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  2. @Oralos The parameter line "g_save_format" must be "2" and not "0". Make sure it's like that. After changing the parameter, save the game and use the tool. (You need activate the console) Or with the file "config.cfg": (game must be closed to do it by editing the file.) @super37s Yes, you can do it, isnt complicated (Maybe a bit). A few days ago I did it with my own trailer. Now I cann't explain how, but if I have time, I'll tell you how Maybe you already know how, but in a few hours I tell you. If you want, add me on discord and within a few hou
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  6. Hey! From what we see, seem like you have a good PC. This happens if you want to play in SinglePlayer? That happen in other games (if possible demandant)? Have you tried playing with Dx11? Although it is not in a final version, maybe you can play easily. Try to play with a new profile. The first thing you should check. if it is not your Eye Tracking problem, if possible, uninstall or weaken this feature, as well as the plugins (telemetry). Verify that you have the latest updates, both from Windows Update, and from your graphics driver. Try rei
  7. 💖    ¡Congrats!    💖 

  8. Hey! Here i want to drop some possible solutions: - Re-install Truckersmp Launcher. - Re-install .Net Framework (4.8). - Reboot your PC. - Run TruckersMP launcher as administrator. - Verify have the latest Windows Updates. -Open CMD as administrator from the search engine. Or press "Windows+R" to open the "Run" box. Type “cmd” into the box and then press Ctrl+Shift+Enter (to open it as administrator). -Execute these codes: ipconfig /flushdns nbtstat –r netsh int ip reset netsh winsock reset - Restart the pc I
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  10. Hey! There are some ways to do this. The most "simple" if you want everyone to use the same colors (regardless of paint modeling) is to use "user_colors" through SaveGame edit. You define a color, either by defining it within the game as a "preset" or by editing the SaveGame by entering the number of the color you want. Then that number, you pass it to the other person so that he enters it in one of his "user_colors" slot and that the inside of the game adjusts his paint skin truck as he wishes having the colors that you want him to use. - Use "SII_Decry
  11. RecterX

    how to use cb?

    Hey! To talk press and hold "X" and then talk Lower in the right, an indicator will appear informing you that now are talking. Be sure to have your microphone and in game options properly configured (in the Tab menu> Options) Default channel of CB radio is 19. Other people who aren´t on the same channel as you will not be able to listen to them. Maybe this post is useful for you: Regards
  12. What fun you pretend to talk? That of a few who enjoy causing accidents, crashing to other players and bothering them? Or the feeling of "speed and adrenaline" for driving at high speeds? I would think that for the most part of players, don't play for that reason. I think there are a variety of other games that can satiate those needs, in which there is also a multiplayer option. Or you have the Arcade server to drive in a free and more crazy form. In my opinion, the game title says "simulator" and have the steam tag "simulation" for some reason. And if it is t
  13. Hey! First of all try restarting the computer and your router. Verify the time and date of your computer is correct Make sure you have the latest .Net Framework (4.7), DirectX and Microsoft Visual C++ 2015. Check if you have the latest updates of your graphics driver and Windows. If that didn't work, then I recommend you to follow this solution: - Open Windows Date & Time Settings or Prest "Windows + R" and type "inetcpl.cpl". - Later, follow these steps: - "Automatic time setting" → ON - "Set time zone automatically" → OFF - Select
  14. Hey! You could send a screenshot of the "license_plate:" line of your SaveGame. Or copy it here. Like this (I know there are shorter ways to write my license_plate.) Maybe there is something wrong Have you verified that you have loaded the correct SaveGame, that you have saved it correctly, and have loaded it correctly? Remember to enter "FF" after "<color value =" and after "FF" the code of the color you want intercalating the red channel with blue channel to get the color you want. Example <color value = FF00C8FF> = "yellow" Reg
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