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  1. registration

    He need the original game of ATS (like steam, CD key or whatever) -- it's mean that he need to buy that game As I know just 2 hours Correct
  2. Probleme mit dem Spiel? Erst hier gucken!

    Hi, schick gemacht Pff, schäm dich ! Man bettelt nicht xD Bezogen auf : Beacon on bumpers (Rundumleuchten auf Stoßstangen) ist nicht erlaubt, genauso wenig wie am Kühlergrill, dies hat zur Folge, das ihr einen Ban bekommt oder mit glück einen kick
  3. Happy B-Day ! :)

    Have great day and I wish you a good time in your future ^_^

  4. Post your Speedtest results! :)

    Because of W-Lan
  5. Count until a TMP staff member comments (V.2)

    It doesn't work @FirestarteR93 ... 2
  6. Count until a TMP staff member comments (V.2)

    /kick @CJMAXiK set the counter to 0 Let us see, if that work 2
  7. Videos from Multiplayer

    @brisatol I'm famous #fameB*tch
  8. Add time stamps in chat

    I agree and maybe it could be better to report spammer like you @WooQash
  9. Count until a TMP staff member comments (V.2)

    8th april is today lol
  10. Ban All Admin Operations

    Hi, If you were longer banned : If you have any problems with staff members or issues with your appeal/report : How to alive busy area like CD road : Street sign : --- Admins have too a private life and won't 24/7 on mp. They want chilling with their family, (girl / boy) friends. I would be happy that they are watching our weird reports video lol
  11. Count until a TMP staff member comments (V.2)

    3th comment now
  12. [Gelöst] Einige Fragen zum MP

    ♥ hab dich auch lieb und deins wohl übersehen