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  1. THE NEW SCANIA S 580 2017

    ^Quelle bitte
  2. Thank you, I feel very wronged, do not touch the management staff will be banned for a month? By the time you didn't ban, you had to go to school. You can't play games?:(

    1. ThatCrazyPillow


      Please don't complain about bans here. Make an appeal instead: https://truckersmp.com/appeals



  3. DLC im Multiplayer sichtbar?

    ^Sie bringt durchaus einiges. Bei einem 6xX reduziert sie den Rollwiderstand um ca 17% und bei einem 4x2 sogar um 20%, was durchaus einige Liuter pro 100km sein können Die Schwarzmüllerhänger, die im Spiel sind, sind die Varianten ohne Liftachse, weshalb diese auch nicht vorhanden sind.
  4. Kann nicht Spielen

    ^Dann einmal bitte Router neustarten
  5. Double Trailer im MP

    ^48f Triple sind verboten. Kannste ruhig reporten
  6. Play TMP with boxed version?

    As already stated, he needs a steam version of ETS2. Here is a topic how he can activate it on steam https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=64118
  7. Öffentlicher Convoy

    ^UTC+2 (CEST)
  8. THE NEW SCANIA S 580 2017

    ^Wenn das Update fertig ist
  9. ETS2 Savegame Editor

    Just added a new Version "1.1 Beta" to github Feel free to test or use it I always have an open ear for reporting me bugs and suggestions
  10. Why are less people playing ATS multiplayer?

    There are several resaons Most people are from Europe, so they feel more familiar in an European setting / environment than in an American one ETS2 ist older, and maybe even cheaper on sales, and therefore it has a bigger playerbase which results in a bigger MP playerbase More content: Besides a bigger map, also exluding all the Map DLCs, ETS2 has a bigger base map. More trucks, more accessories on some trucks, heavier cargoes, more cities to explore. Faster leveling. You need around 2 times as many exp in ATS than you need in ETS2. More diverse Trailers and cargoes in ETS2...not going to add something to this list, there's too much to add A lot of stuff from ATS has been reused from Scandinavian DLC. Making it less appealing for ETS2 users or at least not giving it more appeal than Scandinavia. Probably too tricky to drive for a lot of people. ATS has longer trucks and more diverse Multipivot combinations which are even more difficult to drive making it frustrating.
  11. ETS2 Savegame Editor

    ^It's not really that slow, atleast you are the first one to complain about it. Only when saving the file, but thatcan be limited due to your CPU and the way I process the data. I can either have fast data processing/manipulation or fast writeback to the file. However I have an idea how to improve it, but I am not sure if it will make it faster. I have to try it, but that is on a lower priority since the program does what it is intended to.
  12. Suche kompatible Herbstmod für den MP

    Nein Es gibt keine Herbst oder Wintermod, die zZ mit dem MP kompatibel ist
  13. Smalltalk

    ^Mercedes ist immer gut Nein, im Ernst nicht schlecht, würde aber empfehlen den Lampenbügel zu entfernen oder den Mirage Bügel mit symmetrischeer Ausstattung zu wählen und dass du die Rundumleuchte auf dem Dach gegen das Modell "The Space" austauschst.
  14. Smalltalk

    Vermutlich das Überdruckventil des Lüftungssystems, aber ganz so sicher bin ich mir da auch nicht
  15. Smalltalk

    @[ILG] Scottie Er soll mal wenn möglich die Sonderzeichen aus seinem Namen entfernen. Dann sollte es wieder mit dem einloggen oder so klappen. Falls das nicht mehr möglich ist, weil er ausgeloggt ist, soll er mal ein Supportticket aufmachen