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  3. I found "Draculas" castle tonight! :3
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  4. For those of you who don't yet know this furry face, this is my cat, a few days ago: And this is my cat today: With her newborn little kitten. :3 The baby kitten:
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  5. I returned to ProMods 1 server last night, running from London down to Montpellier, where the first photo was taken. I just couldn't resist that gorgeous sunset! I then met up with a fellow Prime driver, and we ran to Ostrołęka in Poland. All in all, almost 4,000KM logged yesterday. Not a bad days work Second photo was taken shortly after unloading and heading back out of Ostrołęka towards Warsaw, where I will pick up the next assignment tomorrow Goodnight everyone, hope you're all having a great and safe weekend
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  8. Uuuuh..... So I just searched for an adblocker on the Google App Store or whatever that crap is called. I had to make a couple memes out of what I found.
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  13. [TRIAL TRANSLATOR] @MousemanLV has been promoted to Translator. [TRIAL TRANSLATOR] @DarkScream38 has been promoted to Translator. [RETIRED TEAM MEMBER] @[RusTK] Alex KERNEL rejoins the the team as Game Moderator.
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  14. Good night Best regards, Dominik TruckersMP Game Moderator
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  16. Hi, i've came back to truckersmp and i cannot launch my game. Singleplayer works fine. game log and crash log is below. If anyone can offer a solution i would love to try it. I miss trucking. https://pastebin.com/UL5HF9pt (yesterday evening) - idk why it didnt create a new one today, but it's the same issue https://pastebin.com/pD7gS66v (today morning) (I've tried to reinstall TruckersMP and also verifying the game files integrity)
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  17. [Game Moderator] @OBras!le!ro wurde aufgrund von einem Fehlverhalten aus dem Team entfernt.
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  18. We'll be playing a bit of ETS2 in a few minutes after we're done with this game. Stay tuned! https://www.twitch.tv/baratako
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  19. Well, my youtube channel became dead, and now it's un-dead (not in that term lel). So here's a new video i guess, enjoy!
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  21. Police patrol with @EPS!LON ? Best regards, Dominik TruckersMP Game Moderator
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  23. [TRIAL TRANSLATOR] @Patriktanki [DTQ] has been promoted to Translator [PLAYER] @next7 joins the team as Trial Translator.
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  24. Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays ???? Have a great time with your family and friends or however you spend this time of year and remember to be safe on those icy MP roads ?
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  25. Hoping to start a new journey in Euro Truck Simulator 2? Hoping to do it online but don't know how to go about earning some money? Fear not, this is the guide for YOU! Skill Point Assignment While playing, you will gain levels. At each level up, you will gain a skill point. These can be assigned to different skill sets that will help you or unlock new jobs. Here is a list of the different skills. ADR The only skill where each class can be individually selected instead of simply increasing ranks. Each ADR class unlocks new job types. Which ADR class you select first isn't overly important but the explosives (class 1) and flammable liquids (class 3) seem to be more common. ADR classes give an XP bonus but no cash bonus, however as the ADR jobs will give a higher return, this isn't a drawback. Further, ADR class jobs often work in conjuntion with the High Value Cargo and Fragile Cargo skills making this an important skill set to increase. As of v1.11 of the game, the fragile cargo icon is no longer hidden for ADR jobs. Long Distance This skill opens longer distance jobs. This is probably the most important skill as it gives both a 25% XP bonus for deliveries longer than 250 km and a 5% cash bonus per skill rank for deliveries that fall within that rank's distance. More importantly, since the base reward for deliveries is based on distance, this skill also effectively increases the base reward of both money received (your driver charges a flat rate + a rate per km) and XP (you gain 1 XP per km driven on the job) making this skill your first priority. High Value Cargo This skill opens new and better paying jobs, as well as giving an 18% XP bonus for high value cargo and a 5% cash reward bonus per skill rank. Many ADR jobs are also considered high value cargo making this an important skill. Fragile Cargo This skill opens new and better paying jobs, as well as giving a 22% XP bonus for fragile cargo and a 5% cash reward bonus per skill rank. Many ADR jobs are also considered fragile cargo making this an important skill. Just-In-Time Delivery This skill opens important deliveries at rank 1 and urgent deliveries at rank 2. Important deliveries give a 3% higher reward per skill rank and a 20% XP bonus. Urgent deliveries give a 5% cash reward bonus per skill rank and a 30% XP bonus. Though at first this seems a very nice skill, there is a drawback. Important and urgent deliveries have a much smaller delivery time frame. Since the penalty for a late delivery is very high, this skill should be taken later when you have a truck that can do the deliveries