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  1. I remember there was a "teaser" for a server that would have AI in it, but imo, if that would ever come out, it would case a lot of issues. Trolling with AI, would become a next thing for all the griffers to harvest, and to destroy fun for others. I get the overall idea, cause if you are not driving with friends, join convoys or visit that cough popular areas, TMP may seem empty. AI would add the well, "life" to the roads. But overall, it has more down then upsides.
  2. Oh look

    A follow :kappa:


    Atleast now I will know who to tag when I steal Borrow your pics. xx

  3. You did it my dude, you did it.
    I'm so proud and  HYPED


    Cogratz on your promotion. Just don't ban me :kappa:

    1. MattTM


      Thanks so much Chris ❤️


  4. Tango Transport ATS Convoy



    Amazing convoy today Tango Transport! Really enjoyed it, can't wait for another one. Prime Logistics will be attending for sure!



  5. Here's my DAF 105 XF, both daily driver and for the convoys
  6. Thank you everyone who've joined our Prime Logistics Bi-Weekly Convoy, this time around in Baltic DLC. 


    We hope you all have enjoyed it and that we will see you next time! ❤


    Credits to Issam, our Convoy Media staff member for this amazing picture. 😉👉


    ~ Chris | Prime Logistics COO

  7. After I saw the trailer on steam shop, I was amazed ngl. The huge front bumper for the new actros reminds me of Australian road trains In all seriousness, I do love this new DLC, for such a low price, it's a great pack if you love to customize your trucks.
  8. I'm very excited to announce, that I am now officially a proud cat owner! I'm so so happy, I've waited for so long and it finally happened. 


    Her name is Lea, she's 2 years old Norwegian Forest Cat. 


    She's not scared and loves to be pet. I'll drop some pics ones she'll get used to her new home. ❤

    1. Mr. Calvin

      Mr. Calvin

      Ready for some cat spam

  9. I'm so excited for tomorrow. Not only there's a TMP Convoy, but also after long time... I'm getting a cat. I've waited so long and I honestly can't wait to see her tomorrow. :love:

    1. MattTM



    2. WNxArcticwolf


      good luck with a cat lol

  10. I prefer ETS2 over ATS, because imo ETS2 has far more content then ATS. For me, American Truck Sim seems, empty I'd say. Like, in ETS2 you have a lot more trucks, roads, cities, loads etc. I'm glad SCS is trying to add something more maps etc. but everything as a DLC? Like, I feel the base map of ATS is quite boring and "small", compared to ETS2. In ETS2 you can have fun in the base map, and then decided to maybe buy a DLC to explore more. In ATS on the other hand... Well, It's either buy DLC to see something or enjoy uh? Sand. Lots and lots of sand.
  11. I love how people are blaming the new server rules for "low players count". People are on vacations or even have summer jobs. I'm sure after August, the server stats will sky rocket back again to +200 queue. I personally really like the "road to simulation" rules, less speed = less accidents. 150k/h was a bit of a joke imo. It's still 110km/h which idk how could you (normally) achieve with an actual truck, other then going downhill lmao, but that's fine I guess, other wise even more people would "Why can't we drive 110km/h anymore! So slow!" All of it is leading to better experience of players that actually want to play the game properly, like doing convoys, delivering jobs etc. And removing the "Race Trucks".
  12. I have to agree with @[RLC] Lasse, adding "flags" next to players name is not only bit pointless as it would add another small icon next to your nick, but also cause a lot of hate on other players for their nationality, such as Turkish, Russian, Chinese etc. If you want to show where are you from, you can put [country] next to your nick, like I have [PL] (Poland), if you don't, the you don't. Simple.
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