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  1. Hello Admin, you come convoy? Yes?

  2. Thanks for the follow, James

    Big Fan

  3. Thank you for the kind follow 🙂

    1. JamesS014


      No worries - Happy crashing! 😉





      (and never drive that pink truck again)

  4. I currently am using the DAF euro 6 and it is a nice truck in my opinion.
  5. Hey, As some users have said above, we use it to show that we are recording and then end up reporting on the website. Some do put it in their tag or say it in chat and do violate our rules too, however we do take care of that. Greetings.
  6. Happy birthday Jeff ❤️ 

  7. Thanks for the follow! 😄 

  8. Hai, I got the DLC gifted to me by one of my General Managers in the VTC. From what I have seen it looks like a good DLC and it will be good to see other users driving when 1.40 is out in TruckersMP. Can't wait Greetings.
  9. Hai, Apart from Moderation purposes, I like to drive on CD to meet new people and see friends on the road too. As @Inklink said, nobody really wants to drive alone, which is another reason I do drive there, to see the traffic and other users Have a nice day! JamesS014 TruckersMP Game Moderator
  10. Looking forward to this!
  11. Hi there, After logging into TruckersMP, you have to wait 600 seconds to use the /fix command. After you have used /fix, you have to wait another 600 seconds. The 600 seconds is the cooldown period, this is so that users cannot ram users and instantly fix their truck. If you get rammed, you should F7 or load an autosave. I hope this does answer your question. Kind Regards, JamesS014 TruckersMP Game Moderator
  12. Streams are amazing! It would be good to see some more Q&As. I enjoy all of the streams that i've watched on the TruckersMP Channels.
  13. Nice drives today :))


    @Stubborn__ - Thanks for the CD Trips. 



    @PCVTC CookieThanks for all the drives today ❤️ 🥰💕

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