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  1. Late night drive yesterday with @Nathan @Noobyxox





  2. Moh_

    TruckersMP Team

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  3. uwu

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    2. Moh_
    3. Noobyxox


      See, also @Nathan is a weeb too so its all good got to keep you weebs under wraps ;) 

    4. ATEKGaming
  4. 🌻 for you

    1. Moh_


      Awww, so kind! 😊

  5. Hello TeamAudi l Chemistry l M, This is something that has been suggested and rejected before and as it stands, our position on this remains the same. You can find more information in the the topic below where we've explained why we won't create an app for the forum. Thanks for your understanding.
  6. Moh_

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  7. Moh_

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    [MEDIA TEAM] [COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @BurakAKSAKAL moves from the Social Media Team to the Discord Moderator team and remains in the Media team. [Report Moderator] @izm07 has been promoted to the position of Game Moderator. [PLAYER] @Beales joins the Event Team.
  8. It's been a while since my last status update, hope you're all doing well.


    Here's a photo of my truck I've been driving recently. 


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    4. Moh_


      @Noxii Part of me is tempted to just leave it because it's a good talking point whenever I post a picture of this somewhere :LUL:


      Thank you for the lovely comments all! 😀

  9. Hi!

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    2. Moh_


      Doing great thanks, and yourself? 😁

    3. sQCF - Beater

      sQCF - Beater

      Nothing better than starting the day with a good coffee! xD Have a nice day!D

    4. Sonyn


      How are you Moh_?

  10. Moh_

    Forum Chat

    Hello [Quality Express] Marius, Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately, we have come to the conclusion that your suggestion will not be accepted. The forum isn't the best platform for such a feature in terms of a good user experience or from a moderation perspective. Instead, we recommend that you join our Discord guild where you can chat with other members of the TruckersMP community in real time, as well as sharing content quickly and easily. Our guild has nearly 40,000 members, check it out here: https://discord.gg/truckersmp Thanks for your understanding.
  11. Hello Rafaum Deejay, Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately, we have come to the conclusion that your suggestion will not be accepted, as it will increase load times for users with slow connections. It will also be open to abuse with signatures that would likely serve no benefit other than to gain attention from other members in the community. We also have concerns with the fact that some members may be sensitive to seizures with the use of such GIFs. As for the second part of your suggestion, you can already post GIFs as part of status updates on the forum, provided that they do not break our rules. Thanks for your understanding.
  12. Moh_

    Forum app

    Hello Gnl_Hugh122, Thank you for your suggestion. We use Invision Power Board for our forums, which is developed by Invision Community. As this is closed source software, we cannot develop and/or publish our own app. We recommend you contact them regarding your suggestion instead: https://invisioncommunity.com/ You can also enable e-mail alerts for notifications on the forum. Whilst this isn't the most elegant solution, it's a compromise for something that would otherwise require a large amount of time spent by developers to create, design, and maintain an app (if it was possible to do so). Thanks for your understanding.
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