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  1. WOW finally! Thank you for the update.?
  2. Congratulations TMP on the success of these 6 years .??
  3. Join us for celebrating 2nd anniversary [14th March 2020]
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  4. Sometimes when we take photos we press F9 and it will disable the chat and the notofation for the lights on will not appear. when we drive in promods in Scandinavia it wont even get night at some places. So we dont need the lights to turn on. So this is a good feature not to get kicked out of the server, it tells user to turn on light by making a beep sound. +1 from me
  5. Congratulations TMP!? It is not easy thing to keep the multiplayer mod running successfully for so many years, it requirs good leadership, hardworking staff. Thanks to all of the staff, players and supporters. This is great achievement. Keep it going!
  6. As of My Understanding you might have pressed F11 which will turn off tab and names of people around. When you press F11 again you will get it back. Coming CB radio, you will not hear your voice but others can hear, only thing you can notice is there will be volume icon appear when you press X to speak. Hope it will help you.
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