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  1. ajuda com world of trucks

    Ola @iSrBruno A Conta de "World of Trucks" nos nao tem acesso. Voce precisa de entrar em Contato com alguem do Support do WOrld of Trucks ! Se a sua Pergunta foi respondida, por favor deixa nos saber-lo.

    Ola @Luck JP-PB O seu Problema foi resolvido ?
  3. ATS

    Hello @andej SLO Has your Problem solved ? Because you In-Game ! Please let us know !
  4. Help Game Eror

    Hello @[T.G.E][42]EmreBEKAR[TR] Has your Problem solved ? Because your In-Game: Please let us know !
  5. Supporter Team-answer

    Hello @Lazox3 Many Answer already given. Has your question resolved ? Please let us know !
  6. Minha Velocidade

    Ola @SBSX Depoa Gamer [019]RS A sua Pergunta foi resolvida ? Por favor, deixa nos saber-lo !
  7. [FÓRUM] Tamanho da Fotografia de Capa

    Ola @Tuna_ Isso e uma boa explicacao, obrigado e tomara que isso Ajuda outros Jogadores ! Happy Trucking !
  8. Problem with server Europe 2 (ban)

    Hello @Malik ? As @Rukiro said: You are not allowed to build any police components on your car. You will be kicked directly. Please remove the components, then you will not be kicked anymore. You can use the cars, only blue lights and blue sirens. You are not allowed to use "G-MOD" or "Game Moderator" or "STAFF" or similar words on your TAG. I hope that has answered your question Happy Trucking !
  9. How Do U Work CB on Ets2MP

    Hello @Rails_of_Belfast With "X" you can Speak with everyone if are near you and have the same channel as you. With "Y" you can Write with everyone if are near you I hope that's help you ! Happy Trucking !
  10. unsupported game version

    Hello @The_Jasorn_TV Has your Problem solved ? Because your In-Game now ! Please let us know !
  11. Speed Regulator doesn"t work with my G29 and H shifter

    Here you can see my Settings: @MKJ [FR] Not forgot so start first the Logitech Gaming Software and then the TruckersMP Launcher !
  12. Speed Regulator doesn"t work with my G29 and H shifter

    Do you use any Cruise Control ? When yes, follow this Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71kxNbJS1Vs
  13. Speed Regulator doesn"t work with my G29 and H shifter

    Hello @MKJ [FR] You must first download the Logitech Gaming Software: https://support.logitech.com/en_ch/software/lgs Then you have to enter the game under "Controller". There you have to select your G29 and adjust the following settings below. I hope that can help you !