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  1. Afternoon all, what's your top experiences with a car? Or any funny moments or something that has happened to you whilst in TMP?
  2. Hey Folks, Just curios, What truck is your favourite and why do you like to drive it? Personally mine is the Scania (The Old One) - I've always liked it since i played TMP. Let me know in the comments!
  3. As @zakYeen said, i play it as if i was driving in real life trucking, Following the rules to the best of my ability, its unfortunate that people can't behave sensibly.
  4. TruckersMP have introduced the speed limit to allow players to have a more realistic time while playing ETS2/ATS, You can read more here: https://truckersmp.com/blog/90 Hope this helps.
  5. Lol, How many do you think you reported?! lul
  6. I slow down so they can get pass and not cause an issue or collision with oncoming vehicles. If it is that much of a risk, i normally just get as close as i can to the right hand side of the road with my right indicator on, Horn at them, so they know they can go! Just makes everyone journey a little bit safer!
  7. Occasionally if the road ahead is empty, and it is a straight road, just so i don't end up causing a scene if any trucks are coming behind me. Normally i check my phone and pull over, just to be on the safe side!
  8. Is it me or when you are driving on the C-D road, or any road in fact... People with REC in their tag are usually the ones that troll, be reckless , and overtake? Leave your thoughts below.
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