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  1. Forum Member and Reputation titles

    One option I can think of is to follow the progress titles used in-game when you level up for reputation points. Example of first 10 used: Newbie Enthusiast Skilled Worker Professional Master Instructor Elite King of the Road Legend Divine Champion
  2. Go to the following location and copy the file into your ETS/ATS mods folder, renaming the file extension from .mp to .scs. C:\ProgramData\TruckersMP\data\shared\mods
  3. It's an interesting suggestion, but one that I ultimately disagree with. Detecting whether someone is intentionally saving their game versus someone who is auto saving seems impossible (unless you know of a way then please do tell!). On top of that, many other factors can cause someone lag that are not just related to auto save, including but not limited to, network lag, GPU lag (loading textures, FPS, etc), system lag (disk speed) and so on. Being able to tell the difference between these factors is often difficult. However, with the example you gave of someone saying they are going to be saving their game whilst driving causing them to lag, should be punished as they are intending to cause harm to other players. One could argue it falls foul of rule 2.5 - Attempting to use desync in order to cause damage to another users vehicle is forbidden..
  4. (UI) More visible and configurable UI for chat

    Adding onto this suggestion, having a drop down menu where you can select different chat channels pertaining to each language, so English speakers can speak in English, Turkish speakers can speak in Turkish and so on.
  5. Congrats on the promotion ;)


  6. Your First and or Second Truck?

    I hope you're not using that truck on MP with the lights on the grill, as those aren't allowed anymore. To answer your question, I started out with a MAN TGX, with my second truck being a Volvo FH.
  7. Introducing the "Add-On Team"

    Really happy to see TMP moving forward and improving the experience for the players. I've always thought that this mod hasn't changed much over the years in terms of player experience, besides from supporting base game DLCs, Scout 1.0, the administration changes (web reporting system etc.), media team and so on. That's not to say those changes were bad, it just felt like things were progressing a little slower than expected. Looking forward to seeing what ideas are implemented and what ideas the community wants to see.
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  9. Need help AsAp about a report

    To add to what the others have said: you can edit report messages after they've been submitted, where you can inform whoever looks at the report that you have reported the incorrect person. You can also add additional messages to the report, so you could have added a second message saying something like "I entered the wrong user ID by accident, I wished to report XYZ".
  10. How do you change Gears? Manual or Auto?

    Real Automatic with realistic adaptive transmission enabled, with a key for switching to sequential and gear hints enabled. Pressing the hint down key will drop a gear, and pressing the hint up will go up a gear, usually used to maintain speed or to stop the gearbox from constantly changing gears (looking at you, Volvo). Mostly drive in automatic mode, though I often switch to sequential and drop to a lower gear when I'm going up a hill/rough terrain in order to maintain speed.
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      When you get rammed so hard you get sent back to ETS1

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  13. Global speed limiter

    I think that's a very one dimensional viewpoint. There's nothing wrong with having the car in a game that's about trucks. it all boils down to how players drive, and judging by the number of instances where accidents are caused by people driving recklessly with the Scout car, I don't see the harm in implementing such a limit. The argument of "having a car in a game called Euro Truck Simulator" doesn't make sense either. Are you saying TMP should remove the car completely instead of implementing a speed limiter? Why should the actions of a small part of the player base who are driving recklessly, punish players who abide the rules when driving the car by removing the Scout car completely? Surely it would be better to add something like a limiter that would help reduce the number of accidents?
  14. Global speed limiter

    I don't see the issue with this, the limit seems reasonable. It'll help players control the Scout car better as that thing rolls at high speed even with the tiniest of movements. Though I don't think it should apply to free roam servers, as the rules are more relaxed and it gives people the option to drive at any speed they desire without hindering others.