required. Ecodriving The least useful of the skills. This skill reduces the amount of fuel consumed while driving (reduced by 5% + an aditional 5% per skill rank). As the cost of fuel isn't all that high and easily covered by the rewards recieved by deliveries, this skill can be ignored until the end. Here's an example of a delivery with both ADR (class 2) and fragile cargo bonuses. The job was marked only as an ADR class 2 job. (Note that as of v1.11, the fragile cargo icon is no longer hidden on ADR jobs in the freight market.) Check the first image. In order to help increase the cash and XP rewards, here is my recommendations for skill point assignment while leveling up, presented in the order they should be taken (move to the next step only when the previous is complete). First four ranks of Long Distance Jobs of up to rank four can usually be done with only one rest stop. First rank of Fragile Cargo We take one rank here to open this job type and have at least one rank when we start on the ADR jobs. First rank of High Value cargo Again we are opening the High Value jobs as well as having at least one rank for when we start taking ADR classes. Three classes of ADR Make Explosives (Class 1) and Flammable Liquids (class 3) a priority. Second rank of Fragile Cargo Second rank of High Value Cargo First rank of Just-In-Time We finally open the important deliveries. Last three classes of ADR Finish off the ADR classes. Last two ranks of Long Distance Finish off the Long Distance Jobs. Be aware that you will start seeing jobs that will require multiple rest stops. Third rank of Fragile Cargo Third rank of High Value Cargo Second rank of Just-In-Time Open up the urgent deliveries. We could have taken this a little earlier, but I prefer it here. Last three ranks of both Fragile Cargo and High Value Cargo Alternate between the two until both are complete. Last four ranks of Just-In-Time Six ranks of Ecodriving Starting Off As this is the very start of the game, the first goal is to get your own truck. Having a bit of cash on hand won't exactly hurt either. As you don't yet have a truck, you can only do Quick Jobs. Try to pick jobs that start and/or stop at cities you haven't been to before, though largest cash reward is still priority. When visiting cities, drive in front of areas that have a question mark (?) on the map/GPS. This will allow you to discover recruiting agencies and other truck dealers. When you level up, assign skill points according to the recommended order shown above. Perform quick jobs until you receive an in-game email from both the bank and from the truck dealer for your Preffered Truck Design (selected during profile creation). You'll likely be level 1 or 2 at most when this happens. Your First Truck Though you could purchase any truck you want, this is a quick leveling guide so you want to make your life as easy as possible. This means getting a truck that isn't too expensive, and can be used for as long as possible without wasting money upgrading it into usefulness. With the above in mind, I recommend the Volvo FH16 Classic Sleeper. If you strip off a few extras on this truck, the price can be reduced to less than 100,000 euros and yet it still comes with a 540 HP engine giving 2650 Nm of torque. This is enough to haul even the heaviest loads (25 tons in an unmodified game) and can therefore take you all the way to end-game. First, go to the bank (via the menus or the bank's email) and take out the 100,000 euro loan. Now go to the Volvo dealer via the truck dealer's email and select the FH16 Classic Sleeper (the cheapest one, and likely the only one you are allowed to buy right now anyway). Now customize this truck so that it has a blue paint job (the cheapest paint available) and remove any unneeded parts such as the sunvisor, front and extra side mirrors etc. This will bring the price of the Volvo down to 94,430. Buy the truck. This should then leave you with a little bit of money to help cover loan installements, fuel costs and possible repairs at the start of the next phase. Delivering Freight Now that you have a truck, you can pick up jobs from the Freight Market instead of quick jobs. Select the city you are in (select the city where the blue arrow on the map is) and select the job that gives the best rewards. However, also look at the distance the job requires (this is shown in the top right of the map when you select a job). At the start this isn't very important, but later the distance you'll need to travel will also dictate the number of rest stops you must do along the way. Also check the time the job offer is for. If the offer is only valid for a few minutes, then you may not be able to get to the job pickup point before the offer expires. Lastly, avoid jobs that start and end in the same city as they aren't really worth the bother. Set the GPS destination to this job and drive over to the pick-up point. You don't yet have the job, just where to go get it. Once at the pickup point, drive over and stop on the floating green icon and press the activate key. Verify that the job is still there (it'll be the one with the [GPS] icon on it. Select it and click Take Job. Drive up to the trailer and back your truck nice and slow until you can attach the trailer (the GPS display will indicate when you are in the right spot). You can press the [5] key or move your view out the driver side window to look behind you (for an extra challenge, try only using the mirrors). Attach the trailer, then follow the GPS to your destination just like you did for the quick jobs. Parking the trailer at the destination only gives a flat 45 XP, so whether or not you want to park the trailer is your choice (see