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  1. Hi @xenios143, könntest du ein Screenshot von der Fehlermeldung machen und es hier posten ? (vorerst bei z.b. imgur, picload etc hochladen) Kind regards Loading
  2. He mean, that is ban able, well, and would it be allowed to make an "script" while blinking one side and not both ? (With same speed like in the video)
  3. Was kommt denn als Fehlermeldung ?
  4. Hi, I had asking this too (mw4l or Tuxy) and they tell me, that they aren't would supporting this because they have an unoffical teamspeak server. kind regards Loading
  5. Hmm ok, danke
  6. Well, can you please follow the steps ? Or scroll to top kind regards Loading
  7. Hi, seen it yet, sry :/ Could you upload your game.crash.log to pastebin.com ? kind regards Loading
  8. Dann könnte ich ja theoretisch jeden Mod benutzten, aber viele funktionieren nicht im MP
  9. Hi, Exiting map boundaries It is forbidden to drive outside of the map boundaries, including spots inaccessible by normal driving, unless the player is an official In-Game Admin or anything similar. Rules Be sure if you will really risk it kind regards Loading
  10. Hi, Maybe you have the unsupported "Schwarzmüller Trailer pack" DLC kind regards Loading
  11. forum game

    Banned for open the thread
  12. Hi, Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I don't think this is allowed, but he will just get a kick because he isn't an hazard for someone kind regards Loading
  13. Hmm ok, as I understand this is your problem, if you join service/repair shop and your game crash, right ? ^ If so, upload your game.crash.log by pastebin.com . How to upload : If you have any question, let us know kind regards Loading