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  1. Sabbi [GER]

    So there is a road near Kristiansand...

    you spin me right round, baby right round lika a record, baby right round round round
  2. I guess that's the winter mod end of the month or the beginning of January coming, but you do not know for sure, just wait and see.
  3. Sabbi [GER]

    What is the best truck brand?

    My favorite truck brand is Scania and DAF and currently I drive DAF in multiplayer, but I also switch to scania or other brands.
  4. Sabbi [GER]

    Sabbi´s Photos ^_^

    With Just_AHD
  5. Sabbi [GER]

    Sabbi´s Photos ^_^

    Time to sleep
  6. I play 3-4 hours daily ETS MP if nothing is currently pending with friends i play 4-5 hours
  7. The new design looks wonderful, maybe the proposal will be accepted and implemented
  8. Sabbi [GER]

    Skin - ETS

    The skin looks great, maybe in other colors to make it more colorful, but that's up to you, so it looks good too
  9. i hear sometimes TruckersFM or Simulator Radio, but mostly i hear my own playlist
  10. Sabbi [GER]

    Future of ETS.

    I think the future in ETS2 is very promising one hears here and there some rumors that there will be new trucks, the new tuning dlcs will come, the new map dlcs will come and so on. let's surprise with the next verions of ets what scs and get there I think next, the new MAN is brought into game
  11. Sabbi [GER]

    Feedback - 3 day wait

    I do not think that three days are too long, the Staffs of the tmp have a lot to do and it comes in every day few hunderd feedbacks / support requests, it may take a while to get a feedback
  12. I also drive the D-C road but only without cargo because you know that there trolls and people are on the road are like ramming. for rides with cargo I drive another route, main thing you freight hail
  13. Sabbi [GER]

    VS Game

    Dusseldorf Renault vs Lada
  14. Sabbi [GER]

    New volvo package

    I also hope that the next DLC tuning is the Volvo Tuning DLC and after this DLC, maybe Tuning DLC for Mercedes