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  1. Nathan

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  2. Achooo :unsure: sorry i sneezed in your face :mellow: hahaha

    1. Nathan
    2. Noobyxox


      Yes i just did what??


  3. Nathan

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    [PLAYER] @Xpert joins the team as Trial Game Moderator Observer.
  4. Nathan

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    [TRIAL GAME MODERATOR] @BAKERPK [PL] [ENG] leaves the team due to personal reasons.
  5. Nathan

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    [GAME MODERATOR] @sshadmin has left the team due to personal reasons.
  6. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming;)

  7. Nathan

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    [TRANSLATOR] @[VIVA] Zysto has been removed from the team due to Conflict of Interest.
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  9. Nathan

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  10. Nathan

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    [RETIRED LEGEND] @BAKERPK [PL] [ENG] returns to the team as Trial Game Moderator.
  11. hello send me private message i need to go to recruuitment to moderator in ets 2 mp


    1. Suleyman.53


      Hello Dear @bartek2003gd1


      If you want to be a game moderator you must first follow here: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/211-recruitment/


      I will send you a few guides to you find out how recruitments are for TruckersMP Team.


      Please read these guides:



      If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.:wub:


      Or if you want more detailed help, you can create a topic in help section. https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/55-help/


      Thank you so much for your understanding.:wub:


      Required answer were given



  12. Доброго времени суток! хочу пожаловаться на некомпетентность одного из ваших администраторов игры " ян Powerful " занимается выдачей бана без каких либо доказательств, обжалование не рассматривает! прошу принять меры!

    1. RecterX
    2. JJay


      Dear @John de Pa`Atras


      I will now guide you to the right path so that you can get in touch with the respective Game Moderator. We can't really help you here on the Forum as we don't deal with ban related stuff here. Please Appeal your ban if you haven't already and use the appropriate ways. We have an Appeal & Feedback System for that. While I understand that you may feel frustrated about your ban, it is not really advisable to complain about it on the Forum as it won't really help you or bring you any further. Evidence of your ban will be available to see soon. You need to be patient.


      Please Appeal your ban here: https://truckersmp.com/appeals

      And if you're not happy with the decision or action made by a specific Staff Member then please submit a Feedback Ticket here: https://truckersmp.com/feedback


      I would recommend you to read our rules over here: https://truckersmp.com/rules
      We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding in this matter.


      Kind Regards



      // Status locked

  13. Hello, From the 3rd April to the 17th May at midnight, we are going to be looking for talented individuals to join our recently relaunched Translation Team. The Translation team is tasked with translating assets, posts and messages for the community. You will be making sure that the community understands what is going on at TruckersMP, no matter the language that they speak. You will also be making sure that message posts are translated when applicable; this allows us to understand where other people may be coming from in another language. Requirements Have good knowledge of TruckersMP and the rules Must be a member of TruckersMP for at least 12 months Must be registered on the TruckersMP forum for at least one month No bans within the last 12 months Must have no more than 3 bans Active on the forum Must have overall good behaviour, which includes forum, Discord and our official social media pages You have sufficient knowledge of English language and the one which you apply for Good communication skills Resilient, active and flexible Ability to work within a team and on your own at times Eager to learn and progress your knowledge Organised and adaptive Be able to accept constructive criticism Languages that we are mainly looking for during this recruitment French German Polish Portuguese Russian Spanish Turkish Forum post count is no longer a requirement, however, forum activity is required. You can apply for this position here. End date: 17/05/2019 23:59
  14. salut je uis bannis de truckersMP je cest ccomment faire 


    1. Averazon


      You can write your ban appeal here or wait for the time to expire :)  https://truckersmp.com/appeals

    2. TFM DJ ccowie

      TFM DJ ccowie

      Just saw this, thought I could translate for you in-case. :)


      Un rappelle que vous pouvez faire un appel au jugement via se lien ou simplement attendre que le bannissement soit terminer. 



  15. Support Team recruitment is now open. Go take a look 

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      very cool!


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      Great! Best of luck, everyone! :thisisfine:

    4. Momo_MB


      lol ich würd gern aber darf ni:mellow: