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  1. For the first time my in-game reports have been claimed. Thank you @Babou71 for kicking the trollers for blocking road.:)


  2. How to make my own company?

    hello @szefborys, welcome to forums. please look at below guide which help you build your company
  3. Easter Egg Hunt 25th March 2018

    Nice, i will be participating in event
  4. Directory

    hello @dylhebbz, Welcome to forums. Please look at below guide to know how to install TMP mod
  5. Looking for other mature drivers on ETS2

    Hello, Welcome to Forums. I would suggest you join some VTC and make some friends. Being in a VTC is fun, Convoys but need to follow some extra rules. I would suggest you record all the time while you are driving in multiplayer. Only reason as you must have already knew every multiplayer game have trollers. If you find anyone ramm you then you can do web report at also please look at some of the guides which are more helpful for you at
  6. having trouble posting on my profile

    Hello, do you mean updating status? If yes then first goto Account settings--> Edit Profile --> Enable update status
  7. Released

    When the winter mod is removed then there is no point of turning headlights at 4pm right. so i guess it will be back to normal timings 19:00(7Pm) - 07:00(7am).
  8. Released

    Winter mod will be removed soon. Do you mean headlight kick timings back to normal timings from 19:00(7Pm) - 07:00(7am)?
  9. Commend System

    Its a neutral suggestion for me.easy to abuse. If you are some VTC owner and all the members will give you rep. presently some are having more than 2 accounts and they can just give rep to them selves. I can see this suggestion will work only when the mod is final and on economy based server. Please note if a member having more rep doesn't mean he is good and friendly driver. I have similar suggestion but many will refuse it like in tab it should show how many active bans does the member have in tab after ping . This will be more useful and people would be careful when they see active ban members around them.
  10. Building a company

    hello @UncleTripp, welcome to forums. please look at below guide which help you build your VTC
  11. Released

    Hello, This headlight rule was added due to winter mod .when your truck is moving with no lights you will be warned for 15 seconds,all you need to do is just turn on headlights.if you don't turn on then you will be kicked.this rule also added to kick the members who are ghost driving. §4.2 Server Auto Kicks : Headlights - Headlights must always be on between the hours of 16:00 (4pm) - 07:00 (7am) For the members who are using winter mod it becomes dark by 4 Pm. presently in IRL winter is almost done. I think its matter of time Winter mod will be remove and headlight kick timings will be changed back to normal timings 19:00(7Pm) - 07:00(7am). presently Special Transport dlc is not supported but may support in future. please read info in this below link.
  12. Music. Yes or No?

    I will listen to radio or spotify when i am driving single only. I will not listen to music, when i am driving in VTC convoys or with friends.
  13. What VTC and Rank Role(s)

    Hello, I am a Trainee Driver in GlobEx Gaming Community.
  14. What to do in case of an accident?

    Thanks for post nice guide. Always record while playing in multiplayer and try to make quick saves in high traffic areas or based on number of members around you. If someone trolls or ramm me, i would just say great or thanks in chat and reload to last quick save and trailer damage is zero percent .No point in shouting on troller/rammer and i hope many people should think its just a simulation game. I would do web report on troller after completing my session. They will be banned.