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  1. Dear @Neutronet, first of all welcome to the TMP-forums. Regarding your question, I think it highly depends on which server you play on. If you decide to play on EU 2, you will barely see anyone respecting the traffic laws, meaning trucks will just fly past you at insane speeds, overtake you at the worst possible times and yes - no matter how much you try to respect other drivers around and drive at a sane level - you will end up in a crash every now and then. It's just impossible not to get involved in any accidents with the amount of insane berserks you have to deal with at a regular basis. If you decide to play on the simulation server (EU 1) you will face way less of these reckless drivers, as there is a local speed-limiter in place, meaning no one can exceed that set speed on this server. A lot of the organ transplant trucks that are forced to drive with a minimum speed of 150 mph simply can't go there, as otherwise millions of people will die, so this means that you will have a way more relaxed time there. But it's still no guarantee to not get annoyed by trolls or reckless drivers on EU 1 as well - the chances are just way lower. I think all the servers have their very own advantages and disadvantages. If you like the challenge and like to see more people around, but still don't mind getting into dangerous situations every now and then, EU 2 might be the optimal place for you. If you don't mind only seeing other players around you on a less regular basis and don't mind the set speed limiter, EU 1 might be your way to go. EU 3 is kind of the level in between EU 1 and 2, as the toxic OP-vehicles aka cars are not allowed there. So to conclude, I would definitely say that you will face quite a lot of frustrating moments if you want to play TMP. There's nothing more frustrating than driving 1000+ miles perfectly fine, just to get wrecked by an impatient driver that overtakes you recklessly 20 miles shy of your destination. And yes, these situations happen every now and then - at least if you're one of the few people, like myself, who tend to stick with the speed limits. But in the end, if you are really interested in sharing the passion for trucking with other people all around the globe, I think it is absolutely worth the struggle, as there's still quite a lot of sane drivers around there as well and you can have a great time on the roads of TMP. But before tackling that challenge I'd highly recommend that you make sure you got enough money in order to repair your truck/trailer several times, as you never know what's about to happen...
  2. T.Rucker


    Dear @Ensar Gencturk, unfortunately it is very hard to understand your exact problem you are dealing with and therefore you can not expect too much useful help. Since the language barrier seems to be causing these issues and it looks like you are a Turkish native speaker, you might want to use the Turkish Support section instead, as you will probably get more helpful replies there: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/233-yardım-destek/. I hope I could help and hopefully you will be able to solve your problem quickly.
  3. T.Rucker

    I can't make an application for support

    Hello @ayyappareddy1, you kind of answered your question on your own already: In order to be eligible for applying to join any position in the TMP-staff, you need to have no more than 3 bans in total on your account (no matter how long these bans have expired already). The reason for this is simple: The staff team has to act as a role model for the entire community, therefore it is important that people applying for staff know how to behave and follow the rules. Now if you have a big amount of bans already, it looks like you just don't care about the rules, which is not really the kind of person the TMP-team is looking for. And without intending to offend you, but in fact I think even if you were technically able to apply for a support position, it would have been more than unlikely for you to make it as one of the requirements is being active in the community. But since you have only 2 posts in total, I don't see this requirement being met neither. I am sorry for your situation, but sadly there's nothing to change about that as the requirements for being recruited are pretty straight forward...
  4. Hello buddy,

    From what i hear is that you will leave the team, this is very sad news. 

    Good luck in the future and thanks for everythink you have done so far.


  5. Good luck in the future :D thank you for everything you have helped me with ;)

  6. Thank you for your work for TruckersMP, best of luck to you where the road takes. ;)

  7. Good luck for everything in the future. 

    It's sad to see you go, but at the end of the day, you've worked hard, and I'm sure the community really appreciates that. (I know I do)


    Thank you for everything :D 

  8. Good luck in the future ;)

  9. It's sad to see you go and it's hard to let you go.

    Thanks for everything :( <3

  10. Thank you for all the good luck in your life :(

  11. This is really sad news. I wish you success in your life. :(:(

  12. thanks for the hard work sad to see you go see you again :(

  13. T.Rucker

    TruckersMP Team

    [Community Moderator] @MrCipr joins the Support Team as [Trial Support]. Welcome aboard and good luck with your new rank!
  14. T.Rucker

    TruckersMP Team

    [Trial Support] @[WTLVTC-Manager] Pragaras leaves the support team for personal reasons. Thank you for your efforts and hard work and all the best for your future.
  15. T.Rucker

    When can Slipstream paint job be supported in ETS2MP

    Dear @Creeper_NoDenial, since there have been a few answers given to your question already: Is your problem solved or do you need any further information? Please let us know or simply mark a best answer by clicking on the little checkmark at the top left of the corresponding post. Thank you.