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    I tried both, the OpenGL option didn't let me play at a stable framerate in SP and didn't work as a solution at all. Reinstall also did not help me with the issue. Yeah, i had steam open and yes, i ran the launcher as Administrator Only one thing i have not tried yet - reinstall the game itself - but i think it's kinda drastic and i will consider it if i don't solve the solution anytime soon. thanks for your help everyone, i am still open to suggestions
  2. Hi, i've came back to truckersmp and i cannot launch my game. Singleplayer works fine. game log and crash log is below. If anyone can offer a solution i would love to try it. I miss trucking. https://pastebin.com/UL5HF9pt (yesterday evening) - idk why it didnt create a new one today, but it's the same issue https://pastebin.com/pD7gS66v (today morning) (I've tried to reinstall TruckersMP and also verifying the game files integrity)
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