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  1. 1. Alles was außerhalb des deutschen Forum ist, bitte in englisch schreiben 2. Nur Supporter, Moderatoren, Community Manager etc können den Thread "unsichtbar" halten oder verschieben
  2. Please move this to German main section
  3. Thread can be closed I will write on SCS forum
  4. Hi @BaldemarDeutsch, as you can see, I have to chose a .scs file to extract it which isn't possible because I got this error :/ @Spieker I don't think that all issues solved to start with administrator //edit Didn't work
  5. Hey guys, after I updated my ets 1.27 for the MP I deleted all files from 1.26 which I had extracted. Now I want to extract the scs files for 1.27 but I got a error but the path is correct :/ Does anyone know, what is the problem for it ? In the video I will show you that I chosed the path which I want to extract and where it should be extracted. " The archive couldn't be unpacked. The system can't find the specified file. " If you need more information, let me know ! kind regards Loading
  6. I can't extract the scs files with the scs extractor :/ Have someone the same problem ? :( 

  7. game crash

    You said for "special help"