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  1. Lets try 2 I don't give up @Bonnm
  2. That moment, when you're late and drive 150km/h on a straight road




  3. Hi, sound nice but how do you envisaged? Most of the pilot driver aren't able to drive a scout... and I think TMP have not enough officers. As example death road : Where will you add there ? There is just 1 line to drive... kind regards Loading
  4. Oh cool, you got my report ? :x ^^ Thanks for checking this
  5. Hmm, insulting players ?
  6. @Penguin ♥1 found there :
  7. Hi, thank you too @Rekoil_ I will notice it for the future It's possible to close the topic ? kind regards Loading
  8. Hi, thank you for the reply @Glanshon @Alexx93 Glanshon give the answer which I needed but thank you too kind regards
  9. Hello boys & girls I had ago 2 month send an report to TMP and it was accepted by Strydr (now veteran driver), he is perm banned but what happen, when he do an appeal ? Can Strydr do something about the report ? Sorry for the useless thread, I'm just interested what happen, when an Admin is demoted to an player :x kind regards Loading
  10. Hi, zum vorteil, die schickst uns am besten den ganzen log und lädst es bei pastebin.com hoch und teilst den Link mit uns mit. Das Support-Team wird bestimmt deine Nachricht bekommen haben, aber du solltest das +1 Millionen registrierte Spieler anwesende sind. Hab am besten noch ein wenig Geduld. kind regards Loading
  11. This was already often suggestion... It will rejected Please use the search bar
  12. Oh come one ! Let us play 1 ♥