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  1. Good Night TruckersMP:) :tmp:



    1. [R.W.M] RedWolfTV

      [R.W.M] RedWolfTV

      Good Night happy Dreams my friend ;)

    2. OBrasileiro
  2. About Mileage of Trucks in ETS2

    @Dark Rafe Cool
  3. What song are you currently listening to?

    The Truckersfm radio is good too
  4. Happy Valentine Day from LTBD

    Happy Valentines Guys
  5. [VOTE] Which road do you like to run most when playing the game ?

    C -D road and Stavanger - Bergen
  6. Picture of the Month: February

    Good luck to all participants
  7. [Coming Soon] TruckFest 2018

    I will watch this live
  8. ETS2 Baltic countries DLC

    I can not wait any longer
  9. Riley [EN-US] Screenshots

    Beautiful Pictures Guys.
  10. yBnlv9d.png


    Done for today. Tomorrow will continue with the control:tmp::wub:

    Good Night Forum:D

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    2. Caio {ES-BR}

      Caio {ES-BR}

      capacity has already shown that it has :troll:

    3. OBrasileiro


      Thank you brother. I'm interested in doing that, that's why I do so much. Help everyone as well as possible. whether it's a difficult situation or a simpler one. It is important to me that the players keep to the read and accept rules. Rules of the game are also included:wub::D

    4. Caio {ES-BR}
  11. Custom skin's in MP

    I think that's a very good idea. So you can distinguish the different VTC.
  12. Happy Birthday :lol:

    1. [R.W.M] RedWolfTV

      [R.W.M] RedWolfTV

      Very thanks i was bussy sometimes :) 

    2. OBrasileiro


      It does not matter, the main thing you enjoyed;)

  13. Hello @Gosheto A. Can I join in, even though I am not a Bulgarian?