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  1. TruckersMP Team

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  2. ets2 mp v

    Wrong language for the general help section -> Topic moved to Russian Discussion -> 'помощь'
  3. I don't have permissions to view a topic

    Question has been answered sufficiently and best answer is marked. Thank you everyone for the participation. Topic locked and moved to 'Solved'
  4. Timezones in ban time

    Best answer has been marked. Let's hope you have learned from your mistake and don't have to be banned again so you don't need to ask again which time zone it is referring to... Topic locked and moved to 'Solved'
  5. Timezones in ban time

    Dear @Pie_Fish, to answer your question short and directly: Yes, the system time is referring to the UTC time zone by default. But you can change the used time zone in your account settings on the TMP-website. The link to the guide how to do so can be found above. Please let us know whether you are satisfied with the answers given in this thread or if you need any further information.
  6. in my inventory there are 3 pages of ets2 things?

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  7. Reporting

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  8. Reporting

    Dear @DutchyTrucker, please do not do that! You should keep in mind that the purpose of playing this game is to enjoy the beauty of trucking - not to punish other players for their mistakes. If you try to farm web reports like that, I can ensure you that this is the easiest and fastest way if you want to get your amount of possible reports cut to a minimum. If you use the zero-cam on the C-D road with the only purpose of reporting people, you will face an endless amount of rule offenses. In the end our report system will get flooded and every player will complain even more than they do already about long waiting times on web reports. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of common sense and actually respect for each other to understand that this isn't advisable and in my opinion this kind of attitude is probably hurting the community as badly as trolls do. Just try to enjoy the game and only report people if they really harm you and you got the impression like they are doing it on purpose. There's really no need to report every single minor offense or mistake.
  9. Help :|

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  10. Oh grats:wub:

    1. TFM DJ ccowie

      TFM DJ ccowie

      A bit late Suli :lol:

      Better late than never I guess.

  11. TruckersMP Team

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  13. what laptop you use?

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    2. P1NK


      also how did you get support manager?

    3. T.Rucker


      By bribing the correct people... :ph34r:

    4. P1NK


      some sort of hitman or sommat;)


    Dear @Bradley0601, there have been several answers given to your question. Are you satisfied with them or do you need any further information? Please let us know, thank you.
    1. T.Rucker


      No, that's not me. I am neither Dutch nor am i streaming anything (believe me, on my potato laptop no one would like to watch that stream... :D ).