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  1. So I've just been greeted with a barbed wire fence across the motorway just outside Frankfurt(Pics Below) causing massive damage to truck and trailer(Thought I could driver through it...DOH). Just wanted to let the TruckerMP team knowbecause not sure if it's a game bug ie SCS or something to do with MP? Link to pics: https://imgur.com/a/WmOcpem The top photo(Where it's blue and can see the left hand mirror)is what I saw after going to the services and had to Alt F4 out the game. Regards Spencer
  2. Is there any server with no collisions anymore. Fed up with other players using keyboards or playing poorly with a controller and smashing into me. thanks

  3. Hey guys, what's up with no jobs in the Freight market everytime I log in, I have reset the market in the CFG file but doesn't fix it?


    1. gwait


      You can use other workarounds such as quick-teleporting to a garage, teleporting to a service station, using a ferry or sleeping to do this faster if you have your own truck.

    2. Anriandor


      Hey, make sure that you sleep at a hotel, call the tow truck (which doesn't work often) or quick travel between some of your garages.

      Unfortunately, you have to do this everytime you log in since there is a time difference between the single player and multi player game

    3. delboyspencer


      Thanks guys and that's what I've been doing to fix it, never used to happen before on MP but I can live with that.



  4. Z how are you mate, been a while

  5. Hello Truck oh sorry Rekoil, how are you and congrats on the promotion, did Vodka leave?

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    2. delboyspencer


      Yeah life is back to normal so what, slowly getting back to playing ETS 2, like the changes made.

    3. delboyspencer


      Double post right there lol, good to be back 

    4. konfig0


      IPB having a hick-up, happens often. :-p

  6. Hello guys and gals, been a while since I saw you all last and this mod just seems to evolve all the time, great website you have now also. I've missed this and not being able to play as been difficult, hopefully, I can start playing again and being back online. I notice major changes to the team since I was last involved too. Anyway Happy new year all

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    2. JeffSFC


      Doing great Spencer. Hope things are well on your end. Glad to see you're back and I hope to see you around often. :)

    3. delboyspencer


      Yeah all good this end, gonna sample MP a bit later, maybe see you around in there somewhere

    4. Rudiansyah [ID]

      Rudiansyah [ID]

      @delboyspencer when you can play again :)

  7. Why is it taking so long for the site to check for ATS, can't play online until it does.

  8. Gonna be offline for a while with new baby and looking after my wife. See you all soon

    1. Rudiansyah [ID]

      Rudiansyah [ID]

      Wow time with family =D

      Family is the most important take time even though only 15 minutes.

      See you later Spencer

    2. delboyspencer


      Back cruising the Highways, been awhile and like the changes made to this great mod. Shame that there's still stupid drivers around wrecking and ramming everyone.

  9. Try here for help: http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/12224-common-problems-fixes/ Regards Spencer
  10. Servers are offline

  11. Have you installed the MP client into the correct folder. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2 Regards Spencer
  12. You can always just press F7 and enter and it will move you and the trailer to the services, with the trailer attached. I think the trailers turn over like that due to other spawning trailers but above solution will fix this. Regards Spencer Edit. eireluke beat me to it lol
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