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  1. Your avatar = 10/10

    1. JamesS014


      Thanks boi, my doggo 😄

  2. Thank you for everything you have done for me, for the team and the whole community. Its hard for me to express how grateful I am for what you have done for us. If you ever need anything, my messages are always open. Its a big loss for the team. 

  3. Met @Lasse the other day, here are some photos of us 


    Hope you will enjoy them :) 



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    2. TeamAudi_Chemistry_EM


      Anyway, I want to take a picture with you somedays :D


    3. Der Joey

      Der Joey

      Nice Photo 

      Lasse :kappa: 

    4. -Cary-


      Nice photos!

  4. Some photos with @wpx_ that I have taken during our journey.


    Enjoy the pictures :)



  5. Went driving with @szykaro23 took some photos along the way.




    Hope you like them 😁

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    2. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      nice photos :wub: 

    3. EmreBEKAR


      Very Good Photos Sir! 😍

    4. Shayrin


      Heavy cargo is the best 😍

  6. Have been pulled over by one of our game moderators @Chris [PL] a couple of days ago.


    Enjoy the pictures :)



  7. Some pictures that were taken by @issam0707 after our journey. 




    1. DemonHunter1981


      awesome pictures man. 

    2. TeamAudi_Dongkyu_EM
    3. Mystere


      Nice pics! have a nice day buddy👋

  8. Winter isnt over yet! Make sure you have your winter tyres on your vehicles!

    Today, I have made some routine traffic stops of our staff members, managed to find @Samito_BG still using summer tyres, no wonder he was sliding all over the road.

    Stay safe out there.





    1. JamesS014


      Did you issue him a ticket :trollface:

    2. TheGoodGuy1515


      @JamesS014 I made him walk to the nearby car shop, to buy the winter tyres he needed. Then made him sit down in the snow and change them.

    3. Samito_BG


      Wonderful pictures, I can guarantee you that I changed the tires sir and this will never happen again! 🚔 😍

  9. Havent posted any photos since my promotion.

    Hopefully you will like these photos of me hiding between my fellow AI colleagues.


    1. Samito_BG


      Awesome Photos bud! ❤️


    2. EHHVTC DM I danbrown2002
  10. Another day, Another throwback to a drive with some of the fellow game moderators, @Schak Bruijn, @Newo and @[RLC] Elsassisch_Trucker







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    2. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      beautiful photos :wub:

    3. JamesS014


      Nice photos! Nice to see the admins working together :D

    4. EHHVTC DM I danbrown2002
  11. Some photos from an escort and an pullover from a while back:




    Photos were made by mr. @EHHVTC - Ollie

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    2. [MCG] Kien Giang
    3. WarMaz


      Pullover? I don't see anyone wearing warm clothes there. :kappa:

    4. EHHVTC - Ollie

      EHHVTC - Ollie

      Was nice driving with ya, badguy :kappa: 

  12. Big announcement: i now fully own a discord server. 


    Feel free to join it if you are interested. Link can be found here: https://discord.io/TGG1515


    Thank you

  13. Had a great drive with @Ali. and @Moh_ today. I thought it would be nice if i shared a photo with you guys.



    - Picture was taken by @Ali. -

  14. I have been invited to an evening convoy by @Dominik (iFlufy) i am glad i had the chance to join it,


    Below you will see some photos with, Dominik, @EPS!LON , @Sabbi [GER] , @Newo , @Just_AHD




    On the next photos you can see Dominik, Me and Newo in the Slovak Flag Paintjob






    Thank you for having me guys <3

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    2. Alon_TMP


      Partner, it's a pity I didn't join.:(

    3. Guest


      Great pictures

    4. Sabbi [GER]

      Sabbi [GER]

      Thank you for the greate Trip:wub:

  15. Not even Community Managers can hide from us,

    Here are some pictures from a routine traffic stop made on @Lasse




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    2. Der Joey

      Der Joey

      Nice photo ihihi lasse :wub:B)

    3. Alon_TMP
    4. Luna


      I am now in prison :notlikethis:

  16. Another day another photo: 



    This one Includes @OBrasileiro on a routine traffic stop

    1. XinBao^


      nice photo:D

  17. Nice photos from yesterdays escort:




    Big thanks to my escort colleague @Olioak and thanks to @ismail [TR] for letting us escort him.



  18. New Role Has Been Announced: Port Patrol! 


    Here Is The New Port Patrol Team, 


    @Sabbi [GER] The Great Team Leader, Me The Seniour Supervisor And Our Trainee @EPS!LON



    (Ps. No Port Patrol Role Exists Unfortunately.)

  19. These Are The Trucks I Love Driving Around. Let Me Know What You Think :) 




  20. I would like to share with you some nice photos with my fellow colleague @Flindix



    1. XinBao^


      nice photo

    2. Alon_TMP


      Dude, nice police car. I'm gonna steal it.:lol:

  21. Just Patrolling And Protecting The Beautiful Roads Of Europe:



    1. MrMarchus


      Už zase me musí kontrolovat bože,příště si radši nalepím na sklo vezu imigranty:D

  22. Shame that our vtc fell apart. 


    Wish you luck in Viva.


    I am glad i had a chance to meet you thanks to wtlvtc, and i will be very happy if we stay in contact. 


    Take care buddy, wish you luck.


    Kind Regards, TheGoodGuy1515

    1. [WTLVTC] Dancool000

      [WTLVTC] Dancool000

      @TheGoodGuy1515 we will always stay in contact message me on steam, discord or even facebook im always up for a chat :)

    2. Hype [GR]

      Hype [GR]

      @TheGoodGuy1515 So sad. Wish you good luck on life :-(

    3. TheGoodGuy1515


      @HypeGR Thank you kindly, 


      Some stuff always changes in life so its only up to us to make the best out of it.


      i only have good things to remember about the vtc community. And thats whats important.


      Take care aswell,



  23. Can I Please Kindly Ask Everyone. Not To Spam Me On Discord, Forums, Steam Etc. About Your Bans?


    We Have This Nice Link You Can Click: https://truckersmp.com/appeals And Speak To Me About The Ban There (Also Known As Appealing The Ban)


    Thank You Kindly.


    Sincerely, TheGoodGuy1515


  24. I would like to personally wish everyone Merry Christmas. I hope you are going to enjoy them with your loved ones, your friends, your family. Hope you going to have a great time during these holidays. :)

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