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  1. Ich lege noch einen Drauf Ich habe letztes Jahr nicht viel im ETS fahren können. Und längere Touren habe ich dann über mehrere Tage verteilt gefahren
  2. Nein gibt es nicht. Das ist leider so im Spiel eingebaut und lässt sich nicht verhindern. Das einfachste wäre wenn du deinen Hänger einfach nicht in eine andere Garage versetzt
  3. Logfunktion wie Venatus beschrieben hat nutzen, oder die History Funktion der Spielerliste verwenden. Außerdem wird Unicode, iirc, bereits verwendet
  4. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag :D

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. That was like 5 years, 6 years or more ago? I think you missed a few features that were more or less recently: the cvar g_phys_mirrors for realistic FOV of all mirrors (not enabled by default because of performance impacts on lower and mid end systems) Advanced Trailer Coupling The unloading points that have been moved closer to the actual docking ramps Suspension and physics improvements Splitting of trailer and cargo (game logic wise) along with trailer ownership Improved controller functions, you can also use custom controllers as oposed to a few years ago where this wsa basicly impossible, allowing you to use dashboards, streamdecks, stand-alone-gearshifters etc. to be used as controller in the game Adjustable Cabin/Interior (mirrors, seat, FOV) - this was only implemented around 3 or 4 years ago Differential-Lock Liftable Axles on Trucks/Trailers along with more different chassis options, more engines, more gearboxes (along with a drive-train rework) Reworked tyre model with different tyre sizes even impacting the drive-behavior (such as steerability, RPM and fuel consumption!) More diverse cargo and more cargo in general Not to mention some more features that are hard to encounter
  7. Now, around a month later we still don't have a clue, but I would like to add something to what you said. (Written in red in your comment)
  8. Trigger happy Admins will be punished internally and might lose their rank if they do so. Also an "unfair" ban will be removed or reduced in such cases, so no issue here. Also it is important to understand that trigger-happy doesn't mean abusive. You can be trigger-happy banning or kicking people if you enfirce the rules strictly. Nope. It's fairly easy in 99%+ of the cases. Clearly a broken rule as marco already stated. And what stops you from playing in single-player?
  9. It can also be that the player was reported via the ingame reporting system and was then banned due to a violation he did earlier. It's not neccessarily this "yielding" incident that got the player banned.
  10. RayRay5

    Road to Simulation

    Numbers are traditionally higher between late November and MArch. Those spikes are due to the weeksends and have also appeared in the past years over and over again Just adjust the timeframe to the time of 2015 and look again
  11. RayRay5

    Road to Simulation

    @FernandoCR [ESP] It wasn't primarily directed at you, but rather everyone commenting (and complaining) here on the topic. Of course you are one that actually suggests things with the intention to improve the MP, but most of the others who complain as well, simply don't suggest stuff and keep complaining or suggest the same stuff that was already rejected or decided against, over and over again. @dacia1310 Looks like you really got what I expressed with my comments It's basicly imporssible to get everyone to agree with your suggestion (or opinion) It's important to have a majority or at least a big group to support you. Two or three people alone won'T change anything. But 2000 people would. That's because the difference in speed is smaller and reckless drivers can't get past someone as fast as on EU2 days, leading to more crashes. They are still as bad as before, but right now their bad skill/behavior simply has a bigger impact. No one said that everyone driving faster than 68 mph is a troll. It was just said that lots of trolls usually drive/drove faster than 68 mph. Also somewhere in this topic someone proivded a screenshot of stats.truckersmp.com showing the exact opposite.
  12. RayRay5

    Road to Simulation

    Morituri te salutant. (That's latin for "those who are to die are greeting you") There is even a joke in the community: If you can't handle and drive safe with one trailer, try two or even more trailers. But to be serious. Instead of debating this kind of stuff up and down the road, wouldn't it be better to come up with better solutions if you really dislike the newest changes? Don't say the change is bad if you can't come up with something that would be better and more successful in a. reducing the amount of reports, rammers and trolls b. without overthrowing everything that is already in place c. and that is a realistic approach
  13. Bandbreite ist gar nicht mehr das Problem seit es 10+ GBit Netzwerkkarten gibt, was viele Anbieter mittlerweile schon im Standardpaket anbieten. Das Problem ist tatsächlich eher die Rechenleistung des CPU, insbesondere die Single-Core Leistung ist hierbei Ausschlag gebend. Jedoch ist genau das das Problem. Die Synchronisation lässt sich leider nicht beliebig auf x Kerne skalieren. Vieles muss leider sequentiell auf einem Kern verarbeitet werden. Und bei 4200 Leuten, wie es z.Z. auf SIM1 EU der Fall ist, hat man genug Leistung zur Verfügung für die Menge an (4200) Spielern. Allerdings kostet das ganze auch ordentlich. Dazu kommt, dass die Qualität der Synchronisation mit höheren Geschwindigkeiten der Spieler tendenziell abnimmt. Stichpunkt Warp-Effekt. Den hat man früher im MP ab ca. 210/220 km/h mit dem Auto gut bemerkt.
  14. Beim Doppeltrailer bezieht sich der Schaden (in Prozent) auf beide Trailer. Also sowohl den ersten als auch den zweiten. Und da der zweite etwas mehr Schwung hat als der erste, kann es in solche Situationen durchaus dazukommen, dass der Schaden schnell größer ist.
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