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  1. I have had an absolutely wonderful time in Viva Trucking so far. Tonight was weird with lag spikes, mysterious events, and finally meeting up with someone on the discord by the name of Bullhauler. I grabbed my escort to provide escort for a fellow Viva driver. We had so much fun until the lag spikes on the US ATS server decided to happen.


    Be safe on the road tomorrow, Bullhauler and look forward to being your pilot again!

    1. [VIVA] Quad

      [VIVA] Quad

      Glad you're enjoying Viva :D

    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang
  2. I decided to disband U.S. Trucking and formally have gone into Viva Trucking. I have to say after a short misunderstanding, the people there were very pleasing to talk to. I look forward to hauling for them.

  3. Morning all! Keep the shiny side up!

    1. NeonLeon


      Good morning, have a great day :)

    2. Drakomis
    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  4. Everyones sharing their own, figure I'll share mine. Here's what I drive in Singleplayer in both ETS2 and ATS, a Freightliner FLB. Picture shows ATS screenshot. Chicken-lights all around, hahaha.


    1. Reaper


      I really like that truck! :P 

      Here's mine:


    2. Drakomis


      NIICE! Can't like posts for some reason, guess I ran out, but thank you for sharing reaper!

    3. Reaper


      No problem at all that @Drakomis:) 

  5. Drakomis

    Automatically kick players who spam their horn

    Next thing you know, when you toot your horn to greet someone on the highway you'll be banned for a week. Go figure. I've got to disagree. This wouldn't be necessary if the reporting system wasn't dependant - in my opinion - on outside sources. I have a pet peeve with being told to use third-party software to validate a claim that could easily be justified by utilizing the apparent in-game resources, such as in the case of reported events being recorded by the game. Regardless of that, adding an automatic ban function of a typically benign gesture would not serve any other purpose than to further isolate those in the community who only wish to be friendly and courteous on the road. I think this sets a dangerous precedent that would enable further suggestions to crush and oppose attempts by members of the community to retain privileges that enable them further immersion, such as a complaint against overuse of headlights for example.
  6. Drakomis

    ATS MP

    I gotta say, I was on ATS yesterday and there was a good presence on it. Other than a server hiccup and two fellows who acted like they really wanted to scratch paint, it went pretty well.
  7. Drakomis

    Virtual Trucking Manager

    Howdy, I had a few questions regarding the continued use of your website. I find it an amazing addition and assistance to my ambition to create and maintain a Virtual Trucking Company. I noticed, however, that the last major update happened in 2016 on the website. If I may be so respectful, may I inquire as to the status and planned usage of the website and if the owners/developers are aspiring to continuing supporting it? I am very eager to continue to utilize your resources but if there is a planned future drop to the website I'd at the very least like to know ahead of time so I may invest in other alternatives. I'll be frank here. Your website provides an awesome array of detail in reporting that I have not found anywhere else. I really, really enjoy using it. Thanks!
  8. Drakomis

    ATS Traffic Lights

    The rule of thumb I go by is if there is traffic approaching from the other direction to the same intersection, I abide by traffic rules. If there's no one around, why bother to stop?
  9. Drakomis

    How often do you replace your truck in-game?

    I like to drive the truck that most similarly looks like a cabover from the US. Right now that's a DAS and, despite a few cosmetic upgrades, I've been driving that.
  10. Drakomis

    The difference between the servers.

    EU 1: "I want to get this load professionally done without interruption." EU 2: "I like people. I *really* like people. I also like to be hit by random people all the time regardless of situation" EU 3: "I like to relax and drive a bit, just do my own thing without having something tip me over" EU 4: "I have the need...for speed."
  11. Drakomis

    What if AI traffic is added?

    On one hand, I like the idea, it'd allow a bit more immersion. On the other, I'll be honest....isn't the object of Multiplayer to interact with players rather than AI traffic? That was my understanding, not sure if anyone else's.
  12. You know, I find this real odd. I apologized for an event I did some time ago and two people from the community advised me to get recording software to report incidents. I even reported incidents prior to this that were ignored, I think, but overall I got the impression that it was a requirement to have some form of recording software to be able to justify that you're reporting someone. Seeing this video and the situation involved, I'm really starting to question that.

    You mind elaborating on what recording software you use? Any ones I use just hog my system. What is your overall opinion of the situation regarding your original post?


  13. Drakomis

    Your opinions on In-game Reports?

    When I first started I was always under the impression that those big red words "this session will be recorded" would be utilized and whatnot. I had two instances few days ago where people purposefully hit me or pushed me off the road, both of them were seen off. I figure it was because I had such high ping. I don't know, other than some big wig telling me I should "get recording software to prove something happened", I haven't had any issues with it. It worked for me last week.
  14. Did a little test with the Virtual Trucking Management thingie and found out it's surprisingly....well....easy. I can edit the log before it posts, it'll come up as pending automatically and I can include my own data that I like to include. I left a message on their site to find out if they're still active, cause if I'm actually gonna do this I'd like a reliable and stable platform.

    Otherwise, well...I'll do what the other gentlemen suggested and start conversing with the CEO's of other VTC's. Find out what they use, see if I can find some advice.

    Trying to sort through all avenues right now.