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  1. I have been shipping goods for the 10th anniversary event recently, but I have shipped several times, and my personal page only shows that I completed once, what is the situation? Can someone tell me? I've tried running in administrator mode, but it doesn't work
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  6. For a multiplayer game, 600ms is already a very high value, in the process of overtaking will cause difficulties, this value is more reasonable, but in Arcade can be increased to 700 or even 800ms, because there is no collision problem, higher ping does not matter
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    This looks interesting
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  9. They're not in the game all the time processing reports, they have jobs, they have families, they have lives. To be honest, there are still not enough GM
  10. If the player continues to send such messages, you should record the screen and report them. They violated Rule 1.3
  11. Try using a retarder to slow down your car so it doesn't rear-end you
  12. Scandinavia DLC! It's a beautiful place. I often drive trucks there
  13. promods is large enough that no additional map mods are needed for the time being
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