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  1. Finally. It is about time that this has happened.
  2. Congratulations on HR. I'm sure they will take care of you. 🥰

    1. Ali.


      Thank you so much, I really hope so. I'm glad to be a part of the team but still sad to see you gone :(

  3. hi you're still a boomer

  4. Thank you all for your kind words. It has been a great pleasure being a part of the TruckersMP team. Unfortunately I do not believe I can offer what the team needs at this time so it is best to step away and give the opportunity to someone that can.


    I have no plans to rejoin but who knows what will happen in the future, right? I'll still be lurking on the public Discord.

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    2. Mina_TMP


      I miss you and hope to see you in the game is my pleasure and look forward to it 

    3. Herr Müller [GER]

      Herr Müller [GER]

      Thank you for everything.👍👍😍❤️😪

    4. Courtz49


      will miss you nathy ❤️ 

  5. Nathan

    TruckersMP Team

    [GAME MODERATOR] @MattR has been removed from the team due to misconduct.
  6. Nathan

    TruckersMP Team

    [GAME MODERATOR LEADER] @Martin. has been removed due to internal reasons, but will remain as Game Moderator.
  7. Nathan

    TruckersMP Team

    [PLAYER] @purrie joins the Game Moderator team as Trainee. [RETIRED TEAM MEMBER] @Powerful rejoins the TruckersMP Team as Report Moderator.
  8. Hello, From the 28th January to 31st March 23:59 we are going to be looking for talented individuals to join our Add-On Team. This team is responsible for creating new, official, in-game content. This can often include modifications such as map modifications to create special areas for events for example. Tasks within this role may include: Thinking of concepts for new content Planning new content Designing new pieces of content (map objects etc) Asset creation (3D modelling, texture artwork etc) Ensuring that your work does not conflict
  9. I apologise for the extremely late response. While it would be great to have more staff from your country, it's not as simple as just clicking my fingers and getting that sorted. There is still a recruitment process and requirements that everyone must meet. If someone from your country does apply and they meet all the requirements, then we will most definitely proceed and see how things go. For the other answers which are more related to the Game Moderation Management, I will notify them of this for a response.
  10. Hello, From the 24 January to the 29 February 23:59 we are looking for talented Individuals to join our Event Team. The Event Team is responsible for the planning, management and coordination of official events within the TruckersMP community. Your main focus will be coordinating the official monthly events, which take place towards the end of each month on Saturdays or Sundays from 18:00 UTC. You will be expected to assist with coordinating the occasional community created events, too, such as the Nut House Convoy for Twitch streamer Squirrel, and monthly convoys for Tr
  11. Nathan

    TruckersMP Team

    [PLAYER] @Xris rejoins the team as Trial Support.
  12. Nathan

    TruckersMP Team

    [PLAYER] @Chev joins the team as Community Moderator.
  13. Nathan

    TruckersMP Team

    [PLAYER] @Krisi1051 joins the team as Trial Translator.
  14. Nathan

    TruckersMP Team

    [PLAYER] @Plum2018 joins the Add-On team.
  15. Nathan

    TruckersMP Team

    [GAME MODERATOR TRAINER] @DerAmpelmann leaves the team. Thank you for all your hard work.
  16. Nathan

    TruckersMP Team

    [GAME MODERATOR] @OBras!le!ro has been removed from the team due to misconduct.
  17. Merry Christmas. Spend time with loved ones 🙂

  18. Nathan

    TruckersMP Team

    [TRANSLATOR] @HérissonMan transfers to the Game Moderator team as Trainee and remains in the Translator team.
  19. Happy holidays everyone!
  20. Nathan

    TruckersMP Team

    [TRANSLATOR] @szykaro23 transfers to the Game Moderator team as Trainee.
  21. Nathan

    TruckersMP Team

    [GAME MODERATOR] @The B3AST leaves the team due to lack of time.
  22. Nathan

    TruckersMP Team

    [PLAYER] @DJ Jefferz rejoins the Event Team.
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