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  1. Nathan's post in I dont have any offers, contract or mission was marked as the answer   
    Please see the following title: 
  2. Nathan's post in Unable to link ETS2 was marked as the answer   
    Can you please link your profile? Recently Steam has updated their privacy settings to hide hours playtime by default.

    To change this, go to your Steam profile > Edit Profile.
    In the My Public section, please make sure the following settings are as such:
    My Profile: Public
    Game Details: Public
    - Always keep my total playtime private even if users can see my game details. (UNCHECKED)
    Just like this:

  3. Nathan's post in Monitor turn on/off was marked as the answer   
    What video card are you using? Do you have enough airflow in your system? It sounds like your GPU is overheating. Try taking off a side of your case and see if the GPU fan is dirty. If it is, use a can of air to spray the dust out. You could alternatively leave the side off for a little while to see if the extra air helps.
  4. Nathan's post in can't usw the (@) sign when logging in was marked as the answer   
    Copy and paste it into the input box. AFAIK, it's because of your keyboard style.
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