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  1. Hello Nathan have a wonderful day 

    1. Nathan


      You too!

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    2. Noobyxox


      i feel like i been exposed :(

    3. DarkScream38


      Ah s... The chaos for comment notifications has been started xD

    4. Drexy/35


      Hahahahaha 😂

  2. See you.

    1. Doxxyz


      Gn Nathan


  3. Interested in becoming a game moderator? Apply here: https://truckersmp.com/recruitment/apply/66

    1. Chemistry l TeamAudi

      Chemistry l TeamAudi

      I want to apply Game Moderator, but my ban history, March I was banned, so I wait the next recruitment ;(

  4. Hello, From the beginning of the 3rd October to the 3rd November 00:00, we are going to be looking for talented individuals to join our Game Moderator team. The Game Moderation Team enforces our in-game rules across all servers, dealing with in-game reports and web reports. Each game moderator will independently review content while enforcing an appropriate punishment to the player with valid evidence. At first, you will start as a Trainee. This role consists of 1:1 training with experienced trained staff. As a Trainee, you are only able to view reports and ban appeals in order to have some understanding of the role before you get your web permissions as a Report Moderator. Once you have successfully completed your training, you will be transferred to the Report Moderator rank. You will gain permissions to review website reports and you will be able to deal with your ban appeals, by applying what has been taught during your training. During the trial period, your work will be constantly checked by your Game Moderator Leader and Game Managers. If your leaders feel your quality is good, with no major issues, you will be fully promoted to Game Moderator, where you will have full permissions in-game where you will be able to review in-game reports and action bans on the spot, as you drive. You must remember that work needs to be kept to a high-quality standard and communication and teamwork is key. Requirements Good knowledge of the English language; Registered on the TruckersMP website for at least 1 year and on the Forum for at least six months; Showing activity on the TruckersMP services with constructive and helpful replies; Excellent knowledge and understanding of TruckersMP rules and common road laws; Good behavior in-game, on the forums, Discord and social media; No forum punishments in the past year and preferably no bans, players with over 3 bans won't be considered; Ability to communicate professionally with others, work as a team constructively, able to explain complex situations; Ability to reach the activity requirements. Hard and soft skills that are considered as a plus when we consider applications but are not mandatory requirements: Being able to fully understand multiple languages; Previous Moderation experience with provable examples in similar communities. How the recruitment process works The system will not allow you to apply if you have any bans in the past 365 days; You can only send in one application during this recruitment period; Meeting these requirements does not guarantee getting recruited as there are intentionally hidden requirements too; The process of becoming a full Game Moderator will be explained to you once you are a part of the team; If you are put on the "Waiting List" it means we have looked at your application and will proceed with further reviews. This does not imply that you will necessarily be taken. Forum post count is no longer a requirement, however, forum activity is required. You can apply for this position here. End of recruitment: 03 Nov 23:59 Good luck!
  5. Nathan

    TruckersMP Team

    [PLAYER] @MrCipr returns to the team as Game Moderator. [COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @WhiteTiger_TMP transfers to the Game Moderator team as Trainee but remains as Language Forum Mod (Romanian)
  6. Nathan

    TruckersMP Team

    [SUPPORT] @TFM DJ ccowie joins the Event Team as an additional role.
  7. Nathan

    TruckersMP Team

    [GAME MODERATOR] @Olioak leaves the team due to personal reasons.
  8. Pizza is boring

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    2. K0rnholio


      "Pizza is boring." I legit think you are the first person to ever say this. 



      🍕= Life


    3. DarkScream38


      What is the wrong with pizza? smh

    4. Shayrin


      I completely disagree with the statement:troll:

  9. Nathan

    TruckersMP Team

    [PLAYER] @courtz49 joins the Event Team.
  10. Good afternoon

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    2. TFM DJ ccowie

      TFM DJ ccowie

      Hey Nathan, hope you are well.



      Thank you :rolleyes:

    4. Noobyxox


      Good bye 👋

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