the Parking the Trailer section for details on doing this). I normally do park the trailer myself, and have gotten used to doing it only using the mirrors, however in the profile used for testing this guide, I purposefully didn't park the trailer. After each job, head to the closest repair shop and fix you truck (even if you didn't have any accidents along the way). Your truck, especially the tires, will wear down a bit just from normal use so maintaining your truck is important. All repair shops and gas stations also have a parking spot where you can stop and rest. Though at the start of the game you likely don't really need to rest much, when you do, it is a good idea to stop and rest at these locations. Once repaired and rested, pick up another job at this new city. Don't forget to drive around the place to discover truck dealers and recruiting agencies. Continue doing jobs until you receive an email from the bank saying they can help expand your business and that you are consistently getting jobs that pay 10,000 euros or more (this will take you to about level 3). Expanding the Business Welcome to mid-game. The goal here is to expand the business and make it both profitable and self-sufficient. This is done by purchasing new garages. You do not want to expand your tiny starter garage (at least not yet) as the cost to do so is the same as that of a new garage (180,000 euros) but will only give you two extra driver slots (your own truck takes up the third slot). A new garage on the other hand will give you all three slots since your truck is still in the starter garage. To purchase a new garage, drive up to the garage in the city of your choice (yes you must physically go there) and drive over the green icon. As you don't yet have the money, get the 400,000 euro loan from the bank before actually purchasing the new garage (though only get the loan when you are in front of the garage you want to buy or you may end up paying installments before you end up using the money). It doesn't really matter what city this new garage is in, you just want another one somewhere. Once purchased, you need to start filling it with trucks and drivers. To buy trucks for the new garage, visit the truck dealer via the main menu. You will need to visit the dealer as you must possess at least five trucks before using the "online" purchases ("online" here is merely an in-game convenience thing and isn't going to take you to a real website for DLC content). Company drivers are only ever simulated and the trucks they use has no effect on their driving. So we can give them the cheapest trucks available and they'll be fine. For this reason, I recommend purchasing the Iveco Stralis Active Space (the cheapest one with 310 HP). Before buying, change the paint to white, remove the front mirror and sunvisor (at about level 6 you can also change the steps to something cheaper, but at first the cheaper steps aren't unlocked). This makes the Iveco only 89,100 euros, so buy at least two and send them to the new garage (don't drive them yourself). Hire at least two drivers from the recruitment agency (again go through the main menu). Try selecting drivers that have skills that match up closest to the recommended skill point assignment. Do not hire a driver unless you can provide them with a truck or they may quit on you after a few days. Don't worry about the driver rating. It will go up as they level up. Assign the new drivers to the trucks you just purchased. Go to the driver manager and set the training policy of your new hires to Long Distance. Use the same skill leveling process described above for the drivers. While playing, you will receive messages as to what your drivers are doing. When they level up, check the driver management and change their training as appropriate. You can do this even while driving yourself as you can always access the company manager from the main menu. Your company drivers will likely actually lose you a bit of money at first, but they will quickly start making a profit once they level up a bit. For this reason, you want a bit of extra cash hanging around so that you can cover the slight loss. Do jobs until you can buy a third Iveco truck, hire a third driver and pay off the 100,000 euro loan (this should take you up to about level 8). Second Expansion Now that the smaller loan is paid off and your drivers should be bringing in enough to cover the payments on the 400,000 euro loan, it is time to consider opening another garage. To help maximize profits, choose a city near the edges of the world map including over in the UK. For example, Glasgow or Plymouth in the UK, Bratislava in Slovakia, Debrecen in Hungary (requires Going East DLC). This will allow drivers at this garage to pickup longer distance jobs giving you higher income possibilities. Do jobs until you have 180,000 euros to get another garage. You can get a second 100,000 loan to get this a bit earlier (I did this for the test profile). When you are at or near the amount needed, try to pick jobs that take you to or near your chosen location. Then drive over to the garage you want and buy it. Perform more jobs until you can afford a new Iveco Truck and hire a driver for it (89,100 + 1,500 = 90,600 euros for a truck plus driver). Don't forget that you will still need some money to cover expenses and the new driver will likely lose money until they level up a bit. You may consider taking out another 100,000 euro loan to get a truck and driver quickly (if you didn't take it for the garage itself). Repeat until all three garage slots are filled with drivers and trucks (this should bring you up to level 14 or so) There you go! Good luck to those new truckers!
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  26. 9 TIPS FOR CD ROAD The road goes from Calais to Duisburg and is 450 km long. Usually it can be very crowded and busy. And if you are someone who likes traffic, this might be the right place to drive. Here are my tips. BE PATIENT: Might sound very confusing as a tip but trust me... You need a lot of patience since many truckers are trolling and/or ramming just for fun and to ruin everyone else's experience. QUICKSAVE: In case you get involved in an accident you can load the last autosave (Every 5 mins). It's very useful, but not as useful as quicksaving: First set a keybind for quicksave in settings. Then when you feel something really bad is going to happen, you press the key to quicksave. It will spawn you in the position where you quicksaved with 10 sec of ghost mode. Please do yourself and others a favour... Before quicksaving pull over and then you can quicksave. If you quicksave in the middle of the road, you'll spawn in the middle of it and other players can easily think you are not in ghost mode and therefore they'll swerve and probably crash. (Doesn't work with external contracts). DON'T GO FASTER THAN 80-90 KM/H: Usually there are traffic jams in this road. If you go fast and there's a queue of people, you probably wo't have enough time and space to come to a stop. Therefore you'll crash into the trucker in front of you (and probably you'll get recorded and banned :P). DON'T HORN INSISTENTLY DURING TRAFFIC: It's annoying and won't help the traffic to flow and as a matter of fact people will get bothered and may even rec you! USE HAZARD LIGHTS WHEN YOU ARE THE LAST IN A QUEUE: It's not necessary but it's a nice way to tell the player behind you that there's a traffic jam ahead. PRETEND THAT THE ROAD IS LIKE ANY OTHER ROAD IN GAME: Drive normally. when you need to stop you can pull over and let the others go. Follow the rules and the signs. Use the blinkers... IF YOU GET BORED READ THE CHAT: Sometimes chat can be silly, funny and all s**t going on at the same time :P. BE NICE (OR BAD) TO OTHERS: If someone got rammed don't horn him (it's not his fault!). If someone wants to enter the road let him in. If someone uses high beam on you because you are "slow" tell them to go to play arcade mode. If someone is begging pardon because he accidentaly crashed with you, just write "no problem", "it's okay" and so on. CB RADIO: The CB radio is basically the voice chat. If you are easily bothered by people blowing on their mics, people speaking a language that you don't know, people blasting bass boosted music or just hearing voices you can turn it off in the multiplayer settings. IN THE ROAD YOU CAN FIND: 3 Gas Stations 1 Train crossing Many intersections Lots of curves (some are a bit dangerous) A lot of people This is the first content I upload. I'm sorry if grammar isn't the best. Happy trucking and have a nice day
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  27. Dear truckers, It has been quite a journey. On 21st January 2018 we announced that TruckersMP had hit 2 million users. It is unbelievable to even think, but today we have passed another milestone of 3 million registered users. That is 3 million people who have signed up and created accounts here, 3 million people who have experienced our modification and 3 million people who have contributed to our amazing community in some way. So on behalf of the entire TruckersMP Team we thank you for joining us on this journey and thank you for playing your part in our history. As we continue our work to secure a bright future for this project, it is important to never forget how far we have come and what we have achieved. So let's take a look back at some of the major developments and achievements since the last milestone. last year.. January 29, 2018: Launch of our Community Contributor program - this is a program where major contributors to our community are recognized. Be it streaming on Twitch, creating YouTube videos, running contests or even just being helpful around the forums, our contributors make our community a better and more exciting place. Since launch, the group of our community contributors has grown to over 5 members who continue to contribute to and enrich our community. March 20, 2018: Events anyone? - we finally made the event team an official rank within our staff team. Responsible for the management and support of our official events, they have successfully run Real Operations for 7 versions, public convoys, races, private event support and anniversary and milestone events. These guys are awesome and such an asset to our team. April 29, 2018: Introduction of our Add-On Team - this small but very valuable team is responsible for the design, development and implementation of features and modifications to enhance the online game-play experience. Since it's launch, we have seen some amazing new things being introduced to the project. There is always something being worked on behind the scenes.. May 21, 2018: Hello CMT's! - after much discussion, we decided to create this new rank to bring together several of our moderation efforts across the community. Forum, Language and Discord Moderators were all put under this one role title responsible for the moderation across all of our non-game platforms. With this change, our team members could work in a more efficient capacity with better communication. We are pleased to report that this team is working amazingly and we are so pleased that this change was made. September 23, 2018: Support needed? Never fear! - we officially launched our support system fully integrated into our website thanks to our amazing developers. Users can access support and help all in one, clear and dedicated section with ease. On our side, our wonderful support staff can keep track of tickets efficiently and respond to the highest priority cases with pace. A excellent addition followed by positive feedback from the community. November 3, 2018: Human Resources - this team was implemented to assist in our internal operations. Responsible for staffing, behaviour and approach of our staff these guys have been a credit to the team. A rough launch at first but what followed was an efficient and smooth dealing of issues and problems internally. this year.. May 1 2019: TruckersMP turns 5 years old! - we celebrated our five year anniversary. Five amazing, wonderful and interesting years of work to build up this project to where it is today. Thanks to our fans, players and staff for all that they do to make this possible. It is not easy, but we have a superb group of people working behind the scenes. July 2 2019: Road to Simulation - we decided to change our focus to return to our roots of true simulation. With this, we altered our server settings to create simulation and arcade servers so there is something for everyone. Launch of this was generally mixed but we saw more positive feedback being sent to us. We thought that it was important - that based off your feedback - we make changes to ensure that TruckersMP is going in the right direction. July 13 2019: VTC system - considering Virtual Trucking Companies play a major part in our community, we wanted to be able to bring all VTC's together and make a dedicated feature for them. Within this new fully integrated system, customisable roles, ranks, VTC information, social media links, ability to post announcements, news and much more are available all within your own page right on our website. Feedback from this has been great and we're glad that company owners are enjoying it. September 25 2019: ProMods here we come! - after years of our users questioning and asking, we have finally agreed to implement ProMods into the multiplayer experience. We are so excited for this. Demand for ProMods has been high for years and it has taken a great deal of work to get to this point. We hope you love this new feature as much as we do! Our partners over a ProMods deserve a special thanks for making this possible, as well as our own development team. October 2019: Official Partnerships! - we are delighted for this to become a feature of the community. Recognizing those special projects that bring so much to our community day in day out, contributing to TruckersMP in many ways to bring about a interactive, dedicated and active community within TruckersMP. A special feature that will bring with it exciting additions in the future! So there we have it. Nearly two years and another million users part of this amazing community. We are confident that we will continue to grow and prosper in the future, with even more exciting features to come, even more developments to be made and even more fun to be had here at TruckersMP. Special thank you's go to our staff; we could not do this without you. You are the amazing group of people that keep this project running. You really should be proud to be part of, and serve, this community each day. We once again thank YOU for all your support as we continue our journey. Truly, we could not do it without you. To celebrate this magnificent achievement and in light the recent release of ProMods support, we have an exclusive giveaway where we will give away all ETS2 map DLC's to one lucky winner. To be eligable to enter, you need to NOT have any of the map DLC's for ETS2. How to enter? Simply reply to the forum topic with the a constructive message including a hashtag of #3milliongiveaway. To additionally mark this, we will be holding a special freeroam weekend server. More details to follow. Here's to 4 million! The TruckersMP Team --> View post on homepage
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  30. Hello there! We are glad to hear, that you got an answer to your Question. Thank you to everyone, for helping here! If you require more help in the future, please do not hesitate to create another Topic or a Support Ticket. Kind regards Linciano TruckersMP Support //locked and moved to Solved Topics.
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  31. Please Fix F7 ! Thank You !
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  32. Hello, You can only get reward from the game you have. If you don't own American Truck Simulator you can't get the rewards. Same, If you don't own Euro Truck Simulator 2 you can't get the rewards.
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  34. Dear friends, today we have reduced the number of hours needed to start a career in our project. Now to be able to play with a VTC.World profile you must have game time at least 50 hours for Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator in the Steam.
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  35. Yes the problem has been resolved.
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  36. Gerne! Ich werde mich melden
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  37. Hello Merry Christmas all (Sorry im late maybe?)
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  38. [TRANSLATOR] @HérissonMan transfers to the Game Moderator team as Trainee and remains in the Translator team.
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  39. Hello everyone! Translation Team Recruitment has been extended until 1st of January 2020 at 23:59 UTC! We are more interested for the next languages: Portuguese Italian Hungarian Dutch Russian Romanian However, if you don't speak one of the languages that we are primarily looking for, feel free to apply because we will be flexible. Do not forget to read the requirements before applying, here:
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  40. Poszukujemy 4 kierowców Zapraszamy do składania podań na naszej stronie http://vsrisa.wixsite.com/ets2mp
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