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    Thanks to everyone who joined,was a great Event! I might not be able to tag everybody but here you go! @Smalley @MrCipr @Aze (FIN ) @ShawnCZek @DavinaETS @[VIVA] Ali. @.weezy @n1ckanas @Spooky_Ghost69 @NoTime4name @Vitosuper2005 @NotSoFancyFox @Elsassisch_Trucker [FR] @EdouFilou @K0rnholio @LSPD Gamer @aLexRO @jdshow10 @RaduA @TruckerStefan and @Smoky_TMP for being our helicopter :3 And a huge thank you to @Rev.! for having such an nice stream and event! Thanks to all people who showed up. If I forgot anyone please tell me!
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    Forgive me for the multiple images at once, but this is worth it. XD Find that comic on this website: https://katraccoon.com/ They have tons of hilarious comics that give context to funny gifs.
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    A have took a few screenshots of @Rev. Truckfest 2018 Day 2. Our final meeting in Magdeburg (Overview) @Elsassisch_Trucker [FR], @EdouFilou and myself. @Smalley, @NoTime4name, @K0rnholio and @Aze [Fin] @RaduA, @Rev., @MrCipr, @derpatrick9, @ShawnCZek, @[VIVA] Ali., @.weezy, @DavinaETS, @AlexRO769 and @Spooky_Ghost69 I am sorry if I forgot someone. See you tomorrow at Day 3 of the Truckfest Meeting: Game: ATS Location: Oakland Shipyard Date/Time: 24/03/2018, 8PM BST More information here:
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    [ENG] Good morning [ES] Buenos dias [PT] Bom dia
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    So awesome TruckFest! Big thanks to @Rev. for making this huge event and @derpatrick9 for leading us. I really enjoyed it. And @MrCipr was staying next to me.
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    Rev's Event soon! on ETS2 (NO DLC needed) Make sure to come around! : ) The official TruckFest 2018 livestream will be live at 19:45 GMT. https://www.twitch.tv/worldofevents
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    I guess this Finnish bus driver was listening to Eurobeat while driving this bus...
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    In Brazil, escalators are called "rolling stairs" (literal translation of "escadas rolantes") and... well... there's kind of a reason for that.
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    Went to Truck Fest 2018!! It was wonderful and a great experience, thanks TMP and everyone else who organised it and the staff! I went with a friend from my company and the convoy was great, here is a screenshot at the end of it all! https://u.stuartd.co.uk/images/MDg3MDI2ODUzYmY.png
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    Hi, @Rev. ‘s will start in a few minutes, I am going to participate if my Internet connection is stable. Meeting: Server: EU 4 Location: Amsterdam Port Start: 8PM UTC See ya there ^^
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    Be sure to sign up for 2 days of fantastic trucking! http://ets2c.com/view/73230/dj-jefferz-taranto-italy http://ets2c.com/view/73098/dj-jefferz-albuquerque-rest-stop
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    Wherever life lead you, imagine the good things there.
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    How is my new avatar and new forum profile photo Big thanks @BurakAKSAKAL to created it for me I got a lot of his time (if you wanna , you can contact to him ) Best Regards Baldemar95 TruckersMP Event Team Member ...
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    Some screenshots of The Crew https://imgur.com/gallery/pxmsH
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    Well, goodnight guys It's finally Friday Weekend is here!
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    @[ zmaster ]@El1teZombiezHD @fyzz08 @Strydr_ (Zirox) @WooQash @I<3VODKA @mwl4 @Cooper's Freightmaster @BAKERPK [PL] [ENG] @STOCKHOLM GHOST (SARAJ) @konfig0 (TruCkDr1V3r ) @RayRay5 @Aragon @Burner @HumaneWolf @Kat_pw It's been 2 years ago now
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    Cultive o hábito de agradecer a cada dia. Obrigado e boa noite, Truckers MP.
