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  1. 🌏 ProMods exploration 🌎


    Together with @issam0707, thank you for new profile banner 😉 ❤️

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      All right, I think that's a good photo! :)

  2. This is only possible on Real Operations events, because it's done by staff members only who are trained to do it. Something like this would get easily abused by players as they would think they have "power" over others and can block watchever they want or enforce rules. Definitely yes for RO events, definitely no for public use.
  3. psst, you want some toilet paper?
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  5. Congrats Chris! :miau: 

  6. Congrats Chris! 🎉

  7. Congrats Chris! ❤️

  8. Biq congratz Mr.Mod :meow:

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  12. You've basically explained our rules 1. You go there at your own risk. C-D Road or Kir. Quarry are places where it's very easy to get banned if you don't pay attention or drive recklessly. There are thousands better places on ProMods map to explore, don't go on a one lane, tight road going to small quarry and either blame Game Moderation for it "Where are adminss!!? So many people! Admin ban 2642 Blocking! +" or drive like the road is only for them, overtaking everyone. 2. Indeed, that's a very good suggestion. Having recording on or even a clip whenever you crash can always help you appeal your ban. 3. Well.. That's pretty self-explanatory. Follow traffic rules. 4. Again, if you don't pay attention to the road and cause an accident / get involved in one, you can only blame yourself. It'd be like me driving 140+ on highway (IRL) and saying "Oh look, what a beautiful view, let me take a picture". I don't think that's a good idea? 5. That's rule 1.5 and you are the only one to blame. If you swear and insult someone, expect punishment. Saying "But I got rammed so I got angry!" is NOT a good excuse. 6. Well that's just... It's not "you may" but "you will". Ramming is Ramming no matter if It was a "revenge". I believe that before people start blaming someone for accidents, traffic jams or bans, they first need to ask them self's these easy questions: "Do I really need to go on C-D / Quarry and just add additional traffic? I will probably be very frustrated there." "Is it a good idea to insult someone? I wouldn't like someone calling me like this." "Damn, I got rammed. Should I ram him banned? I think it's better if I just report them. Moderation team will take care of that." (Just to be clear, this situations aren't targeted at you. I wanted to explain typical situations and reactions in the community)
  13. Great changes to Verification requirements
  14. @Schak Bruijn you are staff, you are reseting the counter
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