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  1. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! :)

  2. My preference is definitely going towards manual. Even though I'd like to have a proper shifter, I am still preferring the sequential gearbox - which I currently use - over an automatic one. Back in the days when I switched from automatic to sequential, the in-game automatic was terrible, especially with heavier loads, so you could drive way more efficiently with manual gear changes. I don't know how the situation looks like with the current automatic gearboxes, as SCS has changed quite a bit in the meantime, but I won't even bother changing back to automatic, as it's just funnier and more challenging to drive with a manual gearbox. I think it just adds a bit more depth into the gameplay and makes driving a bit more challenging than just pressing a few keys/buttons/pedals...
  3. I know this answer might not entirely satisfy you, but I think you have to make that decision on your own, as it's completely depending on personal preferences. Ask 5 people which truck is the best option for a specific job and you'll probably get 5 different answers. I used to swap trucks regularly in the past as I wanted to try them all, and I've came to a conclusion which trucks I like driving and which just don't really suit me at all. Now I am mostly using the same truck for all my journeys, no matter if it's a several thousand mile long one or just a quick job between two close by cities. Just take the truck you feel comfortable with driving, because in the end it's not the community behind the steering wheel, but yourself so you should be the one that's satisfied. And if you haven't tried any specific trucks yet and haven't made up your mind yet which one you'll take, just try something new. The worst thing that could happen is that you dislike a truck, so you just try another one afterwards...
  4. Dear @[T.J.B] - EmaGamerYT, I recommend that you take a read through the TMP-rules regarding save editing of trucks (§3: https://truckersmp.com/rules). It clearly states, that tuning items are only allowed in slots where they can be put by default within the game. Since the position of your lightbar on the roof seems quite a bit modified to where it should be, that setup is not complying with the TMP-rules. Therefore I wouldn't use that setup in TMP as it might get you a ban as a result in case you do.
  5. Sadly there is no way to remove the issue with having no jobs available after logging into the game. I think the issue is that the jobs aren't synced with the time of the server whenever you log into the game, so even creating a new profile won't change anything. All you need to do in order to get yourself new jobs on your list is to make the game synchronize the available contract. That basically happens every time you see the loading screen (when teleporting to a repair center via F7+Enter, sleeping, taking a train/ferry or just quick-travelling to one of your garages). I know it is annoying, but I recommend that you just use the quick-travel function to one of your garages every time you face this issue and you should be able to see some jobs afterwards. An alternative, if you don't mind the forced speed limit, is to take an external (World of Trucks) contract. These are generated on the WoT-server and are available all the time, as long as your profile is linked to a WoT-profile and you have a stable connection to the server...
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