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    So, This was the first truckfest / convoy was fun,I'd like to thank these people for even taking their time to join us. @Nataliia @K0rnholio @Smalley @RaduA @TruckerStefan Since over 58 people said in the Thread, "I will attend",there should be a bit more not 5 people,and some of them even saying they gonna join with their company. But didn't show up. This is shows which people they are,perhaps some of them had something more important and I respect that. But if you just wrote that to show you are still active on the forum,and not actually caring about the effort which was put into that event,then please,just stop attending to any event. Last thing I'd like to say is, a huge thank you to @Rev. for even taking his time to create such an event. Please think about it 2 times before writing something.
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    Rev's Event soon! on ETS2 (NO DLC needed) Make sure to come around! : ) The official TruckFest 2018 livestream will be live at 19:45 GMT. https://www.twitch.tv/worldofevents If you have any question about it , feel free to contact @derpatrick9 - @Rev. Best Regards Baldemar95 TruckersMP Event Team ...
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    Figure I'll start sharing my loads. This one had a little fun to it. DOT responded to two accidents, one along the Highway 7 corridor in Germany and the other along the 24, same country. Both times DOT decided it wasn't worth their attention. Guess it ain't worth mine either - except my wallet. Government is funny that way, I suppose. I figure the first incident had to do with a fellow blocking the road, went around, and maybe he lagged a bit and hit. Second time some dude high-balled it as I was entering an off-ramp, slamming into me and only damaging himself. I stuck around to try to communicate to both, but as usual these days Drivers won't have none of it. The load damage totalled to around somewhere in the vicinity of 60k EUROS. Kinda evened out in the end, I reckon. Don't know how, but the only fines I was given was the ones from the accident. Anyway, I could upload the notepad in entirety here if it'll be better. For now I'll copy and paste, if only for my own interest. CARGO: Caviar WEIGHT: 32,253 lbs LOADED AT: Polar Fish, Aalborg, Denmark EXPECTED PAY: 34,948 EUROS EXPECTED CPM: 47.61 EURO CPM Diesel Price: 4.31 Fueld up in: North of Berlin, Germany FILLED UP, Price: 519 EUROS Gallons filled: 120.23 EMPTIED AT: SellPlan, Olsztyn, Poland PAY GIVEN: -60,715 (Evened to 0) XP GAINED: -2,868 FUEL CONSUMED: 124.1 Gallons DRIVING DISTANCE: 741 Miles IRL TIME: 1 Hour 14 Minutes WORLD OF TRUCKS CONTRACT #: 33 ==OTHER EXPENSES== TRUCK MAINTENANCE: Repair (Non-Accident) Engine = 144 EUROS Transmission = 136 EUROS Chassis = 199 EUROS Cabin = 134 EUROS Wheels = 885 EUROS TOTAL: 1,498 EUROS TRUCK MAINTENANCE: Repair (Accident) Engine = 984 EUROS Transmission = 632 EUROS Chassis = 5,091 EUROS Cabin = 3,445 EUROS Wheels = 442 EUROS TOTAL: 10,594 EUROS
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    Hey guys, how are you today and whats up?
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    Shame I wont be able to make the Easter egg hunt, but i'm not staying up at 3 AM and risk falling asleep behind the wheel lol.
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    So today was the day the cheeseburger was born? Happy birthday!
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    Happy Birthday PS - Your forum banner brings back a lot of good ole memories
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    Happy birthday! Also, I've always wondered... is this you?
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    Happy Birthday! Have a great day
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    Live on https://www.twitch.tv/captainkostaz , come and join me
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    In my opinion, I think that the UK has become, in recent months, a difficult country to access on EU2 for those who don't have UK garages to fast travel to (and for those who don't have Scandinavia/Vive la France) because just to get to the UK you have to battle your way through the Calais-Duisburg traffic on the motorway just to get to the Eurotunnel or the port in Calais, and the story is similar with EP and Amsterdam Port as the journey will quite likely pass by Rotterdam which is another chaos spot. The easiest place to get a ferry to the UK in my opinion is Esbjerg in Scandinavia and Brest if you have the Vive la France pack.
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    E.C.T.M / EUROPA WHEEL @Willy_FR 22/03/2018 St-Laurent, FRANCE
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    Good evening all and good night for me End day with @Yoyo_ManSg
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    Bom dia, amigos dos caminhoneiros! Tenha um bom jogo!

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