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  1. TruckersMP have introduced the speed limit to allow players to have a more realistic time while playing ETS2/ATS, You can read more here: https://truckersmp.com/blog/90 Hope this helps.
  2. What is your favourite map DLC from ETS2?
  3. Lol, How many do you think you reported?! lul
  4. I slow down so they can get pass and not cause an issue or collision with oncoming vehicles. If it is that much of a risk, i normally just get as close as i can to the right hand side of the road with my right indicator on, Horn at them, so they know they can go! Just makes everyone journey a little bit safer!
  5. I like driving down it, as when there is a crash we all wait for it too clear, apart from the one or two people that overtake and ram etc. And i like the traffic, kinda realistic! And you get to meet some nice people that are also waiting, or you can just have a chat via in game text!
  6. Occasionally if the road ahead is empty, and it is a straight road, just so i don't end up causing a scene if any trucks are coming behind me. Normally i check my phone and pull over, just to be on the safe side!
  7. Is it me or when you are driving on the C-D road, or any road in fact... People with REC in their tag are usually the ones that troll, be reckless , and overtake? Leave your thoughts below.
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