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  1. [GER]Enzo

    [SCS Blog] Towns and Cities

    Want. It. Now! This is going to be one AMAZING DLC, i really cant wait anymore
  2. [GER]Enzo

    Will the speed limit of 150km / h be removed?

    Someone please tell me, why people want to driver faster than 150 km/h??! I don't get it.
  3. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag :p

    1. [GER]Enzo


      Uh, danke danke :3

  4. [GER]Enzo

    [SCS Blog] Euro Truck Simulator 2 Update 1.31 Open Beta

    When the Update is released, also, i dont think Random Road Events wont be in MP^^
  5. Umm, are the new Accessoires of the Special Trasnport DLC already compatible with TruckersMP? Im asking 'cause i just spawned in MP after trying the DLC and didnt get kicked for incompatible Accessoires :P

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    2. [GER]Enzo


      Ah, good to know^^ Thx for the answer :)

    3. Viviana [CH]

      Viviana [CH]

      Not sure but I think jobs are displayed in the freight market. Take care, if you accept one of these you may be kicked!

    4. izm07


      Yes you can use accessoires but only dlc owners can see. Also you can't use contracts for now 'cuz if you take job, you will kicked from the game.

  6. Just letting you guys know: SCS added new achievements for ETS 2, regarding the new upcoming Special Transport DLC.

    1. MushroomLTU


      Yep, they also changed the launch window thingy (where you can choose OpenGL or DirectX and bits).

  7. [GER]Enzo

    Italia DLC Giveaway

    I am using the Tag ,,ITDLC-DE" (DE for Germany of course), but i never saw anyone using the same tag, even if i seach Tag Am i using it worng? Should i use ,,...-GER" instead?? Help meeeehh
  8. [GER]Enzo

    [SCS Blog] A TV Show Visit

    I cant imagine this in MP. I dont think this will be implemented in Multiplayer :P Or am i Wrong???
  9. Wow, im almost 2 and a half years on TMP :o Doesnt feel like 2 Years :D 

    1. sgpch1983


      indeed it feels like forever for me.

  10. [GER]Enzo

    Can i report Truckers who insult me via Steam?

    Ok, thx, i will try
  11. [GER]Enzo

    Can i report Truckers who insult me via Steam?

    2 people say yes i can, 2 people say no i cant xD I'll wait a bit and if not clear, i will ask in the Q&A section
  12. Hello Guys I am the type of guy who likes to report many people ingame^^ Well, I reported here on TMP someone who got banned for 3 or 4 days (i dont know ), now this guy somehow found my steam profile and spammed my steam profile with long insulting texts and even wrote me messages with insultings and all this stuff. Now my question is, if i can report him on TMP for this
  13. [GER]Enzo

    [POLL] How do you drive in-game?

    I always obey the traffic laws! The only exception is when i'm driving on the CD-Road, actual speed Limit of this street is 60, but i drive on it with 80 Km/h^^ So people dont report me for driving too slow
  14. [GER]Enzo Released

    What do people without the DLC see?
  15. It might be that the EU2 Server crahsed. Watch out where you reconnect!!:D Especially on the Calais - Duisburg ROAD ;)