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  1. Considering this is a topic about EU2, I assume you play on EU2. EU1 is the Simulation server, you're playing on the wrong one. Regarding the strict rules, punishments are given when a moderator sees a rule broken.
  2. Headlights-ON warning beep

    Providing we have the ability to toggle whether we want it enabled or not, I don't see why not.
  3. The best option for you is going to a different server such as EU3.
  4. What song are you currently listening to?

  5. Game Crash

    Hi, could you also please your game.log.txt also? What GPU are you using? Do other games load fine? Reason I'm asking is it's not recognized: GPU: <unknown> Mem:0 Ver: 0
  6. Read rules and then ask questions about them?

    ^I can't answer for other people as I honestly have no idea. I would hope they did, but I will agree people will just scan through to accept them. I know where you're coming from with your idea and I wish I felt like it would make a difference, but I don't for the reasons above. It's a tricky thing to solve.
  7. Read rules and then ask questions about them?

    I disagree. From my personal experience, people get punished for ramming, reckless (including overtaking on C-D) or blocking. Now lets break those down. Ramming - This is common sense. Why would this be allowed? Reckless - I'll focus on C-D for this. Why would you overtake on a traffic jam when majority of people are waiting? Common sense to wait like everyone else. Or another common thing, why overtake when you can see oncoming traffic? Blocking - I don't really need to explain this one.
  8. What games do you play guys

    Mainly CS:GO besides ETS2, however I occasionally go on other games such as Spintires, GTA:V, PUBG and Realm Royale.
  9. Read rules and then ask questions about them?

    I don't think this will make a difference. A lot of the rules are common sense as it is and people still manage to break them.
  10. A lot of the rules are common sense though. For example, you wouldn't overtake in a busy traffic jam IRL carelessly. I think either way it's done, the same stuff is going to happen.
  11. Most Player on TAB?!

    Besides an event, I've seen like 90-100. Otherwise I have no idea during events.
  12. Released

    ^ It is basically just to support the latest update for ETS2 and ATS.
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  14. Scandinavia. I love it there, it's beautiful and just a nice place to drive through.