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  1. Coming soon to a screen near you, are you ready?



    @Krewlex @StickyEagle @Axorell @MattTM

  2. Hello! How are you all today?

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    2. [GER] Robin

      [GER] Robin

       Tired but it's all right here :P

      What about you?

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    4. EHHVTC - Ollie

      EHHVTC - Ollie

      Thank you all for asking! I'm good thanks :) 

  3. EHHVTC - Ollie


    I look forward to attending, nice post graphics
  4. EHHVTC - Ollie

    What does everyone think about the new apex legends battle royale?

    I've heard a lot about this game, but haven't had a chance to play it yet. From previews I've seen, it looks good.
  5. EHHVTC - Ollie

    No jobs? ( "uset g_force_economy_reset "1" not in config.)

    Hello @Icymice, Some good answers have been given, however. As an alternative, you can go to a service station once you're connected to the server, and rest. This will refresh the job market. Let me know if I can be of any more assistance. Regards.
  6. Hello @Like. As @Titanic4 you can re-upload the evidence and edit your initial comment with the new link. Just explain to the Game Moderator when they look at the report that it was deleted in error, and this is the new link. Did this answer your question? Let me know. Regards.
  7. EHHVTC - Ollie

    mi id esta siendo usada

    // Moved to ayuda (Spanish Help Section)
  8. EHHVTC - Ollie

    Is it my fault?

    Hi @FPSKoda4, This is a known issue, the train tracks issue is due to the new physics added by SCS. Let me know if I can be of any more assistance! Regards.
  9. EHHVTC - Ollie

    laptop dose not connect to server

    Hi @Mr-Squirrel, Some good replies have been given, it'd be preferred for us if you can provide some more information. You can also visit the link that @Andreea RO has kindly posted, which holds fixes for common issues. Let me know if I can be of any more assistance. Regards.
  10. EHHVTC - Ollie

    "Lost connection to the game, reconnecting"

    Hello @[VIVA] ID0ntHaveAName, Some good answers have been given, let me know if it helps solve the issue! Regards.
  11. So it would appear, I am back to haunt you all!

    The break has done me good, but now, I'm back! See you on the roads, or the Support Section :kappa:

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    2. Andreea RO

      Andreea RO

      Welcome back! I hope you are good! ;)

    3. Zombiez


      Welcome back! :love:

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  12. All the best for the future fig, stay in touch mate <3

    1. konfig0


      I will, thanks!

  13. EHHVTC - Ollie Released

    Thank you mwl, you're a star!
  14. Are you a twitch streamer? If so, we want to hear from you!


    We are looking for official streamers for the event to provide a second perspective to Blue Eyes 2019, or for those who can't attend!


    If you're interested in helping out, please let me know via a Discord Message. (Ollie#1160)




    Blue Eyes Event Founder

  15. Huge thanks to @Aestrial for approving our temporary rules for the day!