oder um ein EPS-Netzteil?
  7. RayRay5

    Nur 20 FPS?

    Hi Bamp, was hat dein Rechner denn für Leistungsdaten? Sind deine Treiber auf dem aktuellsten Stand? Hast du die Spielerliste (Tab-Liste) offen wenn du die Lags hast?
  8. Auch wenn der Thread schon älter ist, hier mal meine "Antworten" Bitte Grafiktreiber aktualisieren. Außerdem kann das besonders auf leistungsschwächeren Rechnern passieren. Das kommt durch die Masse der Spieler die dort sind. Lässt sich dadurch umgehen indem du dort nicht mehr hinfährst
  9. I took a look at the SCS Forums topic, but my profile has not data that is close enough to be interesting. Maybe in a few months/years
  10. I only have around 740,000 km on WoTr. If you would still like to have a look for statistics purposes, feel free to dm me
  11. Ich lege noch einen Drauf Ich habe letztes Jahr nicht viel im ETS fahren können. Und längere Touren habe ich dann über mehrere Tage verteilt gefahren
  12. Nein gibt es nicht. Das ist leider so im Spiel eingebaut und lässt sich nicht verhindern. Das einfachste wäre wenn du deinen Hänger einfach nicht in eine andere Garage versetzt
  13. Logfunktion wie Venatus beschrieben hat nutzen, oder die History Funktion der Spielerliste verwenden. Außerdem wird Unicode, iirc, bereits verwendet
  14. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag :D

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