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  1. Discord Rich Presence Integration That's it create in NodeJS. I've created one in C# (so you can just run an .exe also) but, if this were to be added, should display same information.
  2. Discord Rich Presence Integration

    As much as I like this idea, not everyone uses Discord and I do not believe it will get implemented within the client.
  3. Released

    I don't understand why people have such a big issue with the speed limiter. What did you guys do before there was a Skoda? It is quite obvious that there still will be crashes. If any country lowered their limit, there'd be crashes, and that's in real life. With the limiter being lower, there's a lower chance of it happening, obviously.
  4. Multiplayer Lags

    This usually comes down to processing the data for the trucks that come into rendering distance. I don't think it's a big issue as it has happened to me, but I think the i3 CPU that you have, could potentially be a portion of the issue.
  5. Roads to watch out for (Important)

    I agree. Sometimes you can drive through with a traffic jam and have a nice experience.
  6. I'm tired of reckless driving.

    Or if it bothers you, choose a different route.
  7. I sometimes wonder what these people did before the car got released.
  8. play with some dlc you have not purchased

    I'm pretty sure SCS would not be happy with that and end up shutting down TruckersMP for supporting piracy.
  9. Will you choose fatigue driving or rest?

    When I feel myself losing concentration I just come off ETS, regardless if I'm tired or not.
  10. Whats your favourite Truck colour?

    I usually use darker colors, like grey/black. Occasionally I use a light blue color color.
  11. What radio do you tune into your truck?

    I mainly either watch Twitch or listen to hardstyle on YouTube podcasts.
  12. Better Warning Driving Without Light

    I've never overlooked it considering it's every 5 seconds, 3 times, in red.. But I guess this wouldn't harm either.
  13. I'm an oldie. 12 Nov 2014
  14. They're somewhat ok. Some deals can be okay, but majority are overpriced. If people have the budget to get a monster PC which is prebuilt then go ahead. It depends on your budget, but majority of the time building it yourself will be cheaper.
  15. I'm tired of reckless driving.

    They will eventually get punished for violating the rules.