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  1. Just yesterday on halloween I hit someone head on because my game decided to tab out. I am english and they were russian so I just said it was a windows update but they still said they are reporting me because of no proof. Idk if they actually are though but I hope not.
  2. I don't really want to go 60 on a straight road. I go 110 on c-d because thats the flow of traffic.
  3. Happy thanksgiving to people who have it today! I am about to go to a turkey dinner myself. :)

  4. I sometimes speed when alone but when I'm in a popular place I just go the speed traffic is going. But a lot of people know it's a simulator so they just tried to ruin people's day
  5. Single I think is more fun for some reason. Double trailers just become annoying unless you drive them in the most boring areas
  6. Constantly. Load up Spotify and control with my phone. I like pop
  7. I really appreciate scs for doing this and especially for putting in 100% of their profits from the dlc toward breast cancer.
  8. Tbh I thought the promods server might be dead. You need all the dlcs and many people don't have the dlcs. I only am missing one and thats the newest one thats still $20 which is pretty expensive.
  9. This is really cool but I got a question I know you it says you have to have all the map packs but what if another map comes out in the future that you don't have? Currently I have all the maps except one and I was planning on buying that. There is another one though not released yet but will be this year. Would I have to buy that one too to play pro mods?
  10. My friend just bought euro truck simulator 2 today. He has played a full 2 hours and almost 3. When he tried to make an account for truckersmp it wouldn't let him. His steam profile is online and public and world of trucks says that he has euro truck simulator 2. He gave me his steam account so I can try to fix the issue but every time I hit register and sign in through steam it just gives me this error. (Everything it says is already done. He already has 2 hours and euro truck) IT WAS SOLVED
  11. So on my truckersmp account I forgot the password to. Is there anyway a person can check it? Or can I not get it anymore. Thanks